Oh to be loved is soooo beautiful.
Yes the erotic romantic kind but also the love another female can have and SHOW for another female. The friendship kinda love…
Three totally amazing women bloggers did a Post each on me and my marriage/wedding.
Three… The perfect number.
I will put up the links here and share my thoughts on each.
In the order in which they were published…

Pastor Mildred Kingsley Okonkwo on Just Us Girls blog.
I woke up to this. I was pleasantly surprised.
The Cheshire cat got nothing on the grin I had on my face. The title A GOOD NAME resonated but I still didn’t remotely think it was about me. Me?!?!?! Lil ol’ me loool. Imagine the surprise when I saw my name.
I don’t even remember the day I walked up to her to say what I said. But I always harass people when I say my name to NEVER forget it. These days tho, the name has sorta stuck and my reputation precedes me. For Good thankfully.

When your Pastor does this kinda post on you, you know you are a special kinda SPECIAL daughter. Plus she hadn’t blogged in about 3months yet she did for me and has promised to resume regular blogging after that (yup PM this is me putting you on the line) :p

Lovely lovely lovely read. Plus it has very invaluable advice any Single or married lady who is WISE enough to store in her arsenal. Plus Aku m commented too. So you get 3 for the price of 1 too lol.
Eziaha means A GOOD NAME hence the title.
Darling Mama mia… Squeezy E’hug and lipstick staining kisses.  Thank you a gazillion.

Still grinning from that, I saw kaego’s own. Nwakaego who was also one of my bridesmaids did one too.

And she had a gazillion pictures.  Her phone didn’t stop snapping. Put all our phones to shame. That bb had the baddest battery life ever.
Kaego just loves me. Funny we met on fb and then blogsville earlier this year. I wrote about her here.

The Coldstone trip we had.
Her Post was just a happy post and she used a top fave song of mine to form the body of the post, Flavor’s Ada Ada…
You should rush over. She has many pictures eh. Of both the wedding and the bridal shower.
My darling half namesake, good thing you said ‘Aint no prying you loose,  even with a Crow bar…’ cos frankly,  I got you on a lockdown in my life too.
With plenty OPC guarding the gates…. lol.
Love you sweets. Muah. Muaher. Muahest.

Enjoy kaego’s post tagged E’s little bit of heaven…


Ah this was the biggest surprise by far cos we have neither met nor spoken before. Just blog friends.
Iplus blogs at www.oneplustheone.blogspot.com
The best thing about this had to be the fact that she made an effort especially with the pictures that covered everything she spoke about. Plus she mentioned people and stuff that matter to me there.

Totally loved them.
Thanks hun. One day, on earth,  we shall see.
Hugs, smooches and kisses…
Her Post was titled Aku m, that must be a heavenly term right?  Lol. Tot err’one knew the meaning of Aku m is ‘My Treasure…’

And yup, it is a heavenly term meant for my heavenly boo…

Thanks again to Pastor M, Giantsparkle and 1plusTheOne. All three are amazing Christian female bloggers so feel free to snoop around when on their blogs and hit the subscribe button. 
The thing about receiving gifts from people(humans in this case) is that while we can’t deny that the fact that the receiver must be somewhat worth it, the giver definitely has a beautiful heart.
Thank you soooooo much. Chukwu gozie unu…
Group hugsss…

Ever wondered what the List you would be given when you wanna marry a MAIDEN from my village reads like?
My next post will be THE LIST…
Unedited. Raw.
My advice would be that you better be sitting down BEFORE you attempt to read it. You should also eat too cos your appetite may disappear on account of anger. Lol.
I will also try not to publish at night so I don’t rob you of sleep.
That list, ladies and gentlemen,  was the beginning of all the traditional drama that trailed my wedding.
God help you if you are yoruba which was the case for my hubby. You have no right to negotiate.
It gets interesting. But our God gave us testimonies oooo.
Like my darling PK would say to the men, “SEE THE LIST BEFORE YOU FALL IN LOVE’ Looool.

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Just enter your email address and wham you get email notifications the second a post goes live…
Neat yeah?
You are welcome

36 Responses

    1. Hey hon
      The primary ginger is from the Word ooo. Na God talk am not E
      Mine na secondary ooo
      But before the year runs out. Promise darling

  1. Beautiful ooooo and YES, I read all 3 posts plus commented too. The 3 posts on you and Aku gi were truly lovely… It was my first on Oneplustheone’s blog…
    Okay E’, keep being fab and true to yourself. You and your writing are much loved. Hugs ++

  2. Wow.I’m always tripped by your posts..being following you for a while now.Funny enough,I’ve read all the posts you mentioned here yippie.Keep up the good work.God bless your new home darl.

    1. Thanks darling.
      No lie oo. My friends be rocking indeed.
      You seem like a fabulous person yourself. Plus you use Sunspot. Lol. Great minds indeed. Love your blog

  3. Hey Fab E,
    Now, i’m going to post my comments right here. Seems i’ve been posting them in my mind all the while cos I truly wouldn’t have thought i’d only just posted my first. Hmmm…okay, time to bring the unseen to the seen. Ha ha ha.

    Sure you know i love you and your blog and how you celebrate folks all the time plus the real stuff you get to share with so much humour and spunk. So so glad to have others celebrate you, that speaks of impact my darling and i am so glad for you and all you represent. It’s refreshing to be find ambassador of God’s kingdom who flies the banner high. But, I am even more excited by the amazing things God has in store for you.

    Okay o! looking forward to that list of yours. Will be sure to grab a seat when the email comes in before i attempt to read.
    Stay fresh and love to your Aku ‘m’.

    1. This is all shades of sweet
      *sniff sniff*
      Eloho darling, I don’t even know what to say to this sweetness.
      Thanks for moving this from your heart to my blog. Haven’t started reading minds yet… Thank you for being so sweet. And hugs hugs hugs for being my Twitter Sister. One of my most sensible twitter fam.
      Love you darling. Muah

  4. I have just read PM’s post! Awwww u are a such a beautiful person. *hugs*

    Ehen, dat list eh, am sure its nothing compared to mine, am from Arochukwu in Abia State o, our own list na helele! Lol

    Am waiting…..

  5. Ure a wondaful person & d God in U is indeed Awesome. Like I alwys say, Ure a Great Inspiration. I came across ur blog jst wen I needed encourage & till date, I keep Thankin God 4 makin me come across ur blog. May God Bless U n Ur Husband exceedingly abundantly beyond ur imaginations & may He perfect your marriage. Big squeeze U tite Hugs n kisses… Love U Dearie.. (I nw call my fiance Akum.. I kept seein u usin it nd since he’s ibo I askd him d meanin & wen he told me, I ws thrilled so I’ve bin callin him dt since….. Jst confessin dt I ***** d name) love u muchos

    1. Did u get my email love?
      Waiting for my cheque for stealing my name
      Love u too b.
      Amen. Amen. Amen.
      Glad to be His Vessel

      1. Yes, I got ur mail. Jst inbox me ur acct no, I’l deposit plenty plentifull loads of HUGSssssss n Kissessssss. Okay? I hope n pray I’l get 2 give u a real squeeze me tite Bear hug someday soon & afterwards loads of it. Ure a blessing. Enjoy n remain Fabulous!

  6. Waow…I guess its no surprise the love that is been shown to u..afterall the bible says dat he who sows bountifully shall reap likewise..so this is but a harvest of love to serve as proof to the love you have shown to those around you..I must say I too have been blessed thru your blog..I only pray that God keeps on using u to be an inspiration to us..btw I just want to add that I would like to be like you when I grow up :).stay fab Mrs E xoxo

  7. Hi Eziaha,

    Just about the Team V(to be honest I prefer the word celibacy) post you plan on doing – I have some issues that I think you should discuss or open up to discussion. Should I send an email or post it here

  8. Congrats again Dear, i love how you praise ya hubby. May your home be blessed. Had to break the jinx of not commenting to congratulate you.

  9. If I knew more about you darling I would do one blog myself.
    You are a real amazing person. I mean you really publicised my blog from the beginning. God bless you hon. You will always be celebrated amen

  10. Hi Eziaha. Congratulations on ur wedding! I hv bn a silent but loyal follower of ur blog & I rmbr d post whr u testified that ur wedding would hold b4 d end of this year. I am happy 4u that our God showed Himself strong. May God uphold u two in ur marriage. I am encouraged to believe that soon God wil send me d man I will be proud of d way u are of Bolaji.

    1. You know I started typing it. Got to the end, edited it and wham it disappeared!!!
      I was too pissed I dropped the idea till inspiration comes again. It was really looooooong so e pain me shege.
      Will do before year end tho… Promise
      Bless you too ooo dear 1plus

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