Yay for my BRAND NEW DEVOTIONAL for MarketPlace Apostles

Yikes!!! I am sooo EXCITED to launch my second Devotional this year… THE 40 DAY DEVOTIONAL for MARKET PLACE APOSTLES. This is soooo super personal to me because I could not be a business Chick if I didn’t have a way to put my Jesus bang at the center of it all. I loooooved writing […]

Still warring baby… And we won’t STOP!!!

Hey guys, Hugs and Kisses all sround. April 1 and 3 will always stand out for me as really special days in my heart. Why? Because of the kind of God-encounter they were for me. I still recall how fired up in my spirit I was as I prepared for that meeting WARRIOR IN HEELS… […]

‘…It is a life of IMPACT and it should be CELEBRATED…’ #30Rocks

The absolute highlight of my birthdays for the past say five years has to be ringing my Pastor and Rev Femi Albert Oduwole. Rev typically would reach out to me on my birthday and he NEVER forgets even without Facebook reminders because his son is my birthday mate. Lol. But even before that phone call […]

Becoming 2.0… and a Chick GIVEAWAY

Hey guys. Happy weekend… I’m super excited about the weekend. This one in particular. You see tonight is Amaghimo and I was going to go without my son KingDaveed. Only for God to tell me to carry him cos He has a blessing for him too. So when Pastor M blogged ‘Desperate to bless’, I […]

So who got ya on LOCKDOWN!!!

DISCLAIMER!!! This post is LONG!!! Was gonna divide it into two but no, I won’t!!! I’m sorry… NOT!!! Lol… So lemme set this up with a story that makes me SMH every time I think back at it Btw, by lockdown, I really mean, who or WHAT is putting you under INTENSE PRESSURE? Before you […]

Day FINALE…30 Day Blogging Challenge

Hey guys Let’s complete this 30 day Blogging challenge. Find 1-20 here and here 21-30??? Bring it on!!! (Haha Tamie) Btw I missed day 3 from the first so here we go My favourite Quote I ran into this recently and because my Pastor just taught a series on GO TO THE ANT, which lifted […]

The N5,000 JULY WEIGHT LOSS PROMO… Questions answered!!!

Hey Darling, Thank you for indicating interest in the JULY WEIGHT LOSS PROMO with CoachE’ of SavedFitnFAB Ok so here are your questions answered. I hope and pray you read through carefully and then make your decision as you are led by God… I am breaking this down as easily as possible. It is a […]

#SavedFitnFAB FAQssssss

Phew!!! 2 weeks in as CoachE’ of SavedFitnFAB (Premium) and it has been quite an exciting journey. I never hesperredit!!! I am even going to be on TV soon but let’s leave that cat in the bag for now. This Post will be a revised version of this where my clients and intending clients can find […]