I wonder if YOU are guilty of this too

Hey everyone So the Lord laid this URGENT message on my heart this morning and just before I step out to the gym, I wanted to quickly blog about it as e dey hot A LOT OF US, women, ARE NOT RECEIVING HELP That is what the Spirit is saying to me today. Interestingly, a […]

Friendship, Purpose & Seasons

If I can keep it 100p, I would say that I’ve enjoyed the VERY best of friendships and some of the most PAINFUL heart wrenching moments in friendships. And to also keep it 100p, I wont change anything for the whole world The many seasons of friends and friendships in my life have made me […]

A few tears 2018 brought, and their significance

Hey blog fam, I feel like I have 7 blogs to write before the year is over. Right now, I am trying to prioritize and see which one God would actually have me share, and which is just me being upset and moved enough to a blog post. Both important. One importanter. This blog though […]

#E’sWeekendBants…Who will be my friend?

Hi… How’s everyone doing? Week went well? Me I’m still very excited about WAR ROOM oooo. Eez really shacking me. I believe the Kendrick brothers when they talk about how every step of the way they prayed and are still praying because only trailers and clips wey I see and my prayer life moved up […]


One of the blessings of life, and I do say this without mincing words and as one who has truly experienced and is still experiencing it is the blessing, gift if you like, of friendship. One of my besties used to always tell me then that oh she’s heard a coupla female friends complain about […]


First things first, Happy Mother’s day to all the FABULOUS mothers out there…Both present, Past and Future. Motherhood is such a gift. And we shouldn’t take it lightly. For the sake of your children, and the world at large. So that you would not only be celebrated today (or the two other Mother’s day in […]

#FAB.Testifying.Delight… E' meets Ru

Hmmmmmm I start this post with a Hmmmmm cos I am truly amazed by God. And how He just orchestrates things. I was praying late last year and I recall I was especially praying for my inner circle friends and how to manage them better in 2014 especially as I can’t claim to have been […]

Just incase I stop blogging…

These BLOGS I LOVE will make your day anyday… No worries tho, I am not about to stop writing as God is still letting the juices flow, but seeing as I had a four day hiatus in between Posts, I can imagine that my blog faithfuls have missed me, no? Your weekend was cool yeah? […]

#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day SAPPHIRE

In tears mehn… I’m blogging with tears No doubt I’m soooo happy that one of my besties is OUT DA GAME Eniola Aderonke Ogunmekan nee Lofindipe. I’ve known Enny for over 10years now. For me, it was love at first sight. Something clicked. Aside the fact that I thought she was drop dead beautiful, I […]

#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day 14

Yawns…. Loud yawn… Chai But I must blog… Double yawn* *tears* But of course, we have cause to be grateFULL Ok, today has been intense… My girl is getting married tomorrow My Sapphire of life And we have been here and there and everywhere. *phew* But we have had plenty FUN… Whoops… Like major fun… […]