First things first, Happy Mother’s day to all the FABULOUS mothers out there…Both present, Past and Future.
Motherhood is such a gift. And we shouldn’t take it lightly. For the sake of your children, and the world at large.
So that you would not only be celebrated today (or the two other Mother’s day in Nigeria) but everyday of your life…

My darling Momma... See where my smile comes from
The woman to be admired and praised is the woman who lives in the fear of God (MSG Prov 31:30)
Today, as always, I celebrate all the FABULOUS Mothers and moms-to-be. We truly make life oh-so-beautiful!!!
Now on to the business of the day… Zezezeze!!!
Don’t worry about what that means, just flow with me!!!
Tz a heavenly language BTW. Just like Hallelujah!!!
Or whatever thing it is you say when you get a Rhema or a deep revelation.
I LOVE birthdays!!!
And I LOVE my friends too!!!
So when a dear friend celebrates her birthday, it makes sense to celebrate her, yeah?

OgheneRukevwe Awaritoma (Ru)

So a SuperStar Glamazon was born today.
So how did our paths cross?
It began with an email…
Or did it?
No, it began with a Word from God.
Then an email.
Then a phone call.
Then several phonecalls…
Then a picture. And then several pictures…
Whatsapp, BBM, more phone-calls!!!
And of course, the Fabulously Fabulous FAB Group on BBM.
The making of a beautiful friendship.
Though I am yet to meet this babe, it feels like we have been friends for ages
Oh and what trips me the most is that this friendship is founded on God!!!
And that has to be what I LOVE most about her. Babe is fabulously Word-de-de-Deo Worded!!! She drops the Word (from the spirit) like it’s HOT.
Aside from connecting on a spiritual level in a most incredible way, we are plenty connected on the physical…
Both of us studied Sociology
Both of us last born girls with BIG sisters and brothers.
Both of us LOVE indomie
Both of us are NOT Single girls who LOVE to cook though I got married and became Chef E’ so I know she will become Chef Ru when she gets married…
Both of us love and remember SOP 444 – All things bright and beautiful (Any other FABer recall that hymn?)
Both of us have an incredible taste for colorful interiors (Her house feels like a house I would have designed)
Both of us want twins or triplets.
Both of us have days when we feel like just dropping ourselves on the altar as a living sacrifice indeed. As in we LOVE to give to God. Kingdom investment. Two wise women… Forbes, don’t disappear yet ooo. We coming, we coming!!!
Both of us understand that we are in Abuja for an assignment so while she calls it ‘My Gold Coast’ , I call it my land of Milk&Money… #KindredSpirit
I’m sure to discover more!!!
Sometimes, I truly feel dejavu-ish when I relate with her. Like someone who has been in my life before now (Girl u got a confession u wanna make…)
But I’m just tripped about the spiritual… Listen up people, relationships/friendships are spiritual.
I LOVE Spiritual friends ooo and God has blessed and keeps blessing me with a steady and rich supply. #LikeAtrractsLike#

If the foundation of a thing determines the strength and longevity, this one is all the way to heaven baby…
That’s why I LOVE you all the way to the heavens- the first, second and third heavens.
And on this super special remarkable day, I celebrate you Oghenerukevwe Ru Awaritoma. God bless January the 24th!!!
Happy Happier Happiest Birthday Darling Ru…
Stay connected to God darling. Aside from the obvious benefit of Him just beautifying your life in such enviable ways, you are actually shining your light soooooooo bright and attracting people to the Kingdom!!! Both online and offline.
The one thing the Spirit keeps dropping in my heart z this…

Go Ru!!! Go Ruky!!! Go Forward!!! The BILLIONAIRE Deborah of our times… Judges 5:7

Yup. Teach 'em heathens what prosperity is used for...
And of course, your sisters, the FAB ladies each have a prayer for you from the Bible that you LOVE so much and don’t stop quoting…

From Nkechi Ogueri-Onyeukwu… For surely, O Lord, YOU BLESS Ru. You surround her with Your FAVOR as with a shield… Psalms 5:12
From Ruth Warrens— No longer will they call You deserted or name your land desolate, but you Ru will be called HEPHZIBAH and your land BEULAH, for the Lord YOUR God takes delight in YOU Ru, and your land will be MARRIED… Isa 62:4
From Desola Ajifolokun — Ru dear, this year, your light would shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven… Matt 5:16
From Anyanna Ojiegbu — This is a birthing season for u Ru. May God give you capacity to enlarge your tent for all he has planned for you… Isa 54:2-3

Find the rest on this

Signed by all of us in the FAB group with prayers for the celebrant

Err, we actually thought you may wanna hang these words and stare at them all day err’day for a really long time so we put it all together on this absolutely LOVELY picture frame signed with a Prayer by everyone of us…

{{Side note: All the virtual work that went into making this a reality?

Ru in the middle... Then Jess, Anna, Tobi, Fey, Nkechi and Susan

Phew. From the deliberation on what to give, how to do it, what vendor to use, praying he delivers, colours to use, back and forth pictures, getting the scriptures from everyone, phonecalls, texts, etc, ALL behind her back lol.

Ru in the middle. Then Liz, Ivy, Akpevwe, Titi, Chinwe, and Ruth Warrens

Thank you everyone, Every single one of us that made this happen, God bless us.

Ru, E'Anya, Desola and Rosebud
Special special thanks to FAB Anya who did the on-ground work and is doing the delivery since they both live in the same town. I owe you that hug… SOON!!! }}

Happy birthday Baby… We totally ruff you!!!

Isn't she lovely...
FAB’ers, please show some lurv…

And yup, your FAB Sisturrrrr z baaaaaaaaaaaack!!! Boy, what a holiday!!!
See you soon………

Going FORWARD Testifying…

UPDATE with Pictures!!!!!

So Ru had a party to commemorate this special day. Anya who was to deliver the gift was invited for the party (talk about God making it easier for us hehehe) and she captured the moments…
Gosh I LOVE surprises. Ru got her fair share today.
It was Anya’s first time of meeting her too. Can’t wait to meet you both SOON!!!!!!

Awwwwww. The gift was a total surprise. Anya said she was moved to tears. I am happy this KODAK moment was captured
The frame had to be BIG!!!! There was too much to write on it
Our dearest Anya and the birthday girl. Super FAB ladies
Earlier in the day... Fabulously 30 Ru

And finally, one of my readers my darling Gemma read this post and sent me an email of her singing the SOP 444 All things bright and beautiful, the Anglican version.
Sorry I can’t upload it here but trust me, I was blown out when I heard it. Will mail it to Ru…
Gemma’s voice can raise the dead walahi. God bless you Sugar!!!

45 Responses

    1. You didn’t wish Ru a Happy birthday oooo and you are asking me for the meaning…
      When you do, I will tell you. :p
      Thanks darling. AMEN to the Triplets. Two confusingly identical girls and a boy.

        1. Loooool
          Amen nne
          Zezezeze was explained in the post.
          Tz just something we use on the group, introduced by Ru, when someone drops a really deep revelation…
          So ytz either Kabaye or Zezezeze

  1. Happy birthday, Rukevwe. God bless you. Wish I could sing you the anglican version of “All Things Bright and Beautiful”. Oh well, you can hear it in the Spirit.*wink*…
    Happy Mother’s Day, mothers.

  2. Hapy birthday to the celebrant. E, you just disappeared, welcome back. Happy mothers day to all of us, cuz we have had practice in one way or the other (nieces, nephews, brothers or sisters, friends babies we have loved to babysit etc).

  3. Happy birthday to you dearie. May the testimonies you receive from henceforth dwarf the once that you have experienced. Amen.

  4. Happy Birthday ‘Ru. do av a blessed year.
    Lady ‘E. it’s good to see ure keeping to ur promises. I was already thinking of writing a story of how most of my favorite bloggers av gone awol. Twitter says it all so I won’t even be asking how u av been……………well feels rather awkward so I’ll spill any way- how have u been? 😉

    1. I am totally fabulous darling
      And aren’t we all glad I made it back…
      And yes, we truly need more Christian bloggers ooo

  5. Wow!Wow!!Wow!!!
    What a group of remarkable women! You moved a whole fine bigz geh to tears. Una too much
    Dinma, if I say what’s on my mind now, they’ll say i’ve started…. Bless your large heart Dinma! and quit running while at it…*tongue out*

    Happy Birthday Ru! Your similarity with E’ is uncanny…no doubt. Whew!….
    May your life be an incredible mirror of the resplendence only God can give! A gazillion cheers as you begin a new,better,graced year!!!

    P.s; Is Sociology abso-friggin-lutely fabulous or what? 😉

  6. Happy Birthday you gorgeous lady! May all the blessings of the new milestone be added richly unto you! It can only get better ;).

    PS: Ezar, giantsparkle et al, Shebi you have seen that it’s not just me Ezi dedicates whole blogposts to? :-p

    1. Loool Cheech I almost added your name to this post oooo
      Now you know the gorgeous lady you asked about on bbm
      Thanks for the prayers
      And being magnanimous enough o share your previously exclusive space with Ru
      Calling those girls tho… Choi
      Ike adiro m biko

  7. Happy Birthday RuRu. May ur life ALWAYS be colorful and joyful. E’ its about time. No more holidays please. Mschewwwww.


    1. I love RuRu
      I should adopt it instead since everyone has colonised Ru
      Loooooool at your hissing.
      I’m sure you meant no more holidays SOON. He he he

  8. Oh how good, oh how blessed it is to read this blogpost and to see Ru’ in all her fabulousity!!! Choi, zezezeze! We know how we do on the #Fablane oooo. E’licious darling, you have a gift for writing!!!! This is soooo beautiful and to be a part of it….choi, what a blessing.
    To see Ru, moved to tears and mega appreciating our gift is sooo gratifying. God bless us ooo, our testimonies are just beginning. We are already making history, changing our world with love. Thank YOU Jesus…
    Rukevwe darling, I just love your Deborah spirit…I just love how I connected to your post on 31 voices testifying…especially where you charged, ‘how dare they/those heathens, sponsor laws and confusionist agenda like abortions, gay unions, terrorist attacks, boko haram’ (these are not Ru’s exact words but in this light sha)….indeed oooo, we need COURAGEOUS Christian billionaires..
    We ask, we receive in Jesus Christ name, amen.
    Peace and love of Jesus Christ dearies +++

    1. Oh how I truly missed Ify’s comments
      One of my blogging motivations
      You just have the right words and know how to drop em… Such a joy to have met you nne.
      Yes Yes Yes!!! With Christian love, we can change the world. And we will.
      Oh I also love EU’s testifying post. Shot ,y faith up plenty notches.
      We receive, amen
      Love +++++++

  9. This is so lovely and thoughtful.. E you and the FAB crew are so wonderful! It’s beautiful to see Christians ‘in love’.. God bless you all indeed and may the love continue to grow in Jesus name.
    Happy Mother’s Day to your beautiful mum! Thanks to God and to her for bringing you into this world.. May her harvest be bounteous!
    Welcome back hun, we have truly missed you xx

  10. Happy Supa Dupa Birthday, Ru…u are truly beautiful. May God bless you in more ways than you can imagine. Keep Shining.
    Fab E’…u’re a bundle of awesomeness…u know that, right? Kisses.

    1. I’ll keep the compliment darling…
      I will…
      You are a bundle of fabulousity yourself.
      Sometimes, I feel so guilty that I haven’t given as much as I should give to you
      Dont worry if you don’t get. But thank God time still dey
      Bless you darling

  11. Happy Birthday to Rukevwe, God bless you and the surprise was amazing. God is indeed love,…when you knw God you don’t just knw how to love, you LOVE……Welcome back

  12. Happy Birthday to Rukevwe, God is surely amazing on her behalf. The surprise you all put together was so special. I love it.
    Indeed God is LOVE, when you know Him, you don’t just know how to Love, you LOVE.
    Welcome back

  13. In the bid to find the right words to say, I waited till now, but still do not know how to string the words together. I wish y’all could see my heart, would have been perfect. This love is soooo overwhelming. I have never had it this amazing. I’ve cried almost to the point of wailing. Eziaha, you’re a special gift to me from my dear Father. 24th Janaury, 2014, is indeed a special day, I noted it in my diary. I love you tremendously and can’t wait to have you in our ‘Gold coast flowing with milk and honey’. To all your prayers and wishes, I say thank you and may God exceed your expectations. I love the hymn especially. Dearest Gemma, your voice is angelic. Thank you for making me feel special. It’s not all the time one gets a song dedicated to her by a fab lady she has never met. My dear Father used you to add extra flava to my day. God bless you for me. ‘All things bright and beautiful’ is my all time fav hymn. I have a new ringtone. #dancing#
    To my fab family, like I said in the group, I do not need any other sign to know 2014, is a great year for me. I am so blessed to have all seventeen of you in my life. The sweetness in my life increased by 1700percent (don’t bother doing the math) from the day I joined the group. *I am living the life mehn!* Your gift has added extra color to my wall and world. Love y’all to the ‘heavens’ and back. *I am tired of going to the moon jor*. It should be heaven not moon. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! #bisous#

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