November has been one of those amazing months filled with the most beautiful celebrations of persons I deeply truly love…

My bestie Mrs Dumebi Ezar Ehigiator aka Booski’s wedding anniversary Sunday, Nov 2,2014

Bestie and her Tony poraroe

My bestie, Mrs Eniola Ogunmekan aka Sapphire’s baby boy and my godson Oluwadabira was born Sunday Nov 9, 2014


My friend who I met in NYSC camp who incidentally got married on the same day as i did also gave birth to such a testimony of a child Chimdebelundum meaning My God kept my life. So much drama but devil lost yo!!!

Khally's testimony

The FAB group too had some celebration.  My most amazing sister and friend, Titilola Oliyide’s celebrated her birthday on November 18 and her spanking result from Imperial college, UK too.


Girl, I love you super much and celebrate you.
Then Desola my darling’s wedding on Nov 22. This delicious yummy couple.

Mr&Mrs Abayomi Afolabi

Can anyone imagine just how gawjuss their kids will be? Happy married life Sugar.


Your home is so blessed!!!

My Pastor, Father, Mentor, and Coach Rev Femi Oduwole’s birthday and his wife’s too.


November 23 (Rev) and Nov 20 (Rev TJ). Such a blessing this couple have been to us as a family. I totally celebrate them and love them very much.


Especially as all through the drama that ensued leading up to my wedding, they were there gidigba and even did plenty runs to ensure I had a great wedding and did us the honor of coming down to Lagos from Ibadan (right after a most busy period where the ministry has the annual camp meeting and home coming) with an entourage of his pastors sef to do the honors of



And even after the marriage and there has been some distance between us, don’t stop checking up on and praying for us. I just absolutely am so privileged to be mentored and loved by this couple. God bless them sooo much for us. Amen!!!

And today is my bestie Dr Valerie Edetanlen’s aka my very own Angel o’ love’s birthday. Mrs-to-be. The most loyal, most consistent, most loving girlfriend I have.


Ok this post will dwell more on our friendship.
Met her plenty years back… 100L. I was in B71 and she was in B73 or was it 69. Either ways, we were neighbours. We prolly hit it off right away cos Vee is a drama queen and I love me some drama hehehe. I was in pharmacy and she in medicine so our prelim year had basically same courses Chem 157 being the koko-master of them all. U flunk that, you flunk out. So we started studying together. I thought I was intelligent till I met Valerie’s brain. Choi!!! All the tough questions and topics, my girl would answer it like maimai… Lol. That she made BEST GRADUATING STUDENT in her med school set. Now thats huge. Beyond acada, she was just my go-to. We attended various stuff together and the first thing I noticed was that Vee is loyal!!! I got popular in 100level pretty fast and there came the plenty gossip/beef and Vee would fight anyone that badmouthed me. She was a voltron to a good fault. She would be very sure to yab them back hehehe. And boy!!! Vee can yab. Then if I had issues, Vee would do EVERYTHING she could to help. And my goodness, if there was any LITTLE success story about me, Vee would make a MONSTROUS deal outta it. She would celebrate me more than even me. Vee believed so much in me it was scary. Vee would blow lil good deeds out of proportion. She just is an amazing cheerleader. The BEST I ever had. She left the hostel after 100level and I stayed back in but our friendship remained.
Fast forward to when I failed outta pharmacy school and she had gone to UCH. I went incommunicado wella. I didn’t pick plenty calls, reply texts, etc. But Vee persisted. She spoke to everyone she knew who may have seen me to tell them to tell me to take her calls. She tried sooo hard to reach me. She would leave UCH and track me down severally just to see how I am doing and know what my next plans were. When she finally tracked me down and I told her, you could see empathy dripping. She didn’t stop calling, stop praying, stop encouraging. And my goodness, Vee never stopped believing in me. She would tell me how I would be a mega star cos Pharmacy is not my thing. That the world will celebrate me someday this setback would be a joke. Infact she yabbed pharmacy and medicine so much you would think she wasn’t a med student. Anything to make me happy, Vee would do.
Soon, we found ourselves attending the same church off camp and we were both in drama.


You know Vee is drama already so you can imagine all the drama she brought to Shabach theatre. Hehhehehe. Those were fun times yo!!! Despite her medical school schedule, she was committed to drama.
We got closer and closer. Through all the mistakes I made relationship wise, friend wise, etc she was there. No mistake would make her condemn you. She would keep every secret and NEVER spill or bring it up ‘conveniently’ to spite you. I would go ahead to hold several leadership positions in church/fellowship and Vee won’t ever judge or bring up the past.
Kai!!! What a friend!!!
Even when I give her counsel, she’s very accepting and always so grateful. Never a ‘who do ya think you are?’ moment with Vee.
Lemme end with something she did during my wedding. As you imagine, she was there all through.

My Court wedding
Vee in the middle
Lol. My bridal shower. Peek Booski and Eniola. Crazy girls
She was the first to make me cry at that shower. She said the sweetest things

So a day to the day or 2days sef, I needed a huge amount immediately to settle a bill. I didn’t have the money at the moment so I asked her for it to pay back in some hours or so. She gave me. Wedding preps took over and I forgot till Monday after. I asked for her account number to send the money. Daz where the drama began ooo. Babe was like ‘which money? I didn’t gi you any money ooo. Go and look for who gave you money. Etc.’ Babe just no gree. And it wasn’t all those 10k 20k money ooo. Kai!!! What a friend!!!

Darling, I am so thankful for your years of and hand in friendship.
Thank you for being my biggest cheerleader. Loyalty is rare. But babe, you typify it in this relationship even when I have slacked.
My God bless you.

Oh one last thing about Vee. So she recently lost literally the BEST person in her life, and days later, babe is talking about planning a surprise bridal shower for our friend Titi.

Vee, titi and i

Ah!!! I was shocked ooo. But vee understood that Titi’s wedding was a once in a lifetime thing and she had to be there for her. The same girl was also asking,me about some of the faith projects I had shared with her. That’s Vee. She is too selfless to her friends. God bless you babe, soooo much. All day!!! Every day!!!
I pray our friendship lasts forever. Plenty memories to make darling.

I totally absolutely love you babe. Truly and deeply.

Peek Vee... Ist lady you see

Happy birthday Sugar.



Oh November was finally my convocation. Finally indeed. After 2years. But it is all good. It was such a flattering day for me though I didn’t go. Got so many awards. Peek them



Can you imagine that my name was published as one of those who failed out of their department.
The same school, i am being celebrated in front of the same lecturers from pharmacy school too.



Vee was certainly right. Celebration of E’ everywhere. And God ain’t done yet.




World domination!!!
God is soooo faithful!!! I will spend my life inspiring people mehn. Can’t wait for next year. Yaaay!!!!

November is also my wedding anniversary. Whoop
Can’t believe tz a year I did this post https://eziaha.com/2013/11/30/my-dreams-my-reality/


I repeat, God is so faithful!!!

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  1. Whoop!!! new post! God is indeed faithful! november has been full of great things! glory be to our Sugar Daddy! he stays loving us yo!!! GOD bless you hun and love you very very much!!!
    Happy birthday to Vee! I pray GOD blesses you in ways you can’t even imagine! Even as you are loyal to your friends, GOD will honour his Word always in your life! I don’t know you, but you were born in November so I like you already. Lool! Plus you love my friend so I love you too! Have a great and FAB year ahead!

  2. Awwwww! Valerie is indeed a strong & blessed woman…….always trying to ginja. Happy Birthday V, God bless ya real good.

  3. I m gracefully blushing and very shy,thank u so much.
    Eziaha,u have made loving you,extremely easy o,no jokes,u are selfless,down to faith! N my word,does she have faith.
    I can tell u,na her faith dey help my faith presently o,!I envy the faith o!see me asking Eziaha about joyce meyer,I recently got a windows phone,n I intend using it for podcast etc!
    N truth b told,Eziaha na brains!intelligent is an understatement.she speaks wit wisdom,she jus drips wisdom,wen I saw her awards m like yes o!this fab lady is too much!
    Fab E,u r goin places,more than you can ever dream or imagine,u wil fulfil purpose,ur life wil b an example for young ladies to emulate,career,family,u gat it all in control(I kno say na sugardaddy has the control).u spend the tym prayin,serving in church.communicating with frnds!thatz minus work,husband,food,etc .
    I’m glad we met,I liked u immediately I saw u,I’m like this girl is tall fine,and appears smart,remember that ur gucci goggle and ur many contact lenses!I remember one tym,Eziaha bought me a gift that had my initial,very fyn o,
    I wore it tire!until it finally perished,(it wnt com bak to me in its second life!)lols
    Ps:n Eziaha got me my first blackberry,that time it was rare and very expensive. N she has done a lot more than that for me!hmmn story for another day

  4. Oh my God! Congrattttttttssssss mama n HBD vee. Mama u so surrounded wit clouds f great friends,hmmmm likes attract likes I c. Truly ones greatness isn’t determined by certificate(much like my story u ve there mama). We celebrate u all da way n I am gona dominate the universe wit u oooo. Luv u scatter

  5. Happy birthday Vee…
    And happy happy celebration galore to all the wonderful people featured on here…
    happy wedding anniversary in advance E, may laughter,joy and celebration never cease from your lives in Jesus name,amen!

  6. *clears throat* First of all… Happy Birthday Valerie. Nne ehhhhh…this accolade no be hereoooooo. Chaiiiiiii. But I agree everyevery word abt Val. I am not as close to her as E’ but I hv tasted a slice of d love she can give and its magnificent. If u dont have a friend like Val, u r poor *sobs*. Happy Birthday V. May all d seeds u hv sown blossom into beautiful fruits and flowers.

    Then for E, all Val said abt her is true plus some more. I dont know how she gets the energy to fit everyone into her busy schedule. Amazing. Recently, I hv begun to envy that talent. Plus, I like to boast about the FACT that I have a friend who made first class in the University. Choiiiiiii.

    Eziahhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa, dont tel me u came to Ibadan for your convocation? 😮
    Congratulations boo. At least I now hv a friend whose name came out for Awards even though I didn’t get any. :d

    November is truly a FAB month.

    1. It is indeed. Aren’t we blessed to have gotten married in this month.
      And nope of course I didn’t come. I mentioned in the post na.

  7. Yayyyyyyy, happy people, November people…lots of love to the new born babies, happy wedding anniversaries to the couples who married in November, happy birthday to Dr. Vee and happy birthday to Titi licious dearie and to Eziaha’s fondest Reverend and his wife.

    Gorgeous Mr. And Mrs. Afolabi…their kids will be breathtakingly lovely. Congratulations and happy married life with GOD’s blessings.

    Ezi licious dearie congratulations plenty on all your awards…you truly are a star…*

    Peace and love

  8. Yay!!! am so excited. Congratulations Mama E’ ,you probably took a course in my dads department, Anthropology. And I receive grace for wonderful, awesome and lasting friendships.
    P.S. Anytime I read your post, I just pronounce KIngDaveed in my head and am proud that I get the pronunciation right, even if I am not sure and no I don’t like any short form variation of his name.
    P.P.S. thank you for always sharing, you are God’s gift to me.

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