#SavedFitnFAB…July WEIGHTLOSS results (pictures)

#SavedFitnFAB…July WEIGHTLOSS results (pictures)

​Hey guys, So I’m flying in to share SOME pictures from my July Squad!!!  Three weeks in and we have seen some crazy good results. Eeeeek!!! Been sharing on IG and Twitter @savedfitnfab Feel free to follow us And these pictures are accurate because I made them snap just BEFORE the Class and told them … Continue reading



Hey guys!!! Ok read this post IN MY VOICE!!! What? You don’t know what I sound like YET? Ok here you go… I started vlogging for my Food&Fitness Business and so far I have two videos up on YouTube Shooting the next video today and I would basically be addressing all those ‘I want to … Continue reading

Support Growing Businesses…3.0

Hey guys, Happy weekend (which btw you won’t catch me saying in words lol) So I asked for growing business owners to do me a mail here so I could help publicise their businesses. By the way check out Part 1 and Part 2 here. I got a couple and hey if any is buying what product … Continue reading

This, That and More…

​If I was active on Periscope (and yawl were too), this post would have been a perfect ‘scope. Eeeek!!!  Anyways how yawl doing? Just popping in to update about my life. Praying you get blessed and inspired from something i say here… 1. My YouTube channel is LIVE and the first vlogs will be as … Continue reading

‘…It is a life of IMPACT and it should be CELEBRATED…’ #30Rocks

The absolute highlight of my birthdays for the past say five years has to be ringing my Pastor and Rev Femi Albert Oduwole. Rev typically would reach out to me on my birthday and he NEVER forgets even without Facebook reminders because his son is my birthday mate. Lol. But even before that phone call … Continue reading

Becoming 2.0… and a Chick GIVEAWAY

Hey guys. Happy weekend… I’m super excited about the weekend. This one in particular. You see tonight is Amaghimo and I was going to go without my son KingDaveed. Only for God to tell me to carry him cos He has a blessing for him too. So when Pastor M blogged ‘Desperate to bless’, I … Continue reading