I was reading a Post… I don’t recall which now, and the person said she had no idea what to write about. At least when she started. But as she put pen to paper, she gradually found the words.

That is how I feel this wonderful Monday morning. Interesting yeah? Lol. So lemme start and we see how this goes.

First off, I am so sleepy. Kai. I don’t even get it. Oh wait, it is Tuesday morning but it is my first working day this week. I was out of work yesterday. I will gist you all about that in a minute.

How are you all doing? Been a while on this blog ooo.

Ok I have an idea now…

I dunno what sparked the convo on Twitter but Inthe , MarriageByTheBook and I were mentioned in a particular tweet by someone and the person was saying something about how good it was to know that there are still Virgins out there who waited till they were married to have sex. So started this Twitter conversation about Virgins who are NOT proud of their status because it aint the cool thing to be now and so on. Then all three of us decided to do a series of Posts on VIRGINITY and #NoshameInMyGame if only to encourage others.

Inthe already got a ‘Dear Inthe…’ letter on ‘Sex before marriage’ and she rolled first here

I and Marriage by the Book will still do ours and so will Inthe… We should get Naijawife to join us. I will be running mine next week. Hopefully MBDB will run hers this week… And Inthe too. I am the only un-anonymous Blogger of the three but I will still talk like I am anon… #NOSHAMEINMYGAME jor

You wanna watch out for those posts aii. Btw, you can follow us on Twitter too @inthemidstofher @eziahaa @marriagebydbook @naijawife

Other Bloggers who wanna are free to join us. I like to add here that this IS NEVER A CONDEMNATION thing. Heavens forbid. Like my late Pastor Bimbo Odukoya used to say, some of us may have made mistakes in the Past but now that you know the Truth, you can commit to sexual purity and stay a secondary Virgin… But the fact remains that those who abstain should NEVER think they are doing an UNCOOL thing.

No spoilers, wait for my Post.

My darling Blogger sister and friend Femmetotale did this amazing post on WE DON’T FEAR THEIR FEARS. I loved the title. It got me speaking in tongues even before I read it. Reading it, I was ZERO disappointed. My girl did it right. I have decided to do my own follow up to the Post which I have title IABTNA. I specifically used acronyms cos I don’t want the title out. Recall her Post on Divalicious Diva and my sequel on Reality check? So watch out for this too.

Ok one last thing before I run off.

So on Sunday on my way to Church, my bag was stolen. It was like a horror movie that I was watching. I am so sparing you all the details but let us just say it involved two black clothed guys on a  bike and cutlasses. At least that was the one I saw. My bag just had it all including my absolutely lovely recently purchased Bible


and my Rhema filled Sermon notebook, (tears) Phones (Galaxy Tab and Blackberry), cash, my makeup bag and stuff. Thank God for safety. This was about 6.10am and I was followed into a close where ANYTHING COULD HAVE HAPPENED.

One thing I am convinced about is that I WILL RECOVER IT ALL what with the fact that it was still sorta dark. It was at the Police station (It was my FIRST time in a Police station. My dad insisted I go to report so that no one implicates me with my stuff) where I went to make a report that I realized the monetary value of what they took. The bag was even NEW. Momma gave it to me the previous day. I had not even taken a picture of it. After, it happened tho, I had two options… GO HOME AND CRY MY EYES OUT or Proceed to church still. I went to church please, got someone to agree with me that I will indeed TESTIFY and enjoyed service. You wouldn’t know that anything even happened.

Like my darling Chuchu said, they have taken your troubles away. And like I responded, they better return my stuff and KEEP the trouble ooo.

Funny thing was that, just two days earlier, I had done a total backup of my files esp pictures and music which came to like 10Gig on my Tab. Imagine losing all those pictures!!! E for no funny ooo. Chai. Thank God.

So I couldn’t make work on Monday cos I needed to get my life back together again. It was the fact that I had NO numbers anymore that hurt. I mean, I felt cut off. And if there is a time for me to NOT be missing a phone, it is NOW!!! I used momma’s phone briefly till I got mine back. Sorry to all who couldn’t reach me on Sunday and Monday especially. I want my numbers back ooo.

Again, I AM FINE. I was NOT hurt. Not even a scratch.

At work, they called and called me yesterday. Everyone wondered where I was. At 6am this morning, my Boss actually called again lol. Thankfully it went through this time. She was sort of worried I have told this story countless times this morning. Maybe that is why I am this tired.


So please, don’t make me repeat this story again. Thank you.

Interestingly, I had been off BBM for a while, so the fact that I now went altogether incommunicado after the BLUE AND BEAT Post made some people really scared. Like what is wrong with this Eziaha sef. No BBM, Whatsapp, Phone calls, twitter haba. Loool.

Btw, thumbs up to MTN sha. Now when you go to retrieve your line, it is activated IMMEDIATELY. No longer 24 hours later. Cool yeah? The lady there actually checked my details and saw that I attempted to Port at some point. And she said ‘Why would you ever think of porting?’ D’uh. I SO LAUGHED. So she finds it hard that anyone would port away from MTN. I think I did a Post on it here Though I also found a way to drool on and on about Adichie in that Post. So much for not having much to say today. I have just typed 2 Pages and I just entered the third.

Anyways, this week is the week of my Bestie’s wedding.

Dumebi Ezar

One of my besties of course. My one and only Booski and I am her maid of honor. Whoop!!! I get to take the toast again. And I am also putting together her Bridal shower this Friday in Ibadan. Can’t wait. I hit Ib Thursday by God’s grace. Now guess who hasn’t bought her Maid of Honor dress yet? *covers face* She actually gave me a free hand to buy the sorta gown I wanted within 3 colors (Lemon, pink or gold). I am favoring the gold.


If I tell her that the money for my maid of honor dress was taken with my bag, I don’t think that would fly with her so I might as well just break a bank and go shopping. I intend to go at COB today.

I will be doing another Post of her traditional wedding and I will do yet another on the transcript of the Toast.


My darling Booski, this week is our week and our Sugar Daddy has already dispatched a host to perfect all that concerns us. Love you to mini-smithereens. Can’t wait baby…

In closing, have you read Chisom’s testimony Post on my blog…? I promise you, it will ginger your faith. Read it here

I loved writing it and I am loving the comments even more… Aku m even dropped a comment. Chisom, you try ooo lol.

Ok, y’all have a totally F.A.B week ahead…

E’ smoochy hugs,


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  1. Choiii E u knw hw ya sugar daddy restores all in thousand foldes,BIG HUG darln.
    yessso am happy he commented ooo d popular “aku m”.

  2. Hehehe.lmao at let them return my things and keep d trouble.kai! U too funny.
    Am glad u r ok,that’s a testimony right there…
    For a while now,evry post u do coincedentally resounds wt wat av been thinking.ystrday some of my male fellow skul mates said dat”for man to touch me na annointing oil e go open first” meaning am uptight sex wise,and its a bad tin,I just responded dat if na my husband,e nor need oil cuz it will be right and approved bt God.
    I thought abt it later on and had dis up on my bbm pm-“I am on team no sex b4 marriage,u better join me o,#no shame,na better tin”
    And I truly feel dat its a wonderful thing.God grant us all more grace to adher.
    Thanks 4d link 2 inthe’s post too,it blessed me in more ways than one.now waiting for urs.
    Kai! Sorry 4d long comment,nor b my fault say d matter na one wey I feel plenty plenty tins about.
    And btw,a better phones is on its way 4u,u go get double 4d trouble.hehe.#for sure!


    1. Nne it is a testimony oooo. Like someone told me, when she was attacked they actually sued the cutlass on her at various points… Huh!!!!????
      This my skin that I am protecting with all I have lol.
      Yes oo. I am definitely upping the S3 to an S4 and the Torch 2 to a Q/Z 10.
      I feel you on the no sex things jare. I will do mine. Feel free to do yours too hun.
      i love long comments hun. bring it on…
      Inthe blesses me anyday anytime. I love her mega jare.

  3. Woah! Okay, my jaw was dropping when I read about the people that assailed you with machetes/cutlasses and took your things. I was already getting vexxed like, WHAT!!! I’m sure you’re probably wondering why God let something like that happen to you but the truth is that sometimes it’s best not to seek explanations for things like that. Just remember that He’s got your back and won’t let something more than what you can handle come your way. Best of all, you must know that the devil only seeks to steal your joy but God will wipe your tears with something even more beautiful. That’s just the way it is. I always say that nothing bad can happen to me bcos all things work together for my good…that means even that which the devil intended for evil will be for good.

    1. I mean, could you have said this any better?
      Like my Pastor would say, the devil is actually AFTER your joy, not your money or your phone so no matter what happens, keep your joy.
      thank you Sugar. If i was even feeling a lil down, this helped totally. Muah

  4. Babe…. Is dat ruth? fyne gals… Ehen, so much for not knowing what to say…. dnt mind those pple, i blive ur stuff will returned n yeah, they shld just all d troubles jor. u knw d oda day i was talkn with someone abt hw everytin is just turning upside dwn & i told d person dat i did a research and found dat in all religions & cultures despite the continent before now, it was a biig crime for a lady to have sex with a guy before marriage n (now there must be defaulters bt it had to b done in secret as there were severe consequences if caught) bt nw, its like its nothing pple r auctioning their virginity n its like great news, a guy will say a girl has to get pregnant for him b4 marriage, pple want to try out n see if they r compatible in bed b4 marriage blah blah…..& the temptations r overwhelming bt i believe d right choice is d best choice. Compare the pros n cons jor. v had a girlfriends who wen they found out that i was stil a virgin told me dat i shld justt maintain & that she regretted having sex b4 marriage cos there were no benefits, it was only wen u finished u’ll now ask urself ‘is that all’? & start regrettn esp wen u knw u wont even end up marryn d person u did it with n that she wished i keep myself till marriage (dis my friend, remains one of my very good friends, cos she always says d truth, u knw some bad friends say otherwise). Well, she got her wish all right cos b4 then my mind was already made up so #noshamenabetterthing. i always tell pple i talk to dat there’s no need to be ashamed, any1 dat tries to make u feel uncool is just plain jealous.

    Finally m so liking d upping to S4 & Q/Z10 comment…. those cutlass guys dnt knw d opportunity they’ve created… nt that we want dat style of opportunity creation again biko…btw why wld d MTN lady b surprised dat u tried porting…MTN shld wrk harder jor…lol.

    Congratulatns Booski…. me i go dey dere in spirit….lol.

    1. Ng baby
      Love your comment jor. Too on point.
      Infact ten thousand stars.
      Love you girl
      and yes no more drama
      thanks for the good wish jare

  5. Awww Ezi sowie about the stuff that was taken, you will recover a hundred folds, and you have already spilled about the bridal shower*urghhh.

    1. Hey hun
      She knows about it ooo
      Just that she doesnt KNOW WHAT IS GOING DOWN that night
      Of course she KNOWS now
      How won’t she know. She gave me the guest list…
      And gave me some stuff she also wanted.
      Amen amen and amen darling

  6. See me just praising God that you were safe. Being robbed is such a violation…I remember getting my laptop stolen and crying my eyes out until my mother told me to just thank God that that was all they took

  7. I am late but praise God for Fabulous E! As Pastor Oduwole said, Restoration PLUS COMPENSATION! Cannot wait for you to come and testify!

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