This post really comes from something I have been working out in my life especially in recent times, especially as I walk through what really is an INTENSE season, which frankly, I am not trying to make anyone understand, or seek human support above what is necessary. I take JOY and STRENGTH in the JOY […]

The ONE prayer to pray for your mentors&teachers (Happy birthday Pastor M)

[25/09, 09:16] Pastor M: Eziaha my love. Don’t ever loosen your grip on him. Not for a minute… Those were her words to me… The depths far greater than the brevity… Interestingly, 2 seconds earlier, i had replied a mentee with words similar to what mama would tell me later… I told the person… “…Put […]

My life in THREE Junes…

Hi guys. So I know I am supposed to be posting part 2 of WHY AM I STILL SINGLE but let’s put a pause on that for now, shall we? Thanks. For the past two Junes, something amazing has featured in my life, asides my birthday of course. But first lemme do small Pastor Mildred […]

THREE for the love of E’…

Oh to be loved is soooo beautiful. Yes the erotic romantic kind but also the love another female can have and SHOW for another female. The friendship kinda love… Three totally amazing women bloggers did a Post each on me and my marriage/wedding. Three… The perfect number. I will put up the links here and […]