These BLOGS I LOVE will make your day anyday…


No worries tho, I am not about to stop writing as God is still letting the juices flow, but seeing as I had a four day hiatus in between Posts, I can imagine that my blog faithfuls have missed me, no?

Your weekend was cool yeah? Mine was too…

PhotoGrid_1379262716761 (Sunday best)

Anyhoos, I have a list of FAB blogs that you may also wanna hit the ‘SUBSCRIBE’ button. I endorse, love and am totally blessed by them.

In no particular order, please enjoy my FAB Blogroll. I have a personal relationship with most so I will also drop a line about them as well as their blogs…

DISCLAIMER; If your blog doesn’t make the shortlist, please don’t have my head. I am only human. Just add it in the comments section… 🙂



Reason this makes number one is because I just finished his latest series this morning on ‘IN THE LINE OF FIRE’ about a certain girl who was gonna fall hard enough to marry a man with questionable wealth streams. I totally love how the story goes and ends especially for Alero, though I felt sorry for KK too. No spoilers here. Just scoot over to www.thepassionchronicles.wordpress.com

Ajoyo Sowande is the Blogger here and he writes the most amazing CHRISTIAN fiction (mostly love and relationship based). Feels so good to read a LOVE fiction that doesn’t offend sensibilities, and still teaches PROFOUND life lessons. And they always end well too.

Aside from the fact that we have a mutual friend or two, and have some Ibadan connection (he lives there, I schooled there) I don’t have a personal relationship with Uncle Ajoyo yet. Operative word; YET 🙂


Inthe… is a pen name as she is an anonymous blogger. Inthe is my blog big Sister. I feel like I know her. I mean if there are 5 people and she is one of them, I most likely would not miss her in a guess. That is how much I think I know her. Inthe blogs about relationships and love and she talks quite a lot about her own marital home (her hubster and baby boy) which I think would change should she lose her anonymity so girl, please stay anon OK… Inthe also has these ‘Dear Inthe…’ moments where people send her questions on relationship and she responds in the most amazing way ever with the Word. She reminds me of how Pastor Bimbo used to answer her ‘Single and Married’ mails. (I miss Pastor Bim sha).

BEST part of Inthe’s blog for me has to be how she interjects everything with scriptures that FIT like my skirt this morning, and then PICTURES. Ah, Inthe’s pictures are on point. As the Chairman a member of the board of directors bloggers on Inthe’s blog, we unanimously voted when she sought our opinion that the pictures she uses must go NOWHERE…

I think Inthe… is married to the most amazing man ever (after Aku m of course) and it was an email she sent me where she said the hubster said a certain ’something’ had to be done first for me before she emailed me… I also love how she presents the marriage institution. Though it has its challenges, it is a perfectly workable and enjoyable one if you do things God way. Inthe darling, I am so proud of you and what your blog ministry represents and thanks for all those amazing emails jare. Heaven knows how I love your emails… Kisses. Inthe is the only person that calls me E’licious hehehe. Inthe also reminds me of wanawana on Inspiration FM. I just sorta feel that they talk alike and are both Sweethearts that make people just open up to them because of the sweetness in their voice.

Inthe lives in the USA and is a medical Doctor, and an MBA holder and is currently running her fellowship, while running a Christian home too. Big ups girl. She blogs at www.inthemidstofher.com

3. Femmetotale
Ah my darling femmetotale. I dunno if she is totally anonymous though because she publicizes the blog on Facebook and BBM and she is not anon on those platforms. Both of us were in Feddy Owerri. She blogs about life as a Christian woman, or better still a complete or total woman which is what femmetotale translates to. Before I discovered who she was, (she did plenty shakara ooo before she revealed herself), I thought she was in Yankee ooo. Cos of her style of writing. It is so western Christian hehehehe. Recently she started doing fiction too which I love. Femmetotale blogs at www.femmetotale.wordpress.com
Seriously, you guys need to lose the wordpress.com and upgrade jare. Ha ahn!!!

4. JMADReflects

Oh my darling STARSHIP.


JMAD writes like she lives. I should know. Not just because we were in the same Feddy Owerri, but because I lived with her for  awhile in Abuja earlier this year.

JMAD (with SomSom darling)

She lives a real life and writes a real blog looool. She basically chronicles the Christian life on her blog and she indeed lives it to leave a legacy. I was happy when she mentioned that she was gonna start a blog and so far, she has been ON POINT. She writes some deep posts that makes you wanna reflect and remain Christian. Recently, she took us down the lane of being transferred to Iran.

JMAD lives in Abuja, works in an Engineering firm (abi? loool) and blogs at www.jmadreflects.wordpress.com (Nne lose the wordpress in the dot.com, thank you)


This blog is my blog jare. Like I can lift a post from there to this blog and you would think it was E’ writing. Le boo reads her blog and always says how much we write alike. I love the blogger here so much and well, she is my darling Pastor Mildred Kingsley Okonkwo.

Diche 1John5vs4(_)(1)

She says I trouble her on her blog but izall love mami…


Pastor M, you need to see DCC voltrons yesterday in church who said I should stop troubling you looool. OK, my darling Pastor M blogs about all things Christian especially stuff that she encounters in her walk as a Pastor and Pastor’s wife. Incredible stuff… She also shares ‘From her Mailbox’ and it would amaze and sometimes annoy you stuff that people write her about. Pastor M is just a happy stress-less, esy-to-read writer like I love it. And best of all, she usually writes LONGGGGGGGG posts. I love long interesting posts. Le boo says it just sucks you in so much that you don’t even realize how long it is till she is done. She also has her ways with pictures like I like. In fact, if you love my blog, you would love www.justusgirlsnaija.wordpress.com (Pastor M, err when are we giving to WordPress what we owe them? looool)

Pastor M is the Associate Senior Pastor of the MOST AMAZING CHURCH ever… David’s Christian Centre DCC and the founder of so many cool ministries one of which is JustUsGirls. Currently playing ‘new mummy’ in far away America,


we are counting days till she is back home.


Oh I feel kindred spirits with this Sweetheart. Menoword must be a real sweetheart. I envy your close friends and family. You must be a joy to have around. I have never met her but her writings, ah, AMAZEBALLS. She paints pictures with her words, you literally feel like you live in her world. For her, truly words are a gift and she gifts us wella with hers. I love how for her, everything is spiritual and an opportunity to impact lives. Menoword blogs at www.menoword.wordpress.com works with Ebony TV and has recently relocated to the beautiful city of Calabar.

7. Rachaelzheart

This blog is just amazing. She just shares stories from the compound she lives in mostly. I guess she is a student who lives off campus in the most dramatic neighborhood. I really dunno if she is anon, I just love the stories. I always crack up as I read them. They might as well be collated and a movie done from it. It would sell, I promise. I don’t know her and I doubt she knows me but girl friend’s blog definitely makes my day and therefore my roll. Eketi (Dunno if it is her real name) blogs at www.rachaelzheart.wordpress.com


This is one girl I would love to meet and spend a whole day with and I know we would find stuff to discus all day long. Jadesola is too full of life abeg. I love love her blog. Her cynicism is sweet. I mean, we hate the same sort of things. The first post I read was something about the guy NOT being an ATM machine and so girlfriends should take a chill pill abeg and stop milking their men. I sooooooo laughed. Jade is too troublesome walahi. I feel her and my Booski would make good friends. I would definitely organize a hangout with all three of us when I am in Ibadan for leisure. Yup Jade lives in Ibadan and from there troubles all of us in Lagos on Twitter. She has a smiley for EVERYTHING in the internet world. Looool. Btw love, I am inviting you to Booski’s wedding soon. I will send your invite specially. Hehehe.

Jade writes basically opinionated articles and trust me, her opinions are incredible. The girl can’t pretend to save her own life hehehe. She also writes fiction. Mehn nne, your brain is working. Her fictional stories can even make you cry. Thumbs up Sugar…

She lives in Ibadan and blogs at www.ebonycynic.wordpress.com (Nne upgrade no cost ooo *rme*)

9. Giantsparkle

Oh my girl Ego… Or better still ‘kaego, my half namesake.


She shares her life and walk with God on her blog. And she makes an interesting read everytime. Except of course, the fact that she is still on a wordpress.com tinz. ewwww. Lool *ntoi*

I discovered this blog from Inthe’s cos she always comments there plus I loved the name too. She writes very well. She is anon too (I dunno but I think she can be known easily because she is pretty open). I think she is a London returnee so she blogs about her Naija experience and of course her Christian walk especially on the way to being found by THE ONE… Girlfriend seems like a very easy going, easy to relearn, aggreable person. Her responses to comments when people disagree with her point of view is so mature. Yes, i read through them Thumbs up girl. I don’t know her but I know and LOVE her blog wella. Homegirl (dunno her real name) attends City of David, lives and works in Lagos and blogs at www.oneplustheone.blogspot.com

I should stop now… Work dey… But something more…

Two people I wish would truly start blogging…

1. Dumebi my Booski…

_3 Booski _3_3(1)

She should be a weekly blogger. Say Sunday or Monday so we start our week with a healthy dose of laughter, and we can refer to it too whenever the day gets blue. Dumebi is incredibly hilarious. I dunno where she gets her jokes from. And her comebacks on stupid stuff people do, Kai… One day, let somebody not beat you ooo my love.

I should get you to do features on my blog like once a week… whaddya tink?

2. Eniola my Sapphire


My girl is a copywriter for pete’s sake. Writing is what she does for a living… For ads, commercials, promos, etc. and she can write fiction too. Beg Enny to start a fiction blog na ha ahn… mscheww. You are waiting for me to fry plantain for you abi? I just love people that write fiction especially based on relationships. See the story she did on Facebook far back as 2011 Darkness has become me Part One and two

 Ok that is it. I have more blogs I love but you know this is getting too long.

So just incase you don’t find me on blogsville, these blogs would make your day anyday…

Cheers to an absolutely amazing week ahead darlings…

And one of my BEST friends ever relocated over the weekend. My SOUL SISTER… My one n’ only Bully friend


Saturday night, after I had returned from the mini sendforth we threw her,



I climbed into bed and  cried and cried and cried…

#SAD… And i missed her call Sunday morning just before she left…


My darling Soul Sister. Forever and ever and ever to infinity I love you endlessly and I miss you so much…

DMF_DAMMY&IMOH (211) (me and the TOAST)

Now and tomorrow, I will continually miss you till I can hug and kiss you again…

Had a fabulous weekend with my Sapphire by the way…


My pure unadulterated delight… Muah darling.


Just before i run off, I just picked the phone (intercom) at work and the caller, a colleague was like ‘What??? This your bedroom voice, more and more parents will be bringing their kids to school because of this voice oooo…’ Loooooool. This more than makes up for the absolute NO hug morning I have had.

*insert sad face*

Thank God for the HUG-filled Sunday I had yesterday jare…


I rolled on the floor. I have a Phone voice walahi. I don’t force or fake it. It just comes. Speaking of work, I really miss teaching. I have to work Front desk full time now and that means zero to very few classes to cover… Today especially, I can’t even move from my seat. And I am super hungry.


Love my job still but I miss my darling students ooo.

Let me get back to work. These memos won’t work on themselves by themselves.

Have a winning week my FAB dears.





So PITA, the PITA I always say has a voice that reminds me of the richness and sweetness of Coldstone ice cream, is now a BBM Contact. Yay!!! I know some of you may think all my stalking and crushing got me the pin, mba. PITA actually requested and of course I obliged. Yay!!! PITA can sing abeg. 


I will be doing an album review here soon so watch this space. I mean his CD is playing as I type. Incredible songs… If you have not yet heard PITA sing live, well, NTOI… Cos something is definitely missing in your life. Like my Booski said of his voice, some people have already made heaven on account of their voice… eg PITA.

Yeah warrevz… I am crazy like that… ditto Booski


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  1. Big kisses and WordPress gets what we owe them this week unfailingly. Enough abeg. Can’t wait to be home too so I have more help and more blogging and writing time. Have a million unfinished posts. Not to mention the book. Miss u my darling…yes u are my darling even though u n ada disturb me constantly 😉

  2. Big kisses and WordPress gets what we owe them this week unfailingly. Enough abeg. Can’t wait to be home too so I have more help and more blogging and writing time. Have a million unfinished posts. Not to mention the book. Miss u my darling…yes u are my darling even though u n ada disturb me constantly 😉

      i thought the book was with the publishers already ooooooooo
      Ah our book ooooooooooooooooooo
      Hian *in thick Igbo accent*
      Please we expect two deliverables on return
      Davida and Davida’s book
      Oh yes I am darlingful like that…
      And yes oooo let us pay WP and toss the wordpress.com

  3. Nice try E’…you almost,operative word ,almost …succeeded at scaring the wits outta me…which kin incase be that?nor think am o……
    Unusual yet super cool post…I love that you shared the amazing members of your wonderful blog community….and yes,I second Dumebi’s blog take off o!….facebook however,wasn’t generous with sharing Enny’s posts…*sighs*

    You took the words right out of my mouth@Menoword’s blog description and Giantsparkle too and oh, Inthe….wheew! Profoundly exciting blogger(really tough following her tho,I can’t seem to subscribe to her posts or enjoy reading from my phone ..*sigh sigh*…what that about her images?I don’t get
    Words ‘ll fail me to talk about Justusgirls
    Thanks for the heads up about Rachaelzheart&the Passion Chronicles…its your fault they just got a new stalker o!…lol.

    @Ayo’s relocation -still excitedly sad….I should get over feeling sad jare….All things do work together….

    Seriously?!@Dumebi…some people have made heaven on account of their voice?……*rolling on the floor*
    Dumebi will be the death of me yet…God knows…..smh

    Before this turns to a post reveiew,lemme be going…lol
    #Peace out!!

    1. I LOVE long comments. I match them word for word so LET’S…
      I didn’t intend to scare anyone truly.
      I had just been wanting to write but was kinda lazy so that title dropped in my head and i loved it.
      I mean, blogging haunts me. I doubt I can stop…
      We hate FACEBOOK for that. You can link her up from my Facebook and enjoy…
      score score on Menoword and Giantsparkle…
      Yesooo, you can’t follow Inthe… Blogger gets harder by the minute… gosh!!!
      As in she uses the most amazing pictures off flickr and does a real amazing job finding the perfect pix.
      More than makes up for her not being able to use her real pictures…
      Sometimes i feel the pictures were made specially for her blog. Too on point.
      You will absolutely love TPC and RH. Thankfully, Anchorage didn’t have such compound wahala.
      SAD about Ayo… VERY SAD!!!
      She has already resumed school sef. Today. My darling sister… SAD!!! But of course happy at the new phase.
      At least, I have a ready place in the Uk when i visit jare.
      Lol at dumebi. Biko she won’t kill anybody abeg…
      Peace out darling!!!

      1. Indeed,you gave me a run for my money.lol…real long reply….
        Lol@blogging haunts me ..
        Would take your advice on checking Enny’s posts…..now I get @inthe.
        Anchorage may not have had that much wahala…you forget however , our neighbours sure made up for our lack..lol

        And oh,I just followed PITA on twitter today…I thot you should know too…hehehehe

        1. the drama in that compound reduces to nothing the drama in our neighboring compound oooo.
          that drama was classic. I can swear I know everyone in the compound already and how they look too.
          Yay!!! Dunno how much he tweets sha but good to know you are following…

  4. Thank you so much sweetheart! Your blog challenges and inspires me and pushes me and sha just makes me better. And yes, I shall soon lose the wordpress.com *covers face in shame!*

    1. looool… Who? Me? Inspires? Interesting.
      No, thank you jare. Especially for your role in the 30day challenge.
      And yes, Please lose it eh, it is soooooo dated… hehehehe
      Cheers darling

  5. My charmer thanks for the honours yea it’s
    an engineering firm. Kai this our dotcom is needed oh. Calling out the entire name is a mouthful especially for a rapper like me that talks too fast *insert palms across my eyes*. Big bear hugs

    1. I’m throwing ur hug back at you oooooo
      Until you upgrade hehehhehehhee
      I’ll take the hug jare. I’m a huggiE’
      Even me with the short domain name has lost dot com. U people that are preaching the gospel with ur domain names are also making us add dot wordpress. Ha ahn!!!
      I promise u guys, I’ll be on ur case for a really long time till u upgrade…
      Muah darling. Love n ‘preciate u

  6. Wowwwwwww. I like this postoooooooo. I’m get to follow cool babes’ blogs. Awesome! Pastor Mildred should be fast nd come back naaaaa. Ezi, stop disturbing her ni. Ahhhahhhnnnnnnnn. Ehhheeee, WordPress. I take it dt those on wordpress.com are squatters in another pesin’s domain? Choiiiiiii. Ezi wil nt let u guys hear wordoooo. E pele.
    Biko, bring Jade Daquri to d wedding 🙂 she is invited…TOTALLY. She should even come for bridal shower abi na baffing sef.
    Ezi, of course I would love to do be a guest blogger for u 🙂 I do need smthing healthy to keep my mind busy. These days my mind has been on how to make Tee sing Halleluyah in my Halleluyah Boulevard…hehehehehhehe.
    Lizzie darling, d first time I wrote on Ezi’s blog, I nearly ran gaga nd my respect for her went up a few more notches…e no easy. But someday, I wil try. Yesoooo, sme ppl r on Heaven’s waiting list bcos of their voice. Those ones wil join mass choir nd wil always be in d presence of God, doin wt they do best. Ppl like Ezi nd I may b allocated to d Creche or kitchen or backyard garden, where our voices wil not send Jesus back to Calvary. It is well wit us. Love u all. Thanks Darling E for d fab blog list xoxoxoxoxo

    1. I should close mark this girl…
      Who will be with you in the creche? You are high. Me I wl be conducting the mass choir oooo. You will be at the gate. Outside the gate. You dey fibd partner… NOT ME
      I dunno why na you pastor M dey shack pass. Clementina. I won’t be surprised if you make it to the airport sef. I taya for you. Please leave my pastors oooo Ezar. Ha ahn. Plus she is my pastor. I reserve the right to disturb her. BACK OFF. 😛
      Yesooo they are squatters much. Squatters will soon be evicted *evil grin*
      Jade darling, you have a pending invite. See you soon.
      Hallelujah in the boulevard.
      Dumebi I really should give up on you.
      yeah blogging can be work but tz fun too my love.
      Yay!!! I’ll let you know when to feature.
      Love you a little cos you yabbed me. Pita may even decide to train my voice…

  7. E’ I’m honoured and thankful, not just for the mention, but also increasing the number of blogs to follow. I love InTheMidstOfHer. Will look up the rest.
    I’m not that anon, Eketi is my real name and I’ve never lived in a compound (Compound Matters is fiction 🙂 )
    Again, merci beaucoup.

    1. *faints*
      Fiction Eketi fiction?
      Gosh how do you people do this?
      I’m thinking of all the stories and I am like FICTION babes Eketi?
      Nne chop knuckle.
      You are goooood. Wow!!!

      1. EEdeeth, you’re making me laugh. I don’t know how I do it too….actually meant to write only chapter one, but friends kept urging me on. Sometimes I read it and laugh too and I’m amazed. I’m really glad you like it.

  8. E-licious (borrowing the name from my lovely sis InThe..).. Wow! Thank you for the mention, I’m so grateful! I’m cheesing like wha… I think my head did a little spin lol.. Thanks, I really appreciate what you wrote about the blog.

    And now, I am excited to be your new blog-stalker (hello!) – Yup, get ready for as many comments as possible hehehe

    Also, you have given me a wholee new list of wonderful new blogs to follow.. merci beaucoup..

    PS… Is it that easy to know who I am through my posts?? Hahaha and there I was thinking I was like some James Bond-esque blogger – too baddd to be found out but mehn when you described me.. even a stranger can identify me lol…. Pah! Who needs anonymity.. I’m happy to be found out… to an extent 😀

    God bless you hun and all those listed above! xxxxx

    1. Looooool
      Nne thanks for visiting. And stalking me will just be paying me in my own coin. I stalk your blog.
      Oh I can track you easily if I want so tz good you don’t mind.
      Bless you too my darling

  9. Uh..er…em..Lizzy pleads the fifth…
    Hehehhee…I kid….
    Like I told Eketi, Ti-Abasi isn’t normal …perhaps Eketi means that by your involvement with #Compound matters(reading&following actively), she gets to exist……iono.

  10. Eziaha cnt stop blogging now!haba?it aint possible,she z jus starting o!booski oya start blog na let us read!I tried opening saPphire’s story on fb frm ur link n it dint open!maybe tz glo o(since I v decided to blame glo for all my internet *mishaps*;I like dat word)

    1. Thank God I am still here.
      I thought you moved to Etisalat na?
      Pele love.
      Is Enny on ur fb? Check her there na.
      I’ve missed your comments ooo.

  11. Wow! OK BREATHE INTHE…..!! I am actually tearing up. Not because I am sick at home ( ok maybe a little) but I am seriously overwhelmed by the love I’m getting here.

    First things first…

    E’licious! E’ licious!!…E’licous!!! How many times did I call you? If you know say khaki be leather try and close your blog! Just try am! You go know the meaning of “Operation search and rescue”.


    Thank you…thank you… for the encouragement, the fellowship, the girl love, the blog love and prayers mehn! it’s people like you and “1+” that makes it hard for me to stay anonymous. Eish! may God continue to love you in return.

    Rachelz and lizzi: Thanks and more thanks!!

    Lizzi: You can’t follow ke? What exactly is the problem? Ezi, since you are a pro at this blogger thing, what can I do to change that?

    1. Loooooooool
      I need a body guard.
      Too many threats biko nu.
      First Inthe, I don’t think I am able to stop talking about blogs and stuff I love so get used to it oooo.
      Thank you for such an amazing blog.
      Secondly, hugs for your health.
      I think you are a Jackie chan. I wanna say ‘slow down’ but I think you will be ‘sicker’ should you slow down.
      Hehehe. You will be fine, inugo?
      Third, i am a WordPress guru but Blogger is hard oooo. I too am not subscribed to your blog. It always directs me to a page that ‘doesn’t exist’. Ditto One plus.
      Why are you people even on Blogger when WordPress dey.
      I am so glad you took my advice and became a landlord on the Internet. Typing http://Www.inthemidstofher.BLOGSPOT.com was work. Gosh.
      Biko the rest of you squatting on the Internet should appropriate your sub ooo.
      Inthe’licious, take care darling.

      1. LOL @ those of us squatting *guilty*.. I didn’t know there was that problem with blogspot.. drat.. “Dear blogspot.com, your days are kinda looking numbered and you are not helping matters with the amount of spam I get on there!”

        1. You seeeeee…
          Blogger wahala is epic…
          Annoying much.
          And I am sure you can’t schedule posts to go live at a later day like WP… TeamWP jare
          But I love your blog that is why I still visit.

  12. i am almost intimidated by all this plenty love they have shown u here. thanks for keeping it real darling and including me in the mix.*kisses twinnie*. by the way, in all u are gifted with, the gift of prophesy might be one of them cos’ i have bn thinking of starting a fiction blog for so long. very on point sugar. and i am sure i can trust u to show me more love when i start right?lol! U gat my love already. MY P&S twinnie (prayer and shopping)

    1. Yay!!!
      Sure you will get all the loving you can from me at a good price… money i mean heehhe.
      Good thing you registered a WordPress domain oooo. Guys watch out for her ADVERGOD blog hhehehehehehe
      Lol at intimidated. You give you get i suppose…
      Muah darling…

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