As I write this, I’m having a party in my mind. If I get anymore excited, I would self combust. Haha. 

Yawl know my heart for Joyce Meyer. 
Yawl know my heart for Christine Caine. 
Yawl know my heart for Beth Moore. 

OK you don’t quite know my heart for Beth just yet but she’s someone who I can’t run away from again

She's irresistible


Beth Moore is beautiful inside and outside and I have gotten the hands down best reviews about her Bible studies and i’m planning on getting ‘Believing God‘ series but don’t let me digress. 

Now the BIGGEST party of 2016 will have these three phenomenal women attend as the special guests. 

Love life Women’s (annual) conference hosted by Joyce Meyer Ministry this 2016 will be E P I C!!!
And guess who is attending?
Yes Eziaha!!!


*cool down Eziaha* haha

I’ve always wanted to attend all my life (lol) but especially for the past 3years now but haven’t and frankly I had sort of fashied jare especially as I had been denied a US visa before. But this year, casually Pastor M and I were gisting and somehow we entered the Lovelife conference which she attended in 2012 and she just casually said after I had mentioned that I hope to attend sometime in the future sha…


‘Eziaha, I think you should plan to attend this year. You never know ooo. Step out in faith. Book your interview. Register…’

Faith welled up in me again. 
I checked for details and I saw that the special guests this year were Christine Caine

We love her to pieces!!!

who I had recently discovered and then Beth Moore


who was on my ‘waiting to stalk’ list. 
And of course, Joyceeeee!!!

Mama to MILLIONS!!!

This 2016 party was FOR ME!!!
Fiam, I went to pray and God just told me what and what to do. 
Is anybody surprised the first thing He told me to do was sow?
I wasn’t. 

‘Sow the conference fee…’

PK had spoken about when he sowed his first 1m naira MANY years back because he wanted to break into the million realm, only it wasn’t up to a million because he sowed in dollars and on conversion, it was a few Nairas shy. 

The next time, he made sure to add a few Nairas to the 1m so he is sure he crosses it. 

As a confirmed daughter, with our naira-dollar rate hitting 450 that week, I decided I would basically take the exchange rate to 500naira and then sow. That way, no matter what, I’m covered. 

I sowed into the most fertile ground ever as far as this was concerned. I didn’t have the money but I didn’t care.
I didn’t even THINK!!!

I would sow FIRST before I go register.

I HATE comedy if I’m the one being the comedian. I BELIEVE in the law of sowing and reaping. 

‘…Seed in the ground, harvest is sure…’

That’s what the person told me. 

Next thing, someone pays my conference fee. Whoop!!
Next thing more doors start to open. Whooooop!!!

You see, this sowing and reaping game is like magic. It works!!!

Why all my long story?
Because I need more Nigerians to attend with me. Tz a ladies only conference


We need to ‘disturb the peace’ together (if there will be any peace considering that ladies and quiet don’t gel haha). It should be more fun when we are in a group. 
A Naija group. 
I’m excited!!! Can you tell? Lol. 

Reenice bay has already confirmed attendance and paid after I tweeted about it. 

More ladies please!!! That’s why I’m blogging. 

Hotel information has now opened on the site so we can double up in rooms, or even block out a block of rooms and get the discounted fare so we can stay together. 
How cool would that be?

So go on and register. The early bird rate of $59 is still on. You save 15%. Then do me a mail and then we’ll move to the hotel bookings and all. We should stay in the same hotel na. 

And all my Yankee blog readers, especially yawl who send me Hillsong albums on iTunes and Joyce conference messages, I would LOVE to meet yawl and hang out. 

Plus if you have some advice to share on hotels and accommodation, holler. Or if you live like opposite the venue and have a mansion, that would be awesome. Haha. 

Email addy is still eziaha@eziaha.com

One of my best friends attended the HillSong #Colours conference in London last year where Joyce, Beth and Chris spoke

Look out devil...they come in 3's

I was so jealous but i’m thankful I get to have these same three women speak at #lovelife this year!!!

Oh and i’m definitely going to Australia next year by God’s grace. Need to attend #Colours right at ‘home

Bobbie Houston, the Colours convener

Jeeneger you better plan to attend. HillSong has to be the coolest church I know. Hard to believe the senior pastors’ Brian and Bobbi Houston are in their 60’s. 

You see, Christian living ought to be one big TURN UP!!!
One BIG party!!!
So ladies, turn up and let’s attend the BIGGEST party of the year together!!!
Plus we can also probably order Beth’s Believing God Bible study and Chris’s Propel curriculum together. And do the studies together too. (open links)

Eeeeeeeeeeek!!! Women who LOVE and LIVE for Jesus!!! 

OK I’m about to implode…
Group hug ladies!!!

I knoooow, yawl are waiting for my baby’s one year photo shoot. It will come




Giant Slayer!!!

At the perfect time.
Lemme appease yawl with a few
More sooooooon

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    1. Ain’t no crew like a Naija crew…
      Hopefully they lock us all in one room and INSIST we MUST see Joyce and Chris!!!

  1. Whoosshhhhh I can feel the excitement already! E I am so in. Need to go get my visa ASAP. Funny I have been declaring that this year I would travel to the States, my min didn’t even go to MJs conference so I have my perfect excuse. Hahaha. I need to sow my seed quickly. I am soooo on this crew.

    E don’t go there with Beth Moore oTeacher took badt hehehe and that Aussie trip we are going together!
    Love me my preacher gals.


  2. E’, we must have been buddies in some past life… lol. As in, your excitement ‘comforts’ me that I’m not overdoing it. I’ve practically ‘terrorised’ everyone close to me with my July & Sep conference plans – as in make nobody even mess with the plans. Otherwise, WW3. lol

    Seriously, ‘gingering’ for it o; and the Naija crew is just added bonus. Who dey miss that kain thing sef?

    Love you babes!

    P.S.: I should really get to meet you someday again o. #NotEverytimeSocialMedia #SometimesRealLifeMeeting

    1. Haha. Frankly I don’t even think I have met you. I don’t remember. I just know you from DCC sha lol. Social media friends lol.
      Beefing you for Pinky promise. Buy one or three journals for me sha.
      As for LoveLife, I’m sooooooooooooooooo excited. Nobody can reduce it. Lailai

      And yes to meet up. Maybe at warrior in heels. Hoping to attend both

  3. Sad much….. declared last year that am going for pinky promise conference this year…. along the line … i just lost the zeal abi i should say i was faithless didnt declare with faith as i didnt do my part…. havent applied for Visa…. E! hopefully Next Year is a datee… the devil is a liar big time…. amma see you there next year by Gods grace….

  4. Wow…….so so excited and happy for you. Still trying to share my love between Christine Caine and Beth Moore then my sister introduced me to Lysa TerKeurst……wonderful women of God.

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