One of the blessings of life, and I do say this without mincing words and as one who has truly experienced and is still experiencing it is the blessing, gift if you like, of friendship.

Girlfriends in God
Girlfriends in God

One of my besties used to always tell me then that oh she’s heard a coupla female friends complain about how terrible they have had it with female friends and stuff and she would always tell them how Eziaha didn’t have such issues ooo and had been blessed with amazing female friends. Oh well, maybe I have had one or two comedic females whose friendships have burned some but ehn they have been very forgettable, paling in comparison to the blessings that my friends have been.

Amazing friends i have mehn,,,
Amazing friends i have mehn,,,

In the past two/three weeks (and I imagine going forward), I have been in that ‘season that requires great faith’ like Donald Lawrence sang in Not making sense

Every single thing has drawn faith out of me in ways I cannot explain, but I would not trade this faith building journey for anything else in the world. You know that feeling you have when you just KNOW that you are pleasing the Father… Living by FAITH!!! That’s heaven on earth baby.

Without Faith - Heb 11 6

Ok just to balance things up, I know that this journey remains what it is because of the amazing faith family around me. In fact the good challenge I have to face with my amazing friends sometimes becomes ‘Ha ahn, how did you leave me out of this?’ looooool. I mean, how much more blessed can one get. I can’t explain how grateful to God I am for blessing me with incredible friends.

Now why am I penning this?

Personally, I feel like I am on a mission to amp the faith of everyone around the world to believe GOD FOR BIG things. I mean, to do anything less is to limit this God. Like I was telling a group of persons the other day, if it is too small, count me out. I even feel like God sef don taya for all this our small small dreams. I mean, you open your mouth in the place of prayers and then God calls all His angels to be on standby waiting for Eziaha to make a request that would send a full squad of Angels with Michael and his sword leading, I will now make one kain small request that all of them would just hiss and go and sleep…

Could this be your angel?

Can we trust God for bigger things and then pay the price to labour in the Word like 1Tim 5:17 says and stay dogged in faith till we have our testimonies?


I keep saying we because I believe that the faith journey would require having people hold your hand throughout especially on those days when your faith is weak… People of like minds who are also on fire and would help add more fuel to your fire should it begin to go down…


The story of the Tower of Babel still amazes me. These people dreamt an impossible thing and set about doing it and then God saw it and came down personally to inspect the site…

Gen 11:5ff

God came down to look over the city and the tower that these people had built…and said One people, one language…no telling what they will come up with next-they will stop at NOTHING…

Now I don’t believe God had a problem with their building a tower as much as it was with the motive behind the building that tower…

  1. They wanted to make a name for themselves… Pride
  2. They wanted to be in one place ONLY meanwhile God wanted them to ‘fill the earth’ literally.

I truly believe that if our motives are right especially when it is connected to the only cause that counts, WORLD HARVEST, and we are united in faith and actions, then truly, WE TOO WILL STOP AT NOTHING when we have made up our minds on anything. God would come down again this time not to scatter us but to endorse those faith projects and help us, strengthening us all the way until we receive the end of our faith.

Afterall, He is the author and finisher of our faith abi…

So here is what I want you to do as we enter the final quarter of the year…

  1. Sit down and evaluate your life as sincerely as possible. How far have you come? What else is left? What would you do if you knew it was absolutely impossible to fail? Don’t be selfish. Think of your family and friends too. Are there some challenges you constantly see and are tired of seeing? List them all out.
  2. Separate yourself. Fast if possible. Get in the Word and Prayers. Labour in the Word. I am a voracious reader. I have an enviable library and thank God for e-books too. But I have never chanced on anything remotely as interesting and alive as the Bible. I mean, probably the oldest book ever yet it is even more relevant than the day’s breaking news. It has never had cause to be reviewed or upgraded and will never have. The Bible, very complete. Absolutely complete. If only we would take time to study it and discover the incredible truths and promises it holds for us as God’s children. One of my favourite scriptures today remains Jeremiah 15:16

Thy words were found and I ate them. And your words were to me a joy and the rejoicing of my heart…

God’s word is that real. You find and ‘eat’ them and they produce results in your life that cause you

  1. Get yourself a faith family. Even if it is just one friend you can get and share with the person and have them share their faith projects with you. It could be your partner, sibling, best friend, etc. Just make sure you have not chosen in the flesh. Share the scriptures you are standing on with each other. Pray and confess and stay in faith together encouraging all the way. Be sure to give updates of what is ongoing in your lives as days go by. If there is nobody you can look to like that in your life, wow… I truly dunno what to say or do about that ooo. Lemme just add a line about the church you attend. This is not the time to be emotional or saying ‘the church is too far’. If you currently attend a church that is not challenging your faith and in which you are just stagnant spiritually but it is convenient and close to your house, my darling, you better sit yourself down and tell yourself some hard truths. If you are in Lagos or Abuja, allow me to recommend David’s Christian Centre. wpid-IREPDCC-1.jpgFaith is our bread and butter there. Hehehe I market my church…

Share messages, books, songs and articles that have helped you with each other. Don’t just discus Channels, E! and Football only, who is Chelsea beating and all that (Yup I had to use Chelsea) Share and discus the Word like we had in the days of the early church in Acts. Can we have a Word revolution? A Faith revolution?


My goodness, imagine how mad it would make the devil… Imagine how victorious we who call ourselves Believers would really be… I recommend Donald Lawrence songs sha. They have LIFE in them. I am sure there are many more but for me, he is a top fave…

I truly have more and more to say but I trust God that the Holy Spirit would take over from where I stopped and truly illuminate his Word in our lives, amen.

I am excited about the next quarter because I already see myself testifying big. I see myself standing in faith and trusting for BIG things not just the normal. In our FAB group on BBM this October going forward, we are amping our faith level mehn and I am so excited. One of us shared this ‘FAITH SEMINAR’ message from Pastor Poju Oyemade of C3 and mehn, we already have testimonies that have started coming in from that message. If you want it, you can drop your email and I would send it to you too like I have shared with a good number of my friends. Tz almost two hours long but rest assured it would bless you in unspeakable ways. Just be diligent enough to eat and digest it wella. No comedians here… I am excited about my #FABFaithFamily mehn…

*Group hugs Sistursss*

Of course that is not to say you MUST listen to that one ooo. Whatever that can amp your faith mehn… I just shared that poju’s own cos I am incredibly blessed by it till tomorrow…

And because I am a very nice someborry, I am sharing all this with the rest of my FAB family. I know I am going to get mails asking me to add you to the group and as much as I would love to, I have reached a limit for now. I don’t know that I can manage more than we have now… But hey, you too can. I know that when we truly desire something, God would make a way for us… He will bring you your own #FaithFam.



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    1. I was soooo in a hurry. But the PS I would have added would have had to do with the Chelsea-Sporting Lisbon group qualifiers for Champions league hehehe
      I lost ya yeah…

      I’m rushing to go home and watch it.

      Amen boo. Thank ya

  1. Completely true, u need a fabulous faith family,it helps ur faith,helps u grow,one can chase a thousand ,2 ten thousand,def 3 wld b like 100000 n so on!

  2. I’ll send it to everyone by Friday…

    Just drop email addy 🙂

    And be sure to take the time to listen and eat the Word.


  3. I have also started believing for some time now, that if those Babelians didn’t have wrong motives, God wouldn’t have disrupted the mission of their tower

  4. Hi, great and insightful write up as always, keep d vision, and keep soaring higher Daughter of Zion, would also love to have the msg, thanks. Email

  5. Thanks E Luv. I downloaded successfully. Quite insightful and Faith lifting. Plsssss I want some more plsssssssss. God Bless You Plenty!!

  6. Hiyaa.. I have been a silent reader of your blog for a while and everytime I visit, my faith is inspired. Pls I’d also like a copy of Pst Poju’s message if it’s still available. My e-mail addy is
    I’m believing God for something mega and I know this message will help boost my faith. Thanks in advance. God bless u

  7. Am in faith for so much @ tyms am like z dis dream not too massive.i read dis post nd it challenged me mehn! I feel so good.dis a word in season.i love u mama…rili rili do. God bless u mami.

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