I hear people constantly say

‘…I am a tee-shirt and jean person’


and most people that say this are people who  don’t get an opportunity to wear it a lot as a result of their career so whenever they have an opp, they tee-shirt and jean away yo!!! And you can see how happy they are on those days, especially Saturdays.

Am I a jean person? Err, not really. As a pharmacy school student, I was a jean person but I couldn’t wear jeans for lectures. As a social science student, jeans were the norm but hey, I now started dressing more corporate than down.

Irony of life yeah?

Now as a Corper, I have to dress up to work but do I miss wearing jeans? Not really. Because some weekends come and you would still catch me in gowns. Or skirts. But more gowns abeg.

What am i?

I am definitely a gown person. I would wear a corporate gown to work, a casual gown when I get home, a night gown to sleep, a traditional gown to church, gowns gowns all the way.

Not that I have a problem with jeans ooo, but they err attract too much attention to my err…………….



That said, I do lurv me some jeans anyday anytime too.

And this Sunday, I am definitely rocking my jeans to church.


Yay!!! Whoop!!!

JESUS IN JEANS is a special program we have this Sunday in my church.

You know I said that this month is our 17th anniversary celebration month so every Sunday is a Holy Ghost party DCC style.

So you are invited. Just wear your jeans and come. Like PK said, please make sure the jean is not damp ooo. Don’t go and wash it Saturday night ooo. Loool.


And hey, if you don’t have jeans, just feel free to come in whatever. It is not like jeans is your pass. It is just a spice we are bringing to the day. I particularly am looking forward to seeing PK in jeans… hehehehe.

So all ye jean lovers, HOLLER

20130901_194243 20130901_194250 (this was done with real jeans sha…)

Again, this Sunday, 9th September 2012 at David’s Christian centre, Fatgbems bus stop, behind NEPA office, Amuwo Odofin Lagos.

7.30 and 9am

Transport available all over lagos so call 08077714411 for details…

See this line from our website…

‘Ever thought of what Jesus would look like in jeans if He lived in this time and age? Well, be at Victory Dome on the 8th of September, 2013 by 7:30a.m and 9:00a.m to find out as we’ll be having a special service tagged JESUS IN JEANS. You don’t want to be told, be present!’

You can join the live streaming at www.davidschristiancentre.org

Thank me later…

And yup my soul sister’s wedding was a blast yo!!! I had fun in Abeokuta and it was a reunion of sorts…

And I took the toast, yay!!! I will share pictures later but enjoy this few…






I should do a post of all three weddings I have attended in the past four weeks. Look out for it. For me right now, wedding season is officially over. At least for now ooo…

7 Responses

  1. Hey. Isn’t that the Pastor who teaches about relationships and stuff on TV? Very humorous man.

    I respect him. From what I’ve seen, he teaches simple biblical/spiritual truth.

    Would have loved to come – but we’re having a series of teachings at mine [church] and I would rather not miss out on any.


    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Eziaha fabulous!!! Now this comment sounds familiar; ‘I am a tee-shirt and jean person’…lol
    Anyway my take with jeans has always been to dress with Jesus sense… Even as a teenager which is way back.. My own personal opinion is no spag strings, no body hugs or half tops with jeans or any bottoms (trousers, shirts, skirts for that matter). For me, its tee shirts or smart-casual/corporate shirts with jeans…
    The way I see it, the world has so much distractions as it is, so my take is to not be a distraction in anyway as a christian. Don’t get me wrong ooooo, its all good to dress up, afterall, God made us beautiful right?
    Just saying that the Jesus in us and the Jesus in jeans will dress responsibly with a Christian SWAG (serving with attitude gratitude) so that we even evangelise to the world by our dressing.
    Beautiful pics, you sure need that camera, *wink*..
    Peace and love++

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