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I do know many of you are waiting for the pictures from the wedding and stuff but hey, we will get to it in the near future. Not just yet. But rest assured that I had a BALL. Dumebi did too. Too much drama lol but hey the Bride and MOH are drama people so what do you expect.

Enjoy a few pictures tho. I have about a thousand…

20131102_091202 Her face literally glowed. i love the glow contrast between hers and mine. I did my own makeup and Dumebi’s MUA deserves a Paris trip…

20131102_091937 The only time the jacket was off was BEFORE. She never took off the jacket once the ceremony started.

20131102_120950 You know I can’t miss this my World famous Kissey pose. If I don’t have one with you, our friendship is in doubt hehehehe

20131102_104244 Look who popped in with his sugar sweet darling adorable sweet 16 wife… Rev Femi and TJ Oduwole. He got in just in time to sign the marriage register.

20131102_104733 The Father’s blessing!!! This for me MADE the Church service

20131102_103113 Nobody can tell me my Booski doesn’t have the World’s best smile please…

20131102_102954 This Tony’s smile is one million stars

My darling Booski, like I told you hun, I am so honored to be your friend. And to have been a part of your wedding story. Tony is so blessed. Like my Sapphire said, DUMTO Happy blessed Married life. Love you to mini smithereens. Love you to the moon and back. Love you dizzingly but with clear eyes. You are such a  joy…

Ok, enough of Booski FOR NOW, let us get down to another matter.

I can already see all your lovings and sorrys that this Post would birth. Surprise me. Don’t do it. I just wanted to share this with you guys here so that you know that even E’ has her own challenges. Just that I am very aware of my Sugar daddy and his romantic love for His baby girl.

So in the middle of all the fun and drama that was the wedding, I had plenty of my own drama that saw me just escape and cry at different points.

One thing tho, I kept it all away from Booski (Now when she reads this she will BLOW up my phone. Ugh). I thought this period was all about her so all the drama in my life could wait. I didn’t want her worried even a teeny weeny bit about me jor. The one minute she caught me not smiling as I gave someone a curt answer when he told me to join the bridal party for pictures during the photo shoot, the next second i was beside her, she goes ‘Ezi, why were you NOT smiling’. Truth is I was just TIRED and so I made a mental note to keep my smile and by extension my Booski’s smile in tact!!!

Whenever I mention all this drama to my brother Chu, he always LAUGHS!!!

Psalms 2:4 The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them…


And Chu has this hearty, from-the-depths-of-the-soul, alive laugh (just like Fr. Patrick). And he always tells me, ‘Eziaha, i have told you to be laughing at all these things…’

I know i should, but sometimes the tears just start before i know it.


This weekend, i was ready to toss my Super woman toga.

I just locked myself in and in the darkness last night, all i did was cry to God.

One lady who I love to pieces and who I would have adopted as a sister always drops this prayer point EVERYTIME we pray…


About how we should have the tongue of the learned as women and always speak words of GRACE.

Ruth ooo. That scripture is made for me walahi.

Somethings i wanna say. Somethings I wanna do. Sometimes i wanna sit someone down and tell ’em their life history.

Somethings I have heard have really HURT me. As in, hurt me soooooooo bad. And the people I have heard it from? Ah!!!! No comment.

What hurts so much has to be the fact that in some instances, I feel the HS truly ‘control’ my tongue. I believe the term is BRIDLE.


Yesterday night, I was talking to my Sapphire. I don’t subscribe to tears for prayers. I just am a more ‘practical’ pray-er. But I told her that I would just cry and cry and sleep.

Doesn’t the bible say something about God storing our tears (Flipping to Google once this post goes live)

And she told me, ‘don’t worry, i may not be able to cry but I would pray with ALL of my heart for you…’

Another friend of mine just listened and listened to me cry on the phone last night till credit ran out.

Ah, yesterday night was like an anti climax of sorts. Thank God for God. I would have taken some crazy rash decisions.

Sapphire said ‘…Hold that thought please let us pray first..’

Yesterday night ladies and gentle men was NOT funny.

After crying and praying, i flipped to DHW and slept off while it was still playing.

I woke up this morning and flipped open my Gideon hymn book…

I sang… I sang to myself. I love hymns. They do my spirit right.


I felt better. I put on my game face, dressed up and hit work.

I have had an amazing Monday so far. It also helped that a prospective Corper who is starting camp tomorrow walked in here asking if we would need her services. I liked her so I threw my weight around a bit for her and in a few minutes, she was discussing with my Principal.


Then that evening, i decided on a Coldstone ice-cream and pizza date.

Sorry no pictures. Phone is still on the way…

But really, I am grateful…

I reached an alltime low Sunday night. I got my groove back Monday.

Thank God for the comfort of the Holy Spirit.

Thank God for wisdom.

Bless GOD FOR GREAT FRIENDS. You guys be rocking in all shades of FAB-MAZING!!!

Ah my darling Pastor.


Totally awesome man. Love him like… Kai!!! Twale Sir.

Bless God for a great partner with whom I can wither life’s challenges.

Did I already mention wisdom… Ah, wisdom is a GIFT walahi

‘When she speaks, her words are wise… Prov 31;26’

Sometimes the wisdom in anything is to just SHUT UP…

And shutting up when you have plenty to say is hard…

Very hard…


Have a super fab week darlings…



Post was written yesterday, Monday Nov 4, 2013. My internet was acting up…


*rushing back to read this to get a PPS*

Ok I am back!!!


Yup. So don’t start all the pity ooo. Just drop comments on the wedding and stuff. Today is Tuesday and I am TERRIFIC. I promise.

But I do wonder how Pastors do it tho… They are EXPECTED to have words of comfort for the weary at any time T, and because they are humans, they also have their issues, yet… This Pastor work no be here ooo…


Which of my friends do I yab now ooo… Kai!!!


Ok not yab per se… Femmetotale has been churning out some real amazing posts on her blog. You may wanna skip over and enjoy. www.femmetotale.wordpress.com

Then Naija husband started this ‘Chop my money’ series. Part 1 to 3. Totally insightful. Loved it. You should too. In Part 1, feel free to visit the link he put up on Student loans and stuff. Amazing. www.naijahusband.com

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  1. Congratulations!
    The Boss-God of victory on every sides is still churning out His cards in the orchestration of mindblowing plans for ya.
    *wink wink*
    We are all gonna laugh at the end …exhilarating,hearty,uncontrollable laughter too…
    Dumebi is a blessed,delectable somborry. I pray her all of the drama-filled expressions of God’s Faithfulness and Commitment in her home.
    I’m thankful for good friends with the mind of Christ and tongues of the spirit-inspired learned too.


  2. No sorry(s),no doh(s),plenty love(s).u are an ama-mazing lady indeed!
    Only the truly awesome will handle sturvs like u just did.
    Again,plenty love(s)
    Dumebi’s smile shines like a million,no,gazillion watts!

  3. Lovely bride and maid of honour
    I love your loyalty to your friends
    And I love the way you refer to other blogs(at the end)
    Have a super day tOo

  4. First time commenting so humour me if you will. Never been the tearful prayer myself but 2013 has broken me – if God is collecting tears this year then mine have flown like a river. Sotay this morning I asked ‘can’t i have somethg else to pray about?’ This was the year of restoring what I’d lost and recompense for all delays I’ve had so far- by november its worse than when the year started. Its good to know God dey laugh oh cos me I no dey laugh – I just weak.

    Your posts encourage me tho – enjoy your week and congrats to Dumebi.

  5. Ezi,i bet you have no idea how much of an inspiration you are,you always have a way of lifting my spirit up. am addicted to your blog,its one blog I can relate with,first time am commenting thou I just had to today cause I have been feeling so down of late ,like my spirit is gradually fading outta me, and its scary,and I so hate the feeling,feel so alone even when I have family n friends around me and yes am single,i made the mistake of dating my best friend and when we broke up I lost my best friend and my boyfriend ,sometimes I wake up in the morning and wish I was still unconscious,i don’t know how to deal with this.

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