First off, I the biggest biggest warmest lovingest HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my most fabulous FAB’ers, Ify.

Beyond the blog, Ify and I have become sisters though we have never met. One of the many joys of blogging. She has such a beautiful heart. Aside from dropping the most amazing comments and prayers on my blog, i have featured her once here

Hubby and I will definitely be ringing her up later tonight.
Aside a Happy Birthday, I wanna say THANK YOU Sweeetheart,. God bless you and your triple C-delight kids and your amazing hubby.
I totally love you… Amazing woman of God and big sis
FAB’ers, show her some LOVE… Say her a prayer…

OK on to today’s post
I had never been happier to be in DCC than I was second sunday of this year after over 7weeks away…

In those 7weeks, I learnt a HUGE lesson… A GOOD church helps your spiritual growth. It really matters less how mature you are spiritually, if you are ‘outside the fold’, hmm….
Of course I had been outta Lagos all that while hence…And I won’t lie, I was secretly beefing DCC folks on my BBM as I saw their updates and broadcasts… #SaltOnInjury
Anyways, PK was preaching on ‘Making better decisions’ and what better time to do that than the start of the year…
In characteristic PK style, while he explained to us the effects of bad decisions, he injected a lot of humor and stories into his sermon to drive home the point…
One of the stories he told was about this guy who he counselled against marrying this girl cos PK knew the girl and just knew she wasn’t right. Infact, she had caused so much trouble in church and PK and others had prayed her outta church. Now dude brought this girl say na she he wan marry… Long story short, he went ahead and married her.
Before then, dude was a bad boy… Smoking, drinking, the works… Then he got saved and committed in church. He had a thriving business, used to tithe weekly a remarkable cash-range, was crazy about giving and even used to go to PK to ask what projects church was doing atm so he could sow…
When dude starts dating the girl and stuff gets serious, business first starts nosediving… Commitment in church reduced… Post-marriage, it got worse. Real bad. Then he left church. Went back to his worldly ways. Business scattered and of course marriage CRASHED in about a year…
When he later shared his ‘testimony’ with PK, he said from DAY 1 of his marriage, fights all the way… They were always fighting. Sometimes, they would park the car on the highway just to fight. It was a bad bad sorry situation…
PK has a way with stories so people were laughing. E’ inclusive. The person beside me now said the last time he saw the guy he was drunk and didn’t look good at all…
Then I heard that voice…
‘We should NO longer be laughing…’
I mean that guy’s life nosedived because of one WRONG headstrong easily avoidable decision…
Today, years after, his story aint better…
I felt bad ooo, lie no good…
Maybe really, we should stop laughing when we hear things like this… Maybe we should commit in our own lil way to helping people around us make better decisions…
Especially relationship wise…both with same sex and the opposite/romantic ones.
A friend of Aku m late last year was talking about how her bf used to beat her and she wanted to know if he will change. Pk must have made me harsh when it comes to things like this so I said
‘He won’t ooo…She should leave now…’
He counselled her and then we prayed for her… Cos she was in a bad state.
I was overjoyed when he told me that she found the courage to break up with him. I was very excited to hear that…
VERY VERY excited. I almost sent her a congratulatory message.
Because I remembered Titi’s case in which she lost her life from alleged domestic violence….
After I ran that story, a blog reader called me and said she was roomies with Titi in Ife… So titi was just not another girl. She was a real living person she had lived, played and studied with… And she was pregnant when she got married. Maybe she shouldn’t have married him but still kept the pregnancy…
Maybe… Just maybe.
That story still pains me cos tz just sad… Gosh!!!
Another blog reader called me early this year and told me she had broken up with her guy. Now last year, we had had this convo about this guy and I had told her I didn’t think he was THE ONE especially as I saw she had a heart for God. If there was a marriage would have driven her CRAZY guaranteed cos the drama from the relationship was incredible already.
Of course she was hurting but I congratulated her and encouraged her NOT to go back ooo no matter what and trust God for a Good God-man instead. Infact, I told her if you ever feel like calling him, call me instead. I’ll be here for you…
I knew some girl too in Uni… Totally wonderful girl. Dating a philandering guy… She knew ultimately but couldn’t bring herself to leave easily. I had her in my prayers… We were not close per se but if anybody should make that kain mistake, NOT HER… I thought she had a future with incredible potential… I didn’t want her to be reduced to the ‘insanity’ that comes with a hubby that can’t zip his pants up and leave it zipped. Before she will start writing letters to ‘Disposable’ and ‘Shaggy’ like the woman in my Booski’s blog series…
When I heard she finally called it off with the guy, I threw a private party…

My Pastor Mildred Okonkwo has a dilemma post on her blog.

And now bestie is about to displace her as wifey . I love what Diche commented…

So true… You can’t be Best friends with someone like that without doing something about your relationship. Please define the boundaries of relationships. Some kinda people shouldn’t be in ‘bestie zone’. You can’t be toying with destiny ooo. All my besties/inner circle friends are women of fire ooo. I invest a lot into friendships… Wetin we go dey discus na if you are not a God-lover yourself…?
I just recalled a friend of mine. One of my COVENANT besties.

There used to be plenty friction in our relationship but no matter how our heads touch, we still find our way back to each other cos we have an amazingly unshakeable God-foundation in our friendship and in our personal lives too.
(Oh she insists I have to do a post where I tell the world how much of a well, BAD, friend I too have been to her… Lmho!)

Now I recall some other people with whom I have ‘tried’ friendship… The inner-circle kind… E no work… I mean, we will both put in effort but whosai!!! Something in me will not let you beyond a level. Cos my inner circle friends can ‘kill’ me. I’m very ‘naked’ with them and if I’m not careful, very soon somebody go enter ‘dilemma mode’
Ah, I had a ‘close friend’ that ROASTED me some years back… Nne eh, lesson learnt hard way… I was wise to define the boundaries of my relationship with the person…
With friends, I am first spiritual, then emotional.

Oh then ah, sometimes, people make bad decisions by letting good people go for all the flimsiest stupid reasons… And then when their head starts working right, tz already too late… Several friends I have begged to stay in a relationship and work things out… Mba!!! Then they have let a good man/woman go…
Painful!!! Too painful!!!
Daily, we have to make decisions…

Choices!!! And with choices come consequences…
Some decisions, heavenly. You don’t recover from the ‘enjoyment’ it brings…
Some decisions, hellish… The fire doesn’t stop burning and even when it stops, you deal with scars…
Choice is yours darling…

Isaiah 30:22…And you shall hear a voice saying: this is the way, walk in it…
Thankfully, we all have access to this VOICE…

The rate at which we see and hear about people making wrong decisions, most times after they are living with the sad consequences, is incredulous. Tz heart-breaking. We should really stop laughing!!! And then resolve to make right choices and then help as many people around us do… Operative word being HELP!!! Some people no go just gree. They believe Experience is their best teacher.
Lemme end with my own story how I almost married some one else…
See una ears… I no talk again…
Good thing is I made the right decision…
Thank God for grace. Thank God for wise counsel. And Thank God for my darling darling Rev…


Here’s to making BETTER decisions this 2014…
Berry Kisses…

Going FORWARD…Still Testifying

Amazing feedback from my post ‘Announcements on the F.A.B. Lane…’
Thank you all so much… God bless y’all.
We will kick off by the weekend…
*shaking my bum in satan’s face*
You may wanna read it if you haven’t and see how you can be a part of what God is doing here on the F.A.B. lane…

Joyce Meyer is a dream… My dream…

Daily, I fall deeper in love with her and all the amazing things God is doing through her and her ministry. Ah!!! Thank God for podcasts. Free podcasts…
Love. Love. Love.

The Post I mentioned on Pastor M’s blog actually is a kinda contest. Send in your comments and the most fabulous comments get prizes… Fabulous ones…
But tz also fun to read what people have to say about it…
So click away…
2014….and so it begins

My friend and fellow Blogger Tunde Leye is part of the organizers of a Naija Books Fair. I wish I was in Lagos. I would have gone. Plenty Naija books will be on sale at Patabah bookshop in ‘Lere.

Plus there will be many giveaways including a home theatre courtesy Tunde.  Attend and buy books. Support Naija writers.
Tunde Leye blogs at
BEST fiction writer I have read in a while. His latest series on ‘A little Brid said…’ gives me som’in to look forward to every monday morning. Awesome!!!
FORWARD 2014…Still Testifying

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  1. E’ I love u so much…….walahi u re God’s gift to dis generation! …… May u continue to grow in His wisdom. God bless u.thanks for dis funny but yet sensitve topic.

  2. R u kiddin me,is that pastor mildred’s story real?cos m shocked!!!!!
    We shall marry right in Jesus name!too speechless

  3. God bless ♈υ̲̣̥ mightily mummy E’ for this post. This is one of the reasons ♈υ̲̣̥ will always be my online mummy. May God give every Fab’er the grace to make good and godly decisions.
    Happy birthday Ify(my name sake) may God bleSs and comfort ♈υ̲̣̥ on every side. ♈υ̲̣̥ will enjoy your marriage and be a blessing to your generation. Stay blessed.

      1. Awhhh, Mercy Ify my dear namesake..thanks for your kind words and prayers. Amen and amen. God bless you more…nyt nyt ++

  4. Happy blessed birthday Ify! May you continue to grow and shine forth in God’s light in all ramifications..
    And E, all I can say is yes,we should stop laughing,maybe its time to listen to the voice in us and speak,advice and pray for everyone close and connected to us to make the right choices.
    And this post spoke to me, being struggling with speakin to my roomate abt something along dis line. I pray for grace to speak, can’t afford to let anyone I can help make wrong choices.
    Thanks for letting God speak thru u

    1. Funny how network almost made me toss the post.
      I’m grateful to God it ministered to you in a specific way. Thank you Jesus.
      Please talk to her. I pray she listens. And even if she doesn’t, you did your part. Most importantly don’t stop praying both before you talk and after.
      You need wisdom ooo
      Cheers darling
      Oya find ur law books!!!

  5. Chai…I’m speechless… Truly speechless o. Maximum respect to Mr & Mrs Bolaji and Eziaha Olojo. So you actually called me tonight to pray for me and also wish me best birthday thoughts… And Eziahakaego, you this wonder, super woman with a most beautiful amazing heart, is it not just tonight about 7pm when I was driving back from church that I told you its my birthday… You are one of the wonders of this world.. Thanks for your beautiful prayers and making my day extra super special… Daalu riine!!!
    About today’s post, you write amazing as always…you have crafted those solid thoughts into wisdom tablets for us to chew, swallow and digest into our spirit man (or woman..he he). But seriously, I have been accused of being too spiritual and overly careful.. Hmmn, maybe we should ALL stop laughing already oooo.
    There is a time for everything, let us HELP where we can.
    Love love to you all, thanks for your prayers Fabulous Fab’ers.
    Ezi nwannem, Chukwu gozie gi na Aku gi, naha Jesus Christ Onye nwe anyi, amen.

    1. Looooool
      Wonders of the world indeed. God shines through us all jare. Plus you have been too sweet to me. We had to…
      Amen. Amen. Amen.
      Nne aint nothing like too spiritual ooo. We should help where we can. I believe tz time to stop laughing cos frankly, tz no more funny…
      Thanks my darling. God bless you

  6. Happy birthday Ify. God’s very best this year. I too can relate to this post. It took God’s timely intervention to rescue me. I rejoice daily as I remember all My Heavenly Father has done for me. Nice one Lady E’.

    1. Nne eh
      I celebrate with one hand in the air for me and the other hand in the air for you.
      You see that satan is a bastard okwaya …?

    2. Thank you Booski for your kind thoughts put into writing for my birthday. Amen to God’s very best for me and for all of us that call on Him. Do have a fantastic week ahead ++

  7. one time I laughed and d effect was a boomerang.
    I assumed it was her life, we were friends but once she had told me she knew what she was doing, so I decided to let her fall into d abyss of a wrong rel well ationship.

    then one day when katakata burst I got d disgrace of my life in d open. I was d one Christian friend she looked to to be totally honest with her. I was d hypocrite who laughed at her. twas sad, d friendship was mended and grew stronger, lessons learnt.
    fast forward to two years later a roomie in a bad relationship with friends urging her on. quiet and gentle hundred level me went ballistics on d friends who couldn’t tell dia friend d truth. roomie returns from wkend get away wt sugar daddy(well we were in hundred level and guy was in his thirties). Asks how wat she does wt her life is my bizness and threatens to call d cults on me. I had d laugh of my life at dat. people shudnt threaten me, do dey not know who my father (God)is? I tell her what she needs to know- d truth. well she hates me, while I keep greeting her everyday(me trying to make peace still).
    fast forward some weeks, wake up at night to hear her crying, saying if she knew she should have listened to me guy left her disvirgined and wt an std.well in d later days, I tried to give all d advice and prayers I could.

    lesson learnt, poke nosing into people’s affairs to save their lives is my bizness as a Christian. tell d truth. it’s often a bitter pill but it’s best to offer it.

    1. Men
      Comment of the year… Lol
      NNE tz our business.
      Bitter pill yup but tz best for me to offer it with large doses of wisdom…
      Thanks babe for sharing…

  8. Happy belated birthday Ify! This year U GO FORWARD!!!
    That PMs story ehn.. I am refusing to believe it is anything but nollywod inspired…
    And yes we truly need to stop laughing,start making right decisions and also Stop Judging pple who have made the wrong decisions… One of my personal mantras for 2014 is I will not judge! God has really been teaching me this one using PK and Joyce Meyer and it has been tough, I wont lie! I find it hard to pity abi feel for any one who intentionally sees trouble and walks into it.So now when I see or hear of sm1 suffering the consequences of a bad decision.. I just do the right thing ‘WALK IN LOVE’ and mst importantly pray for the person. May God help us to always heed his voice that’s the only guarantee to making the right decisions.
    Btw my prayer partners have not replied my mail o… and yes as at today I have done 63msgs

    1. Thanks Tannie for your birthday wish and prayer. I say a loud AMEN… I love your contribution about walking in love and praying all the way… I should incorporate that.. God bless you BIG. Have a great week++

  9. You are right, its not funny!. Its high time we realized everyone cant be your friend, setting boundaries doesnt make u “not nice”, cutting off unhealthy relationships n frienships doesn’t make u bad so please be wise. Alwys seek God in every decision & dont deceive that person or pretend you are not aware when you know they are going the wrong way. Help….. bt ask for the Holy
    Spirit to take charge, You aint God oooO.

  10. Luvly post E we are all responsible for the decisions we make and we should pray regularly to God for help.for me God has saved me from wrong decisions I remember dis dude I was supposed to marry after dating for almost 4yrs hmmmmm m too glad i didn’t marry him cuz he is engaged to be married dis year and he is already cheating on his wife to be…..
    May God open our eyes and guide us to make
    Thank u E for this amazing posts.

  11. I’m so happy to be back, E! But did they really park on the highway just to fight? That is very sad. One thing I always preach is that we always have a reset button in Christ but need to pray for his mercies everyday. In addition to that, a church that houses a resident prophet/prophetess/whoever-God-reveals-stuff-to is a blessed church. We already have the Word, all we need are divine directions. God is committed to our success but we must be ready to meet that commitment with our obedience!

    1. More than once darling…
      They did stop to fight. It was THAT BAD
      NNE you said it all with your closing statement. Our obedience is key…
      To make it more personal, my obedience is key

  12. arggh! shaking ur bum in satan’s face,that s one interesting line.maybe i should twerking his face Choices,that’s a good point u mentioned there,they are so important because they either make us or mar us. U look gorgeous.cheers!

    1. Thanks hun
      I am rolling at twerking.
      I have heard it so much but I have never bothered to find out what exactly it is.
      Maybe cos tz associated with miley and frankly, I am still heartbroken that we have lost Hannah montana and now we have a twerking crazy miley lol

      1. Yes dear, most of us are so sad to have lost the sweet Hannah Montana. Her radical change has really affected most young girls who look up to her .But I have always believed one thing that no one is beyond redemption , all we can do is pray for her and all the child stars who have gone awry.

        1. Yes hun
          We can pray
          I must admit tho, I am am now very wary of child stars. I dunno that I would be letting any of my kids start off that early in life. I would rather they have a regular but fab childhood.
          Except of course twelve angels appear physically with God in their middle to convince me…
          *straight face*

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