I wonder if YOU are guilty of this too

Hey everyone So the Lord laid this URGENT message on my heart this morning and just before I step out to the gym, I wanted to quickly blog about it as e dey hot A LOT OF US, women, ARE NOT RECEIVING HELP That is what the Spirit is saying to me today. Interestingly, a […]

Dear Stay-At-Home Mom, Be Very Extra

NB: This post was originally authored by me and published on bellanaija.com, an online lifestyle blogging site. Hmm, you have time o…” Those were her exact words on my Facebook post. You see, it was my 5th wedding anniversary and we had gone all out in our family photo shoot. I shared a bit about […]

Dubai Diaries Day 1: The Emirates experience, Kite beach and Dubai mall

Hey guys Well since Dubai is no Jesus, safe to say Dubai is the Antichrist lol. How can a City just WORK? Well, I guess that is what happens when you have been in Nigeria all your life? Your brain is sort of wired to how things don’t work, so when you see what should be the […]


I love to observe my environment. Not just casually, but scientifically. Before, I used to be a participant-observer (read ‘get into arguments’). Then I got my fingers burnt some. So I flipped to non-participant observation.  And as a Social Scientist, it behoves on me to not just study and criticise but proffer solution as much […]