Christine The HurriCAINE
Christine The HurriCAINE

No human being has affected my life like she has. Today, she turns the BIG 5 0 and as i tweeted, i just realised tweets won’t even do. Let’s attempt to sum it up in a blog post.

Last year, I heard my friend Stephanie say ‘WHEN THE STUDENT IS READY, THE TEACHER WILL APPEAR’


This my 30th year has been the YEAR of me as a Student being ready, and then my Teachers have steadily been appearing.

Chris has been one of my MOST IMPACTFUL Teachers this year, and i know the reason she has had such an impact has also been that i am now a more ready Student.

Some 3 or 4 years back or so, a friend of mine came gushing to me about this ‘Christine Caine’ woman and kept saying she reminded her of me, blablabla and that i desperately need to listen to THE DARK ROOM TRANSFORMATION

I sha downloaded the video and tried to watch it, but i didn’t really enjoy it jare. The Message was a strong message but i just wasn’t feeling the Messenger, her accent or her energy. I left that video on my phone for a long time but didn’t really care for it. And then late last year, i heard both Shirer and Joyce, at different times, mention Christine Caine, and i thought, ‘Hmm, this one that these two women are mentioning this same HillSong Chick, lemme goan check her out AGAIN…’

My GOOD LORD!!! I saw many videos including the ‘When Chris met Joyce’


I almost fainted!!!

THE SAME WOMAN I couldn’t even finish watching 3 years ago, even when Ogochukwu kept harassing me to go back and see it. Now, i was like someone hooked on heroine!!!

Which is why i might rave so much today about someone I love, BUT I don’t push anyone to go follow them like I do. What may pump me into running several laps around my home, may get you snoozing. We all have our Teachers, 10,000 of them literally, and I find myself praying more Isa 30:20 for people these days… May your eyes behold YOUR TEACHERS and recently I started to add

‘May your steps be ordered to them, both online and offline’.

I am not even kidding, i think i may have watched at least 70% of videos of Christine online. I have a Book where i just document lessons from her life. If you know what i know about Chris ehn, and how i apply to my life, it will shock you.

STALKING is not even the beginning of what i do with Christine Caine.

I dunno that there is anybody i LOVE more, and that’s quite telling. God has used her to SET my life STRAIGHT!!! God has used her to make sure there are mistakes I NEVER make and LANDMINES i NEVER step on as a result of our similar personality types.


Chris exemplifies to me what it really means for ONE’S EYES TO BEHOLD ONE’S TEACHERS!!!

I would have a question in my Spirit and Chris would tweet the answer soon after. Wow!!!!!!

WOW!!! Chris and Joyce really!!!


NOBODY like them!!!

And just to make sure I don’t go on and on and on, especially because I just roped G.Mama Joyce in, let me share my tweets and expound…

img-20160923-wa0009.jpgI really do LOVE Chris, in a scary way. Maybe because she truly does feel like a big  TWIN  sister to me, always answering any question that may come up in my life.


Oh Chris is a Fitness buff. I love how intentional she is about her health. I mean, if we are going to go the long haul with JESUS, Our physical bodies have to carry us. She runs a lot and that is perfect for her itinerary because she literally lives in the air. The day she said she beat I think Craig Groeschel in a plank competition, i respected her more. 3 minutes PLANK at a stretch!!! AT 48!!! Phew. And she started taking her health even more seriously after the Doctor told her she was SKINNY FAT and risked XYZ disease!!! Hello to all ye ‘I can eat anything and not be fat’ people… How is it looking on your inside? Today i watch her preach and jump like a 20 year old and I am like GO CHRIS!!! She actually said when she takes 20 year old Chicks on the road with her, they can’t keep up with her. Hahaha. Don’t worry Chris, even watching you, i almost feel like I lose 1kg daily… She can stop bang in the middle of a sermon to do push ups. Lol


Another level of PASSION indeed. The 50year mark is such a Milestone an d no doubt, Christine is about to get even more FEISTY against the Kingdom of darkness. I pity satan. He should have probably given up by now if he has any sense.

And yes, Chris is CRAY CRAY CRAZY!!! lol. It is only Chris that wil tell you how she ‘stole’ someone’s message, tweaked it a bit and preached as hers ‘and everyone thinks I am awesome!!!’ Or how she did ‘free show’ for Doctors because she didn’t have any underwear on loooooool.

Ok, Lisa can tell you even worse, so I have to give it to Lisa Bevere here lol

Chris, her Pastor Bobbi, her best friend Beth and Lisa
Chris, her Pastor Bobbi, her best friend Beth and her fellow CRAZY Sister Lisa. All between 50 and 60. I LOVE THEIR BOND!!!

Or this crazy awkward interview where she… Ok just watch it hahah


Oh, nobody models a FULL life like Christine Caine. I LOVE her example of how she can be ALL she is now just because she keeps Jesus at the centre of it all. And how we ONLY burn out when we start doing what God didn’t endorse. But when we stick to ONLY GOD, We can have full, rich, Fruitful AND thriving lives, literally HAVE IT ALL IN CHRIST!!!


Embrace Your Place, especially the ones she preached at Elevation Church some years  back and Life.Church have the tendency to throw you up, and make you REPENT all over again.

Let me just post them so you don’t stumble on another video. The FIRST is Elevation church and Jesus knows just how much that message slapped me!!!

And the second at Craig Groeschel’s LIFE CHURCH

After listening to both and you don’t adjust, I don’t know what else will change a blase attitude when it comes to our life’s assignment.

Oh and another fave of mine has to be the WRECKER she preached at PASSION 2016


It was one of the first i listened to January 2016 and i swear, this message set the tone for my year. I am so happy i listened to it AND then HEARD what exactly Gd wanted me to hear because, trust me, i would have been a joker by now.

By the end of this message, by the time Chris is praying, she is weeping, the church is weeping and i was weeping… It was POWERFUL!!!

This picture adequately describes the emotion you feel when you listen to Passion


But hey, if you are new to Caine, you may wanna try out the happier Chick messages first. Like Chick Night which i can NO LONGER find on YouTube 🙁 Sawry. But i have it though.

And this one


It is a lot happier than Passion and Embrace your place 🙂

Now can we talk about UNSTOPPABLE!!!!!?????

Didn’t get in Naija so I got an e-copy

If I say what i felt reading Unstoppable, Lisa Bevere won’t be proud of me when she sees it. Hahahaha. Because Lisa doesn’t want us comparing. Looool. (This gist is really an INSIDE GIST lol) UNSTOPPABLE couldn’t have bore another name. THAT NAME IS APT for the content of the Book. I don’t even know the kind of anointing Chris carries. Anyways, I have heard her say she probably prays in tongues more than all of us, because the demons she fights daily, SPIRITUALLY AND PHYSICALLY ARE REAL!!! So she knows she can’t be joking or sleeping!!!

Unstoppable will PROPEL you walahi but I also think if you are not careful UNSTOPPABLE can actually literally paralyze you because… INTIMIDATION!!! How can this 5’5 petite Chick, with no commendable history/background, be shaking the WORLD like this?


Oh Jesus!!! Ok let me move on!!!

Ok, not before I say that her next Book most likely will be UNDEFEATABLE or UNQUENCHABLE lol

I mean, it follows… From Undaunted to Unstoppable, to Unashamed… so we have to now be UNQUENCHABLE.


Dang!!! I have talked Propel well in these two Posts so read here and here (And hey, the second Propel group 2 in Lagos will be meeting October 3, Monday which is the Independence holiday. Please read both Posts and do me a mail if interested (propel@eziaha.com) so we can talk location and time. And hey, I know I am yet to respond, I just want to do that at once, so no vex if I have yet to respond to your mail.


I will do another Post on how our first meeting (Propel Lagos Group 1) went down, but feel free to check out my IG on gists too @eziaha…

I am just SUPER THANKFUL Chris started PROPEL WOMEN!!!img-20160923-wa0013.jpg

Oh Christine!!! I owe a LOT to you. Way too much. I am now more comfortable with myself because YOU are comfy with yourself.


Yesooo. That is really the effect Chris has on me. I just embrace fully the responsibilities and service I get to do Christ as i watch Chris. I don’t try to be like her, I DO MY BEST TO BE LIKE JESUS!!! Nothing like taking the spotlight away from you and just being a Traffic warden, directing people AWAY FROM YOU and TO JESUS!!! the goal is ALWAYS JESUS and not human applause or endorsements. Celebrities are not what our GOSPEL needs today. We need more SERVANTS and Chris encourages me to just SERVE!!!


Chris has a heart for God. I know the work looks glam, especially as she is on the road 280 to 300 days a year, flying from continent to continent and all, but truth me CHRIS DOES CRAZY HARDWORK!!! We see the glam, she knows what the backstage is like!!! She truly has a heart for God and ‘crosses the road, rolls up her sleeves and works’. And frankly, that is how she began. By turning up, ready to work, when there was a call for church clean up, when she was 22. She was the ONLY person that showed up for that ‘unglamorous’ work and she has been serving and giving of her life since then, PASSIONATELY!!! The funny thing is I have MANY such experiences like this as a Student, where I would just turn up whenever there was a call for work in church!!!

I am so glad we both hit milestone ages this year, and that i discovered her at 30!!! There is something About turning 30 and discovering THE DYNAMITE or better still HurriCAINE that Chris is, as she turns 50. That woman put FIRE to my butts!!!


And what a NOBLE way to celebrate. She is giving her birthday literally to her justice fighting cause at A21, and set an audacious goal of 150000USD


We, as PROPEL Lagos gave to it too. Sowing into her life biko. We can do with that GRACE!!!

Last i checked today, it was about 5000USD to go!!!


I recall mentioning to hubs and he said ‘Dollars?’

Looool. But that is Chris.. AUDACIOUS FAITH

I have NO DOUBT she will surpass it, if not today, soon


She smashed the goal


Let me round up with what makes Chris’s life even more spectacular

  1. She was left abandoned in  a hospital
  2. Her biological mom was a Single woman who probably couldn’t live with that shame.
  3. She didn’t even bother giving Chris a name. Her Birth certificate reads UN NAMED #2308 (Her DOB)
  4. She was never told the circumstances surrounding her birth until she was 33, of which the confession was incidental.
  5. She suffered sexual abuse  from 5 men (relatives) from the age of 3 to 15… 12 FREAKING LONG YEARS!!! I can’t even imagine just how much this messes with anyone.
  6. As a result, she had MAJOR ISSUES and CRAZY BEHAVIORAL PATTERNS growing up
  7. Oh but she met Jesus and converted from her orthodox Greek religion to Christianity at HillSong Church.

And that, my people is how her life started to change, as she let Him in and He began to heal her.

You see where she and Joyce have a similar story. That is also why she fights slavery because a lot of the Chicks sold into slavery are victims of TERRIBLE SEXUAL ABUSE…

When i see Chris’s life, i KNOW that excuses won’t fly!!! She was even from a poor background sef.

Did i already mention that she also FOUGHT CANCER and won!!! Like she still preached AFTER the Doctor broke the cancer news to her???



Because of you, because YOU YIELDED, SO MANY OF US are on the right path.


Cheers to the next 50!!! Satan ntoi!!!

And let me sign up with her most recent Message at CodeOrangeRevival by Steven Furtick’s Elevation Church

It is a happy one so enjoy…

Again I pray, may our eyes BEHOLD your Teachers, and may our steps be ordered by the Lord, in the right direction, online and offline, AMEN!!!



Huge Hugs




Just copped these two babies…

Standing by Joyce’s Shelf at Laterna



Told Arese that i need to buy my LAST buy before the Book because I am sure she is going to GUILT TRIP US ALL haha


And per LEAN IN, I just can’t wait to dive in. This Book is for PROPEL WOMEN I tell ya!!! Sheryl is Facebook COO and she has penned HEAVY TRUTH here. Grab the BEST review of it here by Forbes, and if you are a WOMAN, I proudly recommend BOTH!!!





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  1. I started watching the Code Orange Revival messages on Monday – Joyce, John Gray, Steve F (obvs) – and this was my first time of seeing Christine Caine. Her energy is fire! Did you say 50? I am definitely going to play all these messages. Thanks for sharing.

    1. FIRE!!!
      And don’t we all just LOVE Furtick??? You know that one is 36!!!!!!!!!!!
      And his church is 10years old…

      I have probably stopped sleeping since i knew lol

  2. I watched her sermon at Code Orange and my word, it was lit! I was like no wonder Eziaha can’t stop talking about the HurriCAINE. Will sure be following up on her messages. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Amazing, it took me a couple of days to finish reading this , I had to read listen and re read and re listen… I believe am not yet done… I am speechless, I enjoyed every single bit of it, the energy you put into writing your blog ehh… This is a unique gift from God… Love you E

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