#BeautifulNovember #BeautifulFriendship

November has been one of those amazing months filled with the most beautiful celebrations of persons I deeply truly love… My bestie Mrs Dumebi Ezar Ehigiator aka Booski’s wedding anniversary Sunday, Nov 2,2014 My bestie, Mrs Eniola Ogunmekan aka Sapphire’s baby boy and my godson Oluwadabira was born Sunday Nov 9, 2014 My friend who […]

#31F.A.B.Voices…Phebe testifying

I am super sure if I checked my rather HUGE picture collection, I would find one with Phebe… Or Bomu as I knew her in Pharmacy school back in UI… Funny we weren’t exactly close and frankly I was too bored in pharmacy school to look to make any friends… Post Pharmacy school, Post-UI, thanks […]

Maybe we should ALL stop laughing…

First off, I the biggest biggest warmest lovingest HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my most fabulous FAB’ers, Ify. Beyond the blog, Ify and I have become sisters though we have never met. One of the many joys of blogging. She has such a beautiful heart. Aside from dropping the most amazing comments and prayers on […]

THREE for the love of E’…

Oh to be loved is soooo beautiful. Yes the erotic romantic kind but also the love another female can have and SHOW for another female. The friendship kinda love… Three totally amazing women bloggers did a Post each on me and my marriage/wedding. Three… The perfect number. I will put up the links here and […]

Shedding my S-WOMAN toga!!!

Holla Holla I do know many of you are waiting for the pictures from the wedding and stuff but hey, we will get to it in the near future. Not just yet. But rest assured that I had a BALL. Dumebi did too. Too much drama lol but hey the Bride and MOH are drama […]

Monday morning musings…

I was reading a Post… I don’t recall which now, and the person said she had no idea what to write about. At least when she started. But as she put pen to paper, she gradually found the words. That is how I feel this wonderful Monday morning. Interesting yeah? Lol. So lemme start and […]

Just incase I stop blogging…

These BLOGS I LOVE will make your day anyday… No worries tho, I am not about to stop writing as God is still letting the juices flow, but seeing as I had a four day hiatus in between Posts, I can imagine that my blog faithfuls have missed me, no? Your weekend was cool yeah? […]


I hear people constantly say ‘…I am a tee-shirt and jean person’ and most people that say this are people who  don’t get an opportunity to wear it a lot as a result of their career so whenever they have an opp, they tee-shirt and jean away yo!!! And you can see how happy they […]

#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day DAVIDA :-)

Hey… Greetings all the way from Asaba Whoop!!! I am grateful for journey mercies… Yup I’ll give you my Asaba details later. A chronicle of sorts. Promise… 🙂 But today, I’m particularly grateful for Davida Ifechukwunyediche Okonkwo Our latest gift in DCC Oh my!!! 1. I am grateful that this baby trashed Doctor’s report. They […]

#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day SAPPHIRE

In tears mehn… I’m blogging with tears No doubt I’m soooo happy that one of my besties is OUT DA GAME Eniola Aderonke Ogunmekan nee Lofindipe. I’ve known Enny for over 10years now. For me, it was love at first sight. Something clicked. Aside the fact that I thought she was drop dead beautiful, I […]