Hi! I'm Eziaha

You can call Eziaha a Discipline&Structure Queen.

Whether she is coaching her Clients on a healthy living and weight management journey, helping Stay-at-home Moms find joy and purpose in their season and work at home, or leading Believers to enjoy a passionate and exciting relationship with Jesus, her big goal is to model and teach everyone that having discipline and structure ultimately eliminates overwhelm and stress, while bringing you the results you desire, and the soul-deep JOY you deserve.

As a Health Coach, beyond weight loss, CoachE’ helps her Citizens at Jesus Girls’ Nation learn new habits as they build their ‘For-Purpose’ body that is both God-honoring and all-round healthy. Her faith-based coaching combines Nutrition with Neuroscience and Psychology, so that the results they get can last. You can learn more about her coaching at www.coache.ng

Queen Eziaha also mentors Stay-at-Home Moms (God’s Domestic Queens) in a structured, curriculum-based mentoring program, and via her various online platforms. You can find out more on www.stayhomemoms.ng

As a Ministry Gift and #JesusGirl Influencer, Eziaha helps Believers bring structure, order, and consistency to their Christian walk so they can enjoy their relationship with Jesus, through her writings, speakings and teachings. She also leads as Captain WILD, a passionate and praying women group called The WILD Women. You can find out more about it on www.thewild.ng

In addition to creating regular content on her blogs and to her Mailing List, Eziaha also has a thriving YouTube channel called Your Best Life with Eziaha where she shares valuable content on Faith, Family, Health and Leadership, and a Book Reader App, E’Zivah which hosts all her books, and flips her pen for a microphone on platforms around the world.

You can also find a lot of Eziaha’s writings as a Columnist on Bella Naija, The Guardian Nigeria, and The Lady’s room.

Using Discipline and Structure as a tool, Queen Eziaha enjoys an orderly and overwhelm-free life that produces results and brings, and helps others have same JOYful results too via all her expressions.

Eziaha has been named as one of the 100 Most Influential women in Nigeria by Leading Ladies Africa, LLA, but make no mistake, Eziaha is as proud of her work, and achievements, as she is of her sleep, rest, play and white space. She is also very proud of the domestic work she does within her home as a full time Stay at home mom.

By choice, Eziaha is not on the more conventional Social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, but you can always find here on her website and on Linkedin.

Mrs. E’ is joyfully married to Bolaji Olojo, and with their two boys, make their home in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Get JOYFUL weekly content

on Faith, Fitness, Family and Leadership