It’s another throwback blog today. And one that addresses every believer.

You can’t afford to be naive or let your guard down, Saint.

We’re in a literal battle ground. Let’s get right into the blog.

Oh look at the (stupid) people enjoying life in Zion. Those on Mt. Samaria who feel so safe. Voted, ‘Numero uno’. You are a VIP in an equally VIP Nation. People come to you for advice.
Well, wake up and look around. Go look at Calneh, Hamath, Gath, etc. Are you better or larger than them? Compared to them, you ain’t much!!!
You refuse to admit that a day of disaster is coming, but what you do (which is basically NOTHING) only brings that day closer. How terrible it will be for you that stretch out on your luxurious couches, feasting on wine and stuff…using the finest perfumes, playing music upandan, but you do not mourn over Israel’s ruin. You are indifferent to the fate of others…
Amos 6:1-6 PHP

You have to love, as in REALLY fall deliriously in LOVE with the Bible. Tz so complete, tz completely unreal!!!

I just wanna breeze in and address any Chick here who is at ease in Zion.
You know, that Chick who’s thinking

abeg all this noise Eziaha has been making recently about fighting and warring and Game on and 25 elders… Calm down abeg, stuff ain’t that serious. Matter of fact, all is well with me jare…’

Thank you!!!

I’m actually laughing at you.

You share your testimony and then you STOP praying…

Your marriage couldn’t be better and you two are in permanent honeymoon phase and then you abandon your family altar…

Promotion at work, great boss, amazing colleagues, corner office, LG baby, life’s good and so therefore, midweek service becomes optional, quiet time ain’t so important again and spiritual disciplines fly out the window.


Great boo, he proposed, wedding loading, money sitting pretty waiting to be spent and all’z well in Zion and you suddenly see no need to pray or fast anymore. I mean, you already got the testimony, no?

Marry, get pregnant immediately, pregnancy going well, baby shopping on fleek, etc so why do I have to keep fortifying in the spirit? I mean every appointment I have, the OBGYN says he has never seen such a near perfect pregnancy like mine so shouldn’t I just relax…. and enjoy the ride?

Oh the naivete of Christians amaze me endlessly. But i’m not laughing!!! Matter of fact, I’m a tad broken. I’m broken because the comedy game of believers is upp’ing big time and this means we are losing battles we ought to be winning cheaply.

A lot of us still don’t realise that we have a REAL enemy and he’s not kidding!!!

See what he said to God when they were in conversation about Job

First he says he has been going here and there on earth, checking things out… (Job 1:7 2:2)MSG

Next when God brags on Job, satan gives an answer that makes me sit up

Job 1:10a
Have you not put a hedge about him and his house and all that he has ON EVERY SIDE?

This tells me that satan is going round checking every side. He’s looking for the teeny weeniest crack to come in.

This further tells me that I gast stay fortified on every side too.
Take every single spiritual discipline seriously

Fast more

Pray more

Confess more

Study and meditate more

Spend more time in fellowship

Love more

Give more

Sacrifice more

Praise more

I mean, do what you can do and then let God do what you can’t.

Be intentional especially when all is well. 

The truth is, we need our spirits to be more sensitive to what’s going on around us. In Ezekiel 11, we see that it took the Spirit of God to show Ezekiel the 25 men at the gates.


Everything may look A-OK on the outside but stuff is seriously happening in the spiritual world.

It may be OK with you ooo but how is it with your neighbor? Recall the opening text warns about being indifferent to the fate of others.

You know how we say when God is blessing our neighbor, rejoice because it means He is in the neighborhood. Yes hun, you are right.

But that also means that when all sortsa drama is happening around us, the devil is lurking around too (and i’m not tryna scare you babes but it is TRUE!!!) we may seem exempt for now but our failure to do anything about it means you are giving the evil one a crack to come in ooo. Read that scripture above again. Doing NOTHING is dangerous. You will be taken down!!! You are not better than your ‘neighbor’ ooo. Don’t deceive yourself.

You should pray for your neighbor and pray for yourself too.

You get a promotion or major breakthrough, honey share that testimony and then up your prayer game!!! Haven’t you seen some people lose their blessings even after they testify?
You get sacked right after a promotion. You get engaged and then 2years after, Bros is still not ready to walk down the aisle. Or worse still, something happens and a perfectly good relationship is called off for the flimsiest of reasons.

There is no end to this fight of faith. Matter of fact, tz a daily fight.

Your enemy is beefing up his arsenal daily too. These days, everyone around you is ‘spiritual’ , only you!!! You are the only comedian who has God yet tucks Him in somewhere because all is (seemingly) well in Zion. But those other ‘spiritual’ people are constantly supplying their ‘baba’ or this prophet or that to ensure their ‘testimonies’ stay. Pls don’t wait till the devil blows you a BIG irreversible one.

Do I still need to tell you what STUPID is?

Stupid is being at ease in Zion…

Don’t be stupid Darling…

#GroupHug #MessageForMeToo



Oh Christine Caine!!! We are real life twins when it comes to hyping though we are 20years apart.


In this video, Joyce is interviewing her on #LoveLife2016 where she will also be ministering.

Chris has attended every LoveLife for 19years now and as she’s highlighting what she has gotten over the years, Joyce actually says she’s jealous of all she (Chris) gets even though it is her own (Joyce’s i.e) conference.


Can you imagine!!! Chris can hype anything!!!


I’m just waiting for what number her latest book #Unashamed will debut on the New York times Best sellers list. The hype and publicity Chris has poured into it has taught me too many lessons. Jeez???!!! What sorta human is Chris please? Lol. (Funny thats a question DDK asks me on a regular. Makes me laugh) And frankly, that’s pretty much me. I’m pretty intense and go deep when I’m feeling anything but Chris is really another level…??

Btw, I truly can’t wait for LoveLife!!! Details here

Plus watch the interview between both. That bond between Chris and Joyce is UNREAL!!! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEET. See the way Joyce looks at Chris and the way Chris ADORES Joyce


Chris is animated, outspoken yet respectful because… Joyce haha.
23 years apart yet soooo connected whether as friends or mama and daughter. Eek!!!


Pastor M tagged me on this photo on Lisa Bevere’s IG page and frankly, I couldn’t agree more.


As I’m led, I’ll LOVE to really do a blog that speaks directly at high capacity, extroverted, spontaneous yet very bornagain Chicks. You know why I’m crazy about Chris? Because frankly, I’m as crazy as she is. Who would tell you a story about underwears and accidents like Chris (that story is hilarious hahaha) Before I met her, I was starting to kinda shrink back and minimize myself. I had had authority figures in my life counsel me about my hair, nails, personality, talk etc. If I was going to do this Faith journey like I truly desired, I had to tone down. ‘Your own is too much’
Hmmm, I wish I could explain days where i have just plain NOT LIVED because i don’t am just unsure of my personality again. But thank God for CC. She’s unapologetic and lavish with her life and she’s FULL ON for God. They are not mutually exclusive. We are not trying to intimidate nobody but we certainly won’t minimise our life and personality for anybody either.


We also need to be careful to be unjudging of people or shaming people for who they are just because they are different than us. Whether they are ‘too much’ or ‘more laidback’. I’m learning and we all should learn too. Diversity makes this faith walk absolutely fun!!! Live and let live ok? #JudgementFreeZone

Btw, meeting Chris is no longer a question. No doubt life will bring us together just as I run on my own lane. The question is can two of us stay in the same room? Lol. Oh well, we have to find a way without exploding haha because there will be plenty interviews together. Plenty!!! (And persicopes too haha)



On a casual stroll with KingDaveed today and one woman who knows me from jogging in the mornings incredulously asks me
You have a SON?
Felt sooooo proud. Especially because i am coming from here



CoachE’ la hot haha
And we still on it to maintain
Shoutout to all my friends who support SavedFitnFAB


God bless yawl
Next class starts with june

23 Responses

    1. We are constantly in a battle, if prayers got you there, then only prayers can sustain you. God bless you Ezzy.

  1. Babes I am saving all my love and strength to give you 20 whole mins of “No Letting Go Hug”, this post is everything, it’s just a really fancy topping for a msg from a prayer meeting yday morning, the preacher was talking about the exact same thing, he was like we shld all know whenever we receive from God d devil is never happy , this will make him always relaunch an attack and so we can’t afford to be sleeping in okada o. We must keep on warring and no slacking , no breaks , no pauses. Kaiii bin having some mad revelations of late and there’s no doubt about it- the word of God is absolutely COMPLETE and SWEET!

  2. Sometimes we really feel no need to pray for ourselves. That’s cool. Adopt a burden.
    1. Nigerian economy
    2. Women who need strength to leave abusive relationships
    3. Your pastor
    4. Singles believing for marriage
    5. Women hoping to conceive
    6. Children in danger of being conscripted into gangs in slums etc
    Ask God to make it such a burden that u pray d way u used to pray b4 your testimony came
    @E. Never apologize for who u are. Those assigned to u will either love u or adjust. Those not will abscond.

  3. Yes and unashamed applies to me on the opposite side of the spectrum, quiet and not bubbly so nothing is wrong with me, call me dry or whatever, na so I be. UNASHAMED. Maybe I shd gaan buy the book, i actually signed up for the bookclub but when d-day arrived I was like mehn with all these things I’m doing where will I find the time to follow the discussions but Eziaha can hype for Africa, that’s how you hyped DIW and i finally went and it changed my life.
    P.S the price of the book has refused to come down from $9.99 been watching it like a hawk.

  4. “Be intentional especially when all is well…”

    This got me…One thing is sure, I aint stupid.
    God bless you E’

  5. Rhema!! Been blessed so much by your blog. I keep coming back to read over and again. I have a question; how can you tell the difference between when God is taking you through something and when its the enemy at work? Thank you

    1. Peace hunay. Peace!!! The enemy is too noisy… plus the more time u spend with God the more clearly you can DISCERN HIS voice so spend time with God too.
      Also a mentor older in the walk can help.
      God bless you darling

  6. Marvellous!

    Spirit of discipline is greatly needed. Many of us including myself tend to slack off when the going gets good, instead of us to amp up more!

    Love this post, thank you so much.

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