Loud yawn…
But I must blog…
Double yawn*


But of course, we have cause to be grateFULL
Ok, today has been intense…
My girl is getting married tomorrow
My Sapphire of life
And we have been here and there and everywhere.
But we have had plenty FUN…
Like major fun…


She’s like the first of my real close friends getting married… And I’m her right hand girl…
Moved in today to her place.
Till thursday
More gist and pix later
For now, let’s be grateful
1. My phone. Started acting up like 3days ago… Took it right back to samsung office cos twas under warranty… They wanted me to turn it in for 5days or so. Taa gbafuo… Guess whose phone started working? Yup mine. At least one problem was fixed. Actually 2. Whoop. Here’s me thanking in advance for the third pee that would be fixed… Whoop.
2. Favor all the way… Had a few purchases to make and stuff to do finally before the wedding. Nails, lashes, accessories, and stuff. I’m thankful for the cash that made all that possible.
3. Time out with the Sapphire…
Tz such a joy to be with this girl. Running errands and tying up last minute stuff. And her boo who joined us for a while.


The gist plenty… Every detail amazing… I’m just grateful for her jare. And I love her to smithereens. Too much.
Oh and some parent played away. I insist. This chic is my twin. We even did the same style of nails without planning it… you need to see the drama we pulled at country club when we realised. See na…


4. The airport that is finally open in bonny island with direct flights to lag and abuja twice a day… Whoop. When bj told me after he got the memo, we were both overjoyed. Usually, I do air land and sea to visit him. Now all I’ll need to do is hop on a plane and wham, I’m in bonny island…
5. Oh my bestie Valerie got redeployed today!!! Yay!!! From Abia state to Oyo state. Yay NYSC… I’m so happy she’s closer home now abeg. She can pop in and outta lag to visit and I too…


Aint nothing like having a bestie next door… Nothing!!!
I’m so happy for you Sug. And my love for you eh… Indescribable…
Ok dolls, that’s all for now…
Lemme go back to gisting with the Sapph.



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5 Responses

  1. Yay! I made the post again!yay dancing alingo!muuaaaaaahEziaha, n yes I am overjoyed!m goin to so travel to lag on wknds,but m goin to find out abt ur schedulena! Cos u r *odikwa* very busy .lols. Hope I got d igbo rite?

  2. Yayyy!!! Blessed congratulations to Eziaha’s one and only Sapph; your marriage shall be a blessing and you shall see your children’s children in Jesus Christ name,amen.

    So much to be grateful for but I’m especially thankful today for my newborn princess who can now see me with her beautiful brown eyes and for her toothless smile.

    Soooo, fab Eziaha, have fun, enjoy the trad wedding, take lots of pics and of course, remain grateful.

    Peace +

    1. Awwwww
      Thats so cute
      I have earned a right to see this baby now
      Abi kilo feel?
      Send me a pix na
      Thanks on my Sapphire’s behalf. Amen.
      The wedding was amazing
      And you know how we do with pictures na
      I took a billion. Twas a beautiful wedding.
      Muah my darling and to your baby

  3. M reading ur blog 4 d ist tym nd I must confess d euphoria nd joy of avin ur bestie get married z infectious.I dey feel u die ezi.GOD BLESS U

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