One thing I need to do right now is just BREATHE!!!
Like B-R-E-A-T-H-E!!!
Propel Women is something that really REALLY changed my life radically first and then continues to change it as I follow closely
Ok let me give some background on Propel.

It is actually an Organization founded by my crazy Big Aussie Sister, Christine Caine, for women who lead. Women who are active in the market place and who understand that they are not just there to make money, compete fiercely with the men as they climb the corporate ladder, be bitchy and bossy, then suddenly become ‘feminists’ because they have ‘arrived’. Propel is for women who know that since we cannot bring everyone into the Church, we are then sent into ALL THE WORLD, market place especially, to MAKE DISCIPLES of everyone. Simply put, APOSTLES IN THE MARKET PLACE. Your job, your office, your business, becomes your pulpit.
Women whose faith AND career/job/businesses are COMPATIBLE… You don’t have to lose your Christianity to be relevant in the market place. The vision of Propel for me fits into something I always say…
‘Whatever you are, be a CHRISTIAN ONE…’
And we truly mean WHATEVER!!! Whether you are Doctor, or a Teacher, a Tailor or a rocket Scientist, a psychologist or a Politician, whatever, just take some Jesus right into that field of yours and shine His light so bright!!!
You see, for the woman who wants to lead AT HER FULL POTENTIAL, and also serve Jesus, without compromising her Faith in the Marketplace, we all know that the Support system out there is not tight enough. It is almost like we have to sacrifice one (our Faith especially or our home) to have another (a career/business), but like Chris, I also believe that dichotomy it is from the Devil. Propel was birthed to fill that gap.
To encourage the woman to RISE to her FULL POTENTIAL, not having to ever minimize herself, or her Faith, at any point in her life. To be and have it ALL, her ALL being defined by God and not the Society or even herself. To have a thriving home life, and have a thriving career, and still have a super thriving relationship with Jesus that the world, her world, can see.
Propel was birthed to encourage women to embrace her very many God-defined roles, not sacrificing one for another, but balancing it all properly as she lives this ONE integrated life IN CHRIST.
I love what Propel Rider is…
Celebrating every woman’s Passion, Purpose and Potential.

The POTENTIAL part gets to me because some women are already running hard after their Passion and Purpose, but some other women are still trying to figure it out but they know inside of them, is POTENTIAL. Propel recognizes and speaks to that too.
THE BEST PART about Propel has to be the Power Chicks Chris pulls into the conferences and the curriculum videos. I mean, every Preacher Chick I love is a part of Propel.

Joyce Meyer, Lisa Bevere, Beth Moore, Lisa Harper, Priscilla Shirer, Kari Jobe, etc.
I mean, Propel’s FIRST Conference had Joyce and John Maxwell as the guest Speakers. As in!!!

The 2 NUMBER ONE’s in their ‘worlds’. I have read countless reviews of this particular conference and I have been blown away at all the wisdom both of them dropped.

This year, she basically is bringing EVERYONE to like 500 different Propel conferences.
Well, since we can’t just stroll to these conferences, we are sooo thankful for the Propel curriculums, which are what we use in the various Propel groups and Chapters.

The way Propel is run, you come together and create a Chapter (via your Local church) or a Group (via your office, school or neighborhood sef).

Then you guys purchase their curriculums and workbooks, and have regular meetings where you watch the videos that discus a particular topic, 6 videos per curriculum, and they advise you do a video a month, or however your Group or Chapter wants to get it done. The koko is you watch the videos, you discus it amongst yourselves, then you take all the lessons into your world and apply it in ways that evangelize Jesus. People, the WORLD, is the main goal of Propel. Take JESUS to your world because everyone in your world won’t come meet HIM in your Church.
So far, there are 3 curriculums
1. Personal Leadership
2. Passion
3. Growth
Kai the conversations in the videos are EVERYTHING!!! They are FUN, very fast-paced, and they are oh-so-deep. You will truly feel a connection with everyone on the Panel.

I saw the first video in the Personal Leadership curriculum, and walahi it reset my head especially as a stay-at-home mom, who needed to understand and embrace her seasons. That video also has, on the panel, a feisty Nigerian, Mercy Lokulotu.

If you hear Mercy talk, your brain will reset!!! That sister is fierce and on fire for Jesus.
The panel also has Lisa Harper and her bubbly bubble-self, Alli Worthington (mom to 5boys!!!) and of course Bianca Olthoff who needs a Nigerian mama-in-law looool (inside gist).
I literally wrote everything everyone had to say in the video. They were dropping CRAZY truths my gosh!!!
Anyways, the videos are structured in such a way that you pause at various times, discus among your selves practically what you have learned and how you can put to practice in your life and ultimately market place, and then continue…
At the end, they take questions from an in-studio audience and answer.
Trust me, Propel can change your life as a woman in the marketplace with a purpose, if you open up.

This is why I am super-duper excited to launch the VERY FIRST GROUP of Propel in Lagos, the FIRST of many to come guys. We need more Chicks to commit to hosting Chapters and Groups too right here in Nigeria. I started asking for a Digital curriculum in May and they said it wasn’t available and so I have to purchase the hard copies but they don’t ship to Nigeria.
It was like the vision was just a Yankee vision, so I was going to get someone to buy for me in Yankee and then find a way to send to Nigeria, and all of these were just delaying me until THIS WEEK, I get the email that got me jumping and screaming…
THEY WERE GOING TO MAKE DIGITAL DOWNLOADS of the Curriculums available for me and if I was still interested!!!
Say what???????!!!!
Like, talk about dreams coming true.
So here is how we would do it guys…
If you know that you are the Chick Propel was made for, then holler let’s get this done.

I will stick with 15 – 20 ladies in my Group, but I am also calling other Chicks who want to host more Chapters or Groups in Lagos and of course all over Nigeria. Trust me, it is not hard. Just get a couple of Chicks in the marketplace and buy the curriculum and start. It is as easy as ABC literally!!!
I don’t mind publicizing for you on the platform of my blog, or you can just get Chicks in your own office/market place who are interested and kick things off.
Ok now for those who live in Lagos and want to join my group, just know that I am a serious Chick. We have to be ALL IN!!! I am too passionate to allow you slack through it. I am putting a twist to my own Group too
For instance, we will have our monthly meetings as ALL NIGHTERS!!! That way, EVERYONE will be able to make it, and we will have ample time.
We would also most likely be using a Hotel so that we can have the freedom and zero distraction that we need to really brainstorm. Who knows if we will change venue later, but I am pretty sure our first and second meeting will be in a Hotel.
We may also be covering more than one session per meeting, which is why ALL NIGHT. Each session is 30minutes long so if we have all that time, we can cover two or max 3, and in depth too. (Plus I am rushing to enter Curriculum 3  GROWTH because my Lisa Bevere is on that panel this time)

Then, in addition to the videos and workbooks, we will be studying some Nigerian women (especially) who are in the market place, making such a huge impact, and then still boldly and passionately standing for Jesus in their businesses. Think Ibukun Awosika, Folorunsho Alakija, TY Bello, etc. Women whose faith and jobs are COMPATIBLE!!!
And you know what, Propel actually reflects that. In the 3rd curriculum for instance, she, in addition to all the Chicks in Ministry she always has on her Panels, added someone really out there in the Corporate world. She added a TOP TOP Banker, who is also strong in the Faith, and is bringing some real PRACTICAL wisdom into the mix. If you even see those their short videos on their YouTube channel, you would see interviews with Boss Lady Chicks in the Market place.

And hey, because Propel is all about women supporting and propelling fellow women, we would also be getting accountability partners, most likely within your career/business path, with whom you can run and run until we meet again. Hopefully, business partnerships and associations will be formed too and then even more dreams can be birthed.
Of course, we will also spend some time in prayer. OF COURSE na!!!
Biko, just to be clear, I am not there to mentor anyone through her business/career ooo. We are all there to learn from the videos, and then together brainstorm how to TAKE OVER THE MARKET PLACE FOR JESUS. Simples!!! So you have to pretty much bring you’re A-GAME on.
And of course, there is some financial implication to this all. The curriculum is not free. It actually costs 20dollars. But we can be sure that we would use 1 curriculum for at least 3months so I don’t think that is too much.
Then we would have to pay for our Location too. Since we are not there for honeymoon, we don’t have to go ‘super executive Suite’. Plus we are all hurdling into one room for the meeting, after which we can now separate to catch some hours of sleep if possible, so we won’t be doing more than 3 – 5 rooms. Splitting the cost means we won’t be paying much at all.
Not sure when our location will be BUT I am sure when our first meeting will hold and that is Friday September 16 into 17th Saturday.
Let the countdown begin guys.
Ok so who and who should join?
Frankly, this is for any woman leading out there. And like Chris says, we are all leaders because we have been mandated to lead people to Jesus, so our market place is our Church. So hey, if the LORD stirs you, please come on board. Now there have been some people HARASSING me so those ones will be kinda like considered first, if they are still interested.

And hey, there is space for the stay-at-home mamas too ooo. Propel is not leaving you out because even in this season of staying-at-home, you can definitely be a Leader and birth purpose from there too. Ditto older single, in-between-jobs, Single moms, etc.
I really want us to have a large mix of Chicks. But more than anything, please consider hosting a group (from your market place) or a Chapter (from your local church). I can help you in anyway please. Thanks.
Before you join though, cos I am sure you are just waiting for the email address, I want us to watch this video, which was Propel Launch last year at Liberty University. Pretty much captures the heart of Propel.

And if you can, check out some more short videos on Propel YouTube Channel.
Please watch them ooo before you send me that mail. Then visit Propelwomen.org too so you have a feel of how WE roll…
Ok so send a mail to propel@eziaha.com and just to make sure yawl are not making any emotional decision, I will not set up this email until Monday, after my Monday blog post goes up (of which I am writing on Who do women say I am )
In your mail, please give me a detailed bio of yourself especially career wise, your current situation and what you dream of becoming in 5years. I am supposed to be on ‘…Naija women in Biz with TITI on Inspiration FM’, and this 5year dream is part of what I am to answer. Let’s just say I am still thinking of it too, so the above is also an assignment to myself.
Look, your email could be LONG OR SHORT, just tell me enough about you. Age, marital status, where you live, kids or nah, plus picture ooo. And of course let know that you saw the video, and what jumped out at you, and what other short video you saw on Propel YouTube channel, and what you picked from it/them.
Yes, this PROPEL stuff is a serious something!!!
Now let me end this with ‘…Who is this Propel Woman?”

She is UNAPOLOGETIC…She is a woman who leads
She is UNDAUNTED by the challenges of life
She is UNSTOPPABLE as she follows the call of God on her life
She is UNCOMPROMISING, in that she is in the world but not of it
She is UNSELFISH, she is generous with her thoughts, her words, her resources and her relationships
She is UNCHARTED, we are discovering who she is within us all
She is UNSTUCK in any one season, she moves gracefully from one season to the next
She is UPDATED with what is going on in the world, she understands the world that she is called to
She is OUTNUMBERED, she is more than any of us realize
She is UNDENIABLE, we can no longer ignore her. She is formidable
She is UNCLUTTERED, she deals with her baggage and she drops it
She is UNCOMMON, she is not chasing worldy success, fame or fortune
She is UNDIVIDED, she has one integrated life and that is the life to be found in Christ
She is UNLIMITED, her potential in Christ is limitless
She is UNFAZED by anyone, the naysayers or anything else
She is UNHURRIED, she is not trying to get anywhere that God doesn’t want her to be
She is UNLEASHED, she is not held captive by old paradigms and stereotypes
She is UNASHAMED, she does not minimize who Christ has called her to be
She is UNPRETENTIOUS, she is real and accessible and down-to-earth
She is UNMASCULINE, she is not gender-less and is not androgynous. She is feminine
She is UNBELIEVABLE, SHE IS THRIVING and she enjoys abundant life
She is UNSHAKEABLE, she is rooted and grounded in the grace and love of God
She is UNDECIETFUL, she is honest and vulnerable and truth telling
She is UNMOVEABLE, she will not be manipulated or steamrolled or bullied
She is UNSATISFIED with the injustice and the condition of our world
She is UNQUESTIONING about the goodness and the sovereignty of God
She is UNREASONABLE in her expectation that God can and will use her mightily
She is UNCOMPETITIVE of her fellow Sisters in Christ. We are co-laborers and not rivals
She is UNJUDGING of the choices and priorities that others make in different seasons of their lives
She is UNFLINCHING in the face of storms and trials
She is UNDERSTATED, she walks with humility and grace
She is UNMASKED, there is no façade, she is transparent and authentic
She in UNIMPRESSED with worldly accolades, materialism and success

she knows that no weapon forged against her shall prosper
She is UNDERSTANDABLE, she relates well with the world in which she lives
She is UNBOUND, her history will NOT define her destiny
She is UNWAVERING in her mission to fulfill her part of the Great Commission
She is UNDONE by the love and grace and goodness and kindness and mercy of God
She is UNRECOGNIZABLE as she continues to grow from strength to strength
She is UNTAMABLE as she goes to plunder the Kingdom of Darkness with the light and life and mercy and justice and truth and grace and the salvation of our Almighty God
The Propel woman is EVERY WOMAN and EVERY MAN that loves every woman!!!

So help me God, Amen



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  1. Finally….have been waiting o, lol! So…I subscribed to propel awhile ago (this year or last year) and mehn, awesome *in Christine’s voice* articles. Nice one E’

  2. Kaiii am crying …..you got me looking forward to this, I can just visualize how wonderful this meet will be, really wish I can attend but I doubt my present situation will permit.

  3. Hello dear,am so loving this and am interested in starting a propel chapter in my town Enugu town in Enugu state to be precise. I need your help to do that what do I need to do? Best regards dear, nice one again.

  4. The qualities of a propel woman is what every woman should be and more. We should all grow to have these qualities.
    Great post as usual E, always something to learn.

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