How was your Saturday?

Mine was LIT going by this blog title.

Woke at 5, fed my baby and got him back to sleep at about 6.15am. I do this 5am feed because it then keeps him asleep till 9am at least and so I can truly get stuff done in the am before. Recall in my last post I said I let KingDaveed sleep late so he could wake late, only for him to wake as ElJohn was falling asleep, and he was even crying. Ah. And ElJohn is the lightest sleeper. Thankfully, I could settle KingDaveed back, so I flew for a walk before hitting the gym. On my walk, I responded to voicenotes that were pending. Just as I was rounding up, I realized someone was calling me, and then I turned and saw that the street was even empty and quiet. This was before 7am so it was not funny that a strange guy was calling me in an empty street. I was already planning which kickboxing move would take him out while I ran. Anyways, he caught up to me and long story short, he had been seeing me, Blablabla bla. My people, dude was toasting me ooo. I was too weak to say anything, and he followed me all the way to the gym.

I just kept smiling, and I was wearing my ring.

Anyhoos, did some beasting moves with some weights and then the treadmill and got home at 9.

Post workout. Got these LEGGINGs 500box btw.

Baby still asleep so I got to check in with my Squaddies, have breakfast, etx. Baby woke and stayed calm so we did our morning devotion while I pumped milk. We only get a chance to pray as a family on Saturdays and today we talked about THANKSGIVING. We mostly use the TREM DEVOTIONAL and we love it.

Prayers over, Hubby went to fix something in the car while I swung in bathing ElJohn, feeding him, brekkie for fam, and then prepping to go out.

And then it gets interesting…

So 40days ago, I started a challenge where I wanted to further clean up my diet so no white bread, rice, biscuits, sweets, pastries, etx. No processed foods too, except those fitfam approved. Gosh it was SO HARD, but it helped me lose the excess weight in a pretty healthy way. So I said on the 40th day, I would have a treat, and that would be pizza and icecream. Have looked forward and counted down to it. I had also been saving for it. In IMMERSE, I learned about something called a FUN FUND where you basically keep small small change aside somewhere, money you wont miss, and then after some weeks, you can check it and use to give yourself a treat. So I don’t have to bring out 7k, I can save small small and it may reach 7k and even surpass. So 100box here, 200 here, 500 here and I was gonna check it today and go treating. Hubby had been beefing and threatening my treat that all of us will go and I no gree… It was my ME-TIME alone.

Anyways, na so his ex-boss now invites us, and some of his ex-colleagues and spouses over for lunch at Yellow Chilli the same day of my TREAT. Hubs was gon’ decline since he knows how I have looked forward to my treat but I was like biko this is God’s reward to me haha.

It was for 1pm and I was SO EXCITED!!!

Off we went and we had such a good time.

I was meeting most of them for the first time, so between a ton of gists, a variety of foods, and Arsenal’s match, it was a Saturday well spent. Here is a breakdown of what I had…

Peppered shrimps

Seafood Okro and Pounded yam.

It was my first time of having the famed fitfam seafood Okro and I didn’t like it. I didn’t think it was worth the hype


They actually didn’t have anything freshly squeezed, imagine. Definitely THUMBS DOWN

They also didn’t have icecream and I was disappointed only for our host to say we were moving the party to Coldstone down the street.

Yay!!! So I ordered a really decadent mix complete with chocolate and coconut coated waffles. Ordered same for hubs and he didn’t finish it so I had his too. Also had beef off his edikaikong. Haha. Hate beef btw. Oh and we went with my kids and help and at some point, I found a corner to breastfeed haha. Mommy life. My help and son had rice and juice. My son doesn’t take icecream and neither does my help (I will do a whole post on my help soon. She’s a DREAM haha)

Ice cream was takeaway after which we separated.

As I expected, my body suffered from all that sugar and I started to feel faint. had to take green tea and Oolong tea to help detox my system…

Managed to introduce my inspiration squaddies to the squad with my weakness, and gisted my squad of my plight, and they were even yabbing and teasing me. SAVAGE lot haha. Anyways, every weekend in the Squad, I try to bring in someone who lost weight with me to inspire them as she shares her story and how she is still on the grind. This weekend was a double delight as one was inspired by the second’s result and then joined me last year and got her own results too.

Oge was inspired by Nma

That is usually the Squad highlight for the weekend and keeps the groups going as I don’t really work weekends.

Oge before and after CoachE’

To think that Oge wasnt working out before my coaching yet look at her now. I cant even get this range of motion

And see Nma too

A year ago and this week. She is still going strong

Sometimes I bring in a professional, as I have a Squad Doc, Physio, Nutritionist and Pharmacist to handle the pro aspect of fitness. So right now, their gist is going on and I am loving it.


Ok right after I publish this, I am going to workout with hubs who is waiting for me. Today he said he will join me but he always gives up quarter way, and started hailing me that he wont yab me ever again, but tomorrow he will start yabbing again, husband of mine. Wanna try a Jillian workout a friend sent to me with him and I know he will give up in 10mins lol.

After that, I bath and sleep. ElJohn and KingDaveed are asleep hallelujah!!!

Ok Squad, good night and hey, if you want me to talk about something in particular, holler…




PS: I MUST still have my pizza and icecream from my FUN FUND biko. Still not counted it but I will in the course of this new week…


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  1. Ha! Just caught up with your blog posts. See how I have been missing juicy gists! I completely love your perception about your motherhood season. He that called you, I’m sure He will and has graced you…Amen.

    Leggings for 500 naira?? Abeg, where?? I am totally interested!

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