I start this post with a Hmmmmm cos I am truly amazed by God. And how He just orchestrates things.
I was praying late last year and I recall I was especially praying for my inner circle friends and how to manage them better in 2014 especially as I can’t claim to have been the ‘world’s best friend’ to some last year when I heard God say very clearly that I need to sit up ooo cos He was bringing some NEW girl into my inner circle this 2014. At first I am like ‘that’s not possible. The ones I have are enough jor…’ But I just stored that info somewhere.
Fast forward to late January, I was busy arranging my room when I get a mail from a blog reader. Now I do get a number of mails and all but this babe wrote like we were continuing a conversation we started earlier in the day. I stopped my chores, sat down and re-read it. It felt like something I would have written myself. It was so scattered and so sweet. I felt an instant connection to whoever this girl was so I hit the reply button immediately. Then she responds with a little more detail about herself which she had ABSOLUTELY NO REASON sharing. Then she sends me her FAB entry which I must confess I didn’t read in detail till now (I had goosebumps reading through it now ooo choi) 
At that moment, the Holy Spirit prompts me that this is the girl He said i would meet this new year. Immediately it resonated within me and I knew why I felt that connection from the first mail.
She called me up two days later or so and we spoke for almost an hour. And we flowed. As in really flowed. Bear in mind that I didn’t even know what she looked like. As she spoke, I was increasingly convinced that my inner circle just swelled by one. So I proposed friendship, she accepted and though I am yet to meet her, I am thrilled to welcome Ru into my inner circle (make way ladies lol). I sorta mentioned her at the end of this post
When she told me she wouldn’t want her picture up, I am like huh? How can you now be my friend? So she permitted me.


When I saw her pix, I am like yay!!! She is gorgeous too. Funny how I am accused of selectively picking only gorgeous friends. In Ru’s case, you see that I didn’t… Lol. #Likeattracts# #FabMeetsFab#

My longest intro ever… FABers, please meet Ru. You will definitely be hearing more about her here on this blog as she gradually eases into my increasingly fabulous life…
E’ you’re blessed to have amazing friends with the same purpose, drive and goal. (Is someone envious? Yes of course!). Your blog and JUG (Pastor M’s blog) gave me the courage to change the wrong relationships around me and make better decisions in my life.

***Well no need being jealous again. Now we are friends…***

Tried so hard to find a pix similar to hers but i am doing this in a hurry so manage this one lol

After I made those decisions, my relationship with my Father grew thicker, stronger, sweeter, better (looking for more synonyms). Chei! Can’t believe I’ve been missing all these while. I’ve been getting half of his attention, but now, kabaye!.

***I have to get used to this ‘kabaye’ as girlfriend says it a lot lol***

I made sure I was alone during our annual prayer and fasting. Because I want 2014 to be different from the other years, I had to prepare differently, and boy! ‘Twas super amazing. I also fasted and prayed for 3 days when I heard the theme for the year. Did serious consultation with the Holy Spirit on how to make the year a great one for me.
My name is Rukevwe and here are some of my plans for the 2014 (because I keep adding to the list.)

1. This year, I want to be excellent in everything I do, to the point that I will be a point of reference.(Daniel 5:12 and 6:3).

2. Chase procrastination outta my life. Mehn! That guy is a thief. Never befriend him. I can’t count the number of opportunities I have missed. Anyways, there’s room for recovery.

***Amen amen amen. ***

3. Listen to a message everyday for a week, (I guess it will have more impact).

***I hope you have started ooo? Yes it sure will. I have been reading Paul’s letters to Timothy repeatedly for a while and every time, I get som’in new***

4. Take my responsibility in church seriously. I was made a group leader in choir last year and to think I didn’t call my members until I made it one of my goals, to speak and pray with them at least once a week. (Have I done it this week? *hides face* will surely do that ‘moro. Setting up a reminder). Also attend cell meeting and choir rehearsal regularly. Sometimes, I feel for my cell leader. I repent My Father!

***Hahaha. As a HOD myself, some members were war!!! Sometimes you just wanna ban them from church if you had the power to. So biko repent. I trust you are on track already***

4. Be on time always. You can’t be a procrastinator and be timely. They are the worst combo ever. Being a procrastinator and late comer that is…

***I feel you on this. I am also working on the timely thfor a certain place I don’t really like going to so I make it bearable by going REAL LATE lol. Father I repent!!!!***

5. Do a solo in the first quarter, sing Oh Holy night during our Carol service, and also go for voice training. (These have been constant for the past 2years). I’m so doing it this year. I have picked a song sef. *in your face Luci aka Satan*.

*** Beefing you because you can sing ***

6. Pray and intercede for my friends. (I have started this as well).

*** Nne, too necessary. God sure loves an intercessor. Plus you can’t pray and beef or hold in unforgiveness at the same time. I have learnt to up my prayers especially for those that are getting on my last nerves… He he he***

7. I want to give one million in a single cheque this first quarter (thinking about it makes me super excited). I love giving and sowing seeds. There’s nothing I have that I haven’t sowed the equivalent. I jokingly told a colleague I can’t drive a car when I haven’t given in millions. I will expatiate on this goal. I’m sure you’ve read of men and women of this world who sponsor policies and laws that are contrary to my Father’s. How dare they? I will give them a run for their money. Forbes will be so confused on how I arrived on the scene. Sister, the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ must flood the nations of this world as the waters cover the sea. We must drive the gospel to the uttermost part of the earth. You can’t do this by keeping quiet. I have started converting the abundance of the sea. Have you read the scriptures that say; you’ll lend to nations and you’ll lay up gold as dust? These scriptures must be fulfilled. (E’ let’s start this prayer group osiso). 

***Did you guys feel the passion in that statement? My darling, billionaire believers needed. Yes our prosperity is confusing Forbes oooo… Thank God the group has started already****

8. Start a PGD in project management and ace it. I have actually registered so it’s in process.

9. Take care of old people. The ones that don’t have relatives to cater for them. I have identified 2. Will be sending cash to my mum to pay people to clean their houses, wash their clothes and cook for them. One of my long term goal is to open an old people’s home. 

***Oh wow!!! I have a friend who has a passion for old people too and you have given me pointers for her before she can start her own home…***

10. Start French class this first quarter, March to be precise.

***I love the ‘To be precise’ line. Me too ooo. Wanna learn this French ooo***

11. Stabilize my business. God knows how many times I have squandered both my capital and profit. Sigh! I have been very prudent with money lately, so this time it’s for real. Making my first order tonight. Thank you Holy Spirit. Business ideas just keep flooding in. I have five mind blowing business ideas right now. The ability and resources are also available. Somebody shout glorrrrrrrrrrry. 

***Glory!!! And I also pray God give you the wisdom to handle it well and take only steps He approves of while blessing the work of your hands, amen!!! BTW, did you make that order yet? ***

12. Be confirmed as a full staff in my office. Actually had a chat with my Father about it this afternoon. Something good is brewing already. *dancing etighi*

***Amen. Another FABer desires this. You and Tani and indeed others who have this desire will be back to testify here, amen***

13. Intensify my prayer life. Tremendous power has to be made available for these goals to come to pass. The bible says; there are things that will only go by prayer and by fasting.(Matt 17:21). 

***Thank God for our FAB prayer group. It can only get better sweetie…***

14. Visit China, especially during one of their fairs or exhibition. A friend said I will come back with 200 business ideas, dunno how true that is. Already looking forward to it.

*** hahaha. Pictures when you do please… Especially at the Great Wall…And yes I believe that fr.iend ooo***

15. Work seriously on my temper. 

***hahaha, when you are about to work a temper up, you have my number… Lol***

16. Own a car; Rav 4 the third edition.

*** Nne I can already picture it (also with Priceless too) which is why I will insert this picture here***


17. Surround myself with like minds, same purpose and drive. (I remember sowing a wristwatch that an ex friend (smiles) likes and she was so furious I didn’t give it to her. In her words; ‘you should have given it to me instead of sowing it in church’. I shook my head after she said it).

***Why do I think I want to hear this ‘ex-friend (smiles) gist? Hmmm***

18. Own a property in one of the posh area in my Gold Coast. (Foreigners will come and build my cities. Presidents and kings will send me aid. Isaiah 60:10 living translation). How I love Isaiah 60 especially the living translation. I ponder and mediate on it everyday.

***The more you ponder, the smaller the mountain gets. I also totally love that chapter. There was a year I read and confessed it daily. Maybe I should start again***

I have started some of these plans and know by my Father’s grace, I will achieve all in Jesus name, AMIN.

It is not by power nor by might but by spirit sayeth The Lord.

P.S. I didn’t add this last one because it’s been fulfilled which is; do a mail to E’. (Showing my 44 teeth)

***Lol… Warreva :p***

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you my thoughts, goals, aspirations and plans. You’re truly my Father’s sent. God bless you real good.

Kind regards 
Rukevwe (your Sugar Daddy’s daughter)

***I have rechristened her Ru but she is Rukevwe to y’all. My FAB praying partners please take note and stop calling her Ru… Side eye*** lol


Thank you so much sweets for sharing with us here on the FAB lane such beautiful big dreams. i was inspired reading this. Very very. I wish I could give you a realIy tight squeezy E’ hug right now.
Soon… Real soon *winks* God bless you my Darling.
With you and me, Abuja go take… Can’t wait ooo

So hope every one’s week is off to a great start… Mine has been ooo. Today has been most amazing. Ending it with Ru’s post makes a great icing on the cake.
Are you interested in joining the FAB prayer group? We started on wWhatsapp but we had to move to bbm so you have to be on BBM to join.
You can send me a mail at
First come first serve basis. I think we will be taking in just 4 or 5 tops for now. We will keep adding as the days go by and as the spirit leads.
Then if your testifying entry has not featured yet, no fear. I got it all scheduled. I definitely haven’t forgotten or tossed you. I no fit. Will send every one pending a mail tomorrow so you know I still have you covered. If you don’t get one, please holler at me by Wednesday.
Lotta lotta love… I truly deeply love y’all
God bless you for always reading, sharing and commenting

Group hug…


Going Forward… Still Testifying

41 Responses

  1. enjoyed reading this post…another person whose heart is sold out to God!
    while reading your post Ru, i was reminded of a song, titled “solution”…your entire plans is centered around being the hands and feet which are running with a solution to the world…

    1. Wow! Thank you dear. I never stop telling myself I am a solution to my world. I will download the song ASAP. I hope I can get it on tubidy.

  2. Welcom on board Ru, Ezi :p *hehehee* Amen 2 all u intend doing dis yr, God our Jehova El over do” has got u covered. As 4d rav4 jeep ehn, ure so on point, u didnt say d color hope tiz blue. Ok bye

    1. Amin oooo. Thank you Catherine, you will sure hear the testimonies. Blue color won’t be behd at all. I know I want either black, metallic grey or blue. Will keep you posted as well.

  3. its so amazing to see young ladies with Christ-like minds and uplifting heart @E I have always known u to be an amazing lady

  4. wow (jaw dropped, hand lifting jaw back in place). Dearest Ru (E sowy u introduced her as Ru so she stays so), ur heart is large. wishing u all ur heart’s desires and more from Abba.

  5. Wow! Great plans Ru. May God Perfect all of your plans & grant you the Wisdom, Strength, Patience & Grace to achieve them. Amen. God Bless You Dearie….

  6. Wow! Nice one Ru…….infact,what a joy in my soul after reading this. We would all be soughted out this year (Isa 62:12).

  7. wooooowwww, Ru da babe… i so enjoyed reading this and you know the one that really stood out for me? Item No 7 cos its just what i am at now… every single line of it… and i like the part where you said how dare they? men and women of this world o; sponsoring abortion, gay, prostitution and all what not to be heard talk less of seen…. o ma se ooo. E’ and Ru and us all have gonna give them a run for their money….
    Ngwa, where’s that Forbes list….. we must to testify…. Glooooooooooooooooooooorrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    Peace and love y’all. do have a great saturday… im on my way home…. cant wait to see my babies…+++

    1. Truly nne, her post just opened up a whole revelation for me on why we need billionaire believers…
      I must be one… We need to establish his authority Notre on earth

    2. My sister, anytime I read stuffs like that I feel so angry. Imagine the owner of an airline saying he will boycott Uganda cos of the anti-gay law. He even advised others to do same. Can he say that to China or an Arab country? Na money cause am #longhiss#. If Uganda was a rich country he won’t even dare. The gospel isn’t cheap, money is required and our Father has made it available unto us in abundance. All we need do is say yes to the call. I say it everyday ‘our prosperity is confusing Forbes’. We have arrived on the scene.

  8. OMO. I am going back to STEP UP my goals! Chei. I’ve been Ru-inspired!


    Ru must to come back and testify ooo! The law of sowing and reaping never fails!

    1. I am humbled. Sisi Blu, the testimonies will definitely be on this blog. It will be a day of thanksgiving for us to testify of what The Lord did for and through us in 2014.. E, I hope you’ve started preparations?

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