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So the Lord laid this URGENT message on my heart this morning and just before I step out to the gym, I wanted to quickly blog about it as e dey hot


That is what the Spirit is saying to me today.

Interestingly, a couple of weeks back, one of my closest friends Enny had offered me a cleaning service at home as a gift.

In the past, I would feel awkward about receiving it and even if I did, I would make sure that I accepted anything even if inconvenient. But having grown in UNDERSTANDING that God actually GIFTS us THROUGH HUMANS, I mean these humans to show His love for us, not only did I receive that gift with JOY and GRATITUDE, I also wanted to make sure that I made the MOST of that offer

So I chose a week and day that favored me, and confirmed that the woman would be coming at a certain time, and then I planned in advance all I needed for her to do (it took a couple of weeks because that would be when my home would need that deep spring cleaning the most, as I mostly daily keep my home clean anyways).

Today, Tuesday Dec 15, is the D-day for the lady to come and best believe I have the whole work cut out for her so I can get BANG for her BUCK.

And just as I thought about it all, the Lord starting to stir my spirit into this post as a lot of His daughters especially are REJECTING help

And I actually BELIEVE this as I have experienced FIRST HAND some of my female friends I have offered things to and they have not taken advantage of it.

Now just to clarify, help can be in various ways

It could be MONEY, my TIME (hey I know you are going through XYZ so if you want to talk and have someone pray with you, I can help), CHILD CARE (Oh you can plan ahead with me and keep your kids with me a couple hours if you have some errands to run, especially since you don’t have a help and all). SERVICE (e.g. home cleaning), MATERIAL THINGS (food stuff, cloths, etx), or whatever thing that would really be a BLESSING to you at the time.

God loves us so much that He not only KNOWS what we need, but He stirs the hearts of His other children to meet that need, and the LEAST we could do is RECEIVE it with gratitude and joy.

Instead I have seen people give all funny responses like SILENCE (this makes me laugh), outright REJECTION (oh I don’t wanna bother you or I KNOW you are busy). This is outright RIDICULOUS because I OFFERED. I KNEW what I was doing before I OFFERED so for you to push back with nonsense excuses makes me laugh.

Like, do we EVEN KNOW the nature of God?

Every time He gifts us something, we DO NOT HAVE TO DESERVE IT.

In fact, it can come as an INCONVENIENCE to the giver, but leave that for God and the person

Sometimes, God stirs people to give because He senses another child of His needs it and you can give it easily.

Sometimes, God stirs people to give not because they have an access BUT because he working on something in them e.g. GREED so He makes us sow seeds and someone has to receive it

Sometimes, we give because people have been so incredibly generous to us and our way of showing gratitude to God is to turn around and give too

Many many reasons why we give and it sometimes has NOTHING to do with the RECEIVER but all to do with the Giver’s OBEDIENCE. We need to STOP thinking about ourselves so much and whether we are worthy to receive or not. And also don’t really look at the Giver, look at GOD and enjoy the gift please.

However, as sad as it is, I have learned to step back when my gift is pushed back in any way and redirect it elsewhere. Sadly, you just see people suffering meanwhile a gift was offered to you to ease that suffering but you rationalized your rejection of it.

Ok ooo.

Good luck, mama

And this happens a lot with women and MOMS especially.



See what Jesus even told His disciples… accept anything given to you and enjoy it. 

Jesus said it ooo!!!!

Hmm, me I am wiser ooo. People are incredibly generous to me, and while I know I hold a level of influence that make people generous, I know when to RECEIVE because I can see beyond that action, and I know when that offer needs to be turned down or managed because they are emotionally giving

I will give two examples

One time, someone offered me a service which is what her biz does. I knew it would come as a MAJOR inconvenience to her to keep on doing it and at the same time, I knew she also wanted to be a blessing. In fact she didn’t offer it to me but also extended it to my husband. I thanked her and accepted it ONCE (didn’t accept the one to hubby because it would have been too much), then I covered the transport that brought her to my home and then told her she didn’t have to do it after that one time.

If I let her keep doing it, she would have been too inconvenienced. She didn’t KNOW what she was doing and offered EMOTIONALLY which is why the Bible says this…

Remember: A stingy planter gets a stingy crop; a lavish planter gets a lavish crop. I want each of you to take plenty of time to think it over, and make up your own mind what you will give. That will protect you against sob stories and arm-twisting. God loves it when the giver delights in the giving.

2 Corinthians 9:6‭-‬7 MSG

So as a Leader, I knew not to take advantage of her naïve emotions, and I think I even went back to counsel her on that, so people don’t take advantage

A second time, someone offered me a line of products she sells for 6 months. Haaaaaa. And that is something I use an AWFUL lot, and as a growing business owner, I knew my demands would be more than she could give without denting a hole in her profit, so even though she had asked me for a list of what I need and also tell her when I am getting out of stock, I barely did that. I let her use her discretion and when I asked, I made sure it was stuff that was easy to give, and I was even going to pay. In fact the reason I asked was cos I don’t know anyone else who sells that particular thing that I can trust so she was my only source. However, I made sure never to be an inconvenience and instead hit the market and stocked up on all I needed

There is more but let me stop here

My point is. Let us all be discerning in receiving gifts and RECEIVE WITH JOY when it is the blessing of God to you through another.

Oh, I receive with JOY.

I don’t just receive, I ANTICIPATE

I ask God to bless me through men.

If you want to sow a seed and ask for my account number, I give.

Need my address, I send’

A service, a product, your time, ah I receive ooo

Because it is not just a blessing to me, but a channel for the giver to be blessed

I used to be so uncomfy until I had a conversation on it with my two mentors, Pastor MILDRED and PDDK and they made me realize how awkward it would be if they too rejected me every time I wanted to sow into their lives.

So it is not always about the receiver, it is about the giver too, so receive with joy.

Lol I recall one time I needed some stuff from the US and my Rev was the person I could ask to bring home for me. I asked and he actually OFFERED to not just bring but PAY for them instead. 

Ah, I received that blessing from my spiritual father biko and rocked out my gifts.

I have received too from my mama Pastor MILDRED and PDDK at different times

Upwards to mentors and fathers

Sideways to friends

I too have sown countless seeds and keep sowing

Downwards to people who cannot pay me back (at least at that time)

And will keep sowing

In fact the chair I am sitting on now to type was a gift from a friend. I casually said I liked it when I visited her and she said I would take it home.

And then I gave out my previous white chair when I got this. You seeeeee

Guess what, SHE GOT ANOTHER CHAIR SOWED INTO HER LIFE and extra accessories too

You see!!!

You see why we give AND RECEIVE

Let us receive sense and WISDOM in Jesus name, amen!!!!

It is s season of giving and receiving with JOY and I pray we experience all the JOYS of this season and the BEST GIFT of this season, JESUS, in Jesus name, amen

Love and Prayers



An incident happened after I wrote that post and I want to add this too as another gift we MUST receive


Haaaaa. Another blessing we miss because we claim we are shy and all that nonsense

God brings amazing relationships into our lives but we dont know how to nurture them so we lose it

The chat above is with I and my sister girl Idala.
We really were not investing time in the gift of our friendship and while I am super sensitive this season about the people in my circle, I know this one is part of my current season so I decided to have sense and nurture that beautiful gift and RECEIVE it.

Yes, friendship is a GIFT and we need to receive and NURTURE it

Destiny should trump personality type for us


Thank you

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