10,000 Teachers guys…Stay HUNGRY! Lean IN!! Go HARD!!!

There’s so much we can learn that our lives and that of others around us will be better for it. Now, the question is, are we willing to? You literally have 10,000 teachers FaithFam. Have you spotted them? And if you have, will you lean in? This blog was first published in 2016. Lean in […]

Let me tell ya what STUPID is!!!

It’s another throwback blog today. And one that addresses every believer. You can’t afford to be naive or let your guard down, Saint. We’re in a literal battle ground. Let’s get right into the blog. Oh look at the (stupid) people enjoying life in Zion. Those on Mt. Samaria who feel so safe. Voted, ‘Numero […]

Foolishly sleepwalking through a meeting with Jesus.

I woke up at 1am to spend time with the Lord and let me tell you guys, He dragged my WHOLE LIFE!!! I actually came to sort of pray-plain that is complain and pray about an issue and just as I started journaling, He started to speak and by the time He was done, I […]

Don’t follow your Dreams…

Two people have answered some tugging questions in my heart in SMACK DAB scary ways that have WOWed me. First, my Super AWESOME Greek Mama and distant Mentor, Chris Caine. I had been really upset in my spirit about a trend I was starting to see where ALMOST EVERYONE is shying away from the truth, […]

The HurriCAINE at 50 !!!

Gosh, CHRISTINE CAINE is EVERYTHING!!! No human being has affected my life like she has. Today, she turns the BIG 5 0 and as i tweeted, i just realised tweets won’t even do. Let’s attempt to sum it up in a blog post. Last year, I heard my friend Stephanie say ‘WHEN THE STUDENT IS […]

Eziaha PROPELLED!!! Lessons from my life…

Hey guys. Ok lemme share some lessons I picked from Propel that totally and radically changed something in me. Yawl know me, when I like something, I go all the way IN!!! I discovered Propel earlier this year, and I desperately wanted to see a video from the curriculum. Not the ones on YouTube ooo. […]

TFS Convos; Who do women say I am…?

Hey guys, My Happy Place and Space is when I write. I am soooo thankful for this gift. It legit makes me happy, even if i write into the night. Like deliriously HAPPY!!! Here’s praying we all find AND EXPRESS our Gifts in such a way that it makes us reeeeeeeeaaaaallllly HAPPY!!! AMEN!!! That said, […]


One thing I need to do right now is just BREATHE!!! Like B-R-E-A-T-H-E!!! Propel Women is something that really REALLY changed my life radically first and then continues to change it as I follow closely Ok let me give some background on Propel. It is actually an Organization founded by my crazy Big Aussie Sister, […]

16 things I have LEARNED in ’16

I dunno about the rest of the world but 2016 has been one big education for me!!! Phew!!! I can’t even believe myself. As we kiss the Ist quarter goodbye, I figured I’ll share 16 things I’ve learned in 2016 (so far) Learned as in a deeply bearing-personal-witness kinda way… Leggoooooooooo 1. Never estimating anyone […]

The Biggest Chick Party of the year!!! #LoveLife2016

As I write this, I’m having a party in my mind. If I get anymore excited, I would self combust. Haha.  Yawl know my heart for Joyce Meyer.  Yawl know my heart for Christine Caine.  Yawl know my heart for Beth Moore.  OK you don’t quite know my heart for Beth just yet but she’s […]