Shrinkin’ Stinkin’ Thinkin’

NB: This post was originally authored and published by me on coachesquad.com, my online fitness website. I didn’t realise this was a thing even with me in some areas of my life Stinkin’ Shrinkin’ Thinkin’ I’ll call it a super limiting belief that instantly shuts down the heart and mind from taking those HARD steps […]

WE ARE HIRING… Whoop!!! Online Content Strategist

Here we GROW again… ✈️✈️✈️ Our rapidly growing global Food&Fitness  company , CoachE’Squad Ltd, is in need of an ONLINE CONTENT STRATEGIST for immediate employment. Applicants must be female, Christian, single, not more than 25, reside in Lagos and have a post secondary school degree (completed or in view). A good knowledge of social media […]

Grab your remote control guys, I’m on EBONYLIFE TV tonight!!!! 7pm

As a part of a Documentary on the Channel EBONY LIFE TV, I was interviewed on HEALTHY EATING & LIVING. It airs TONIGHT Premier Time – 7pm Tuesday Repeats – Wednesday 2pm, Thursday 4:30am, Saturday 6:30am, Sunday 10am and Monday 9am. I hope you can catch it one of these times. I’m sooooooo unbelievably grateful […]

Join our FAB TEAM at CoachE’Squad Ltd… WE ARE HIRING!!!

  ****Update ***** Applications are closed for now while I sort out the ones on my Table. Thanks guys ************ So yup, the ministry is moving THANK GOD I recall starting CoachE’Squad Limited and back then, I did it all. Well, I had to as a growing biz. Then came along my first staff, then […]

How to LOSE weight with HIGH FIBRE foods IN NIGERIA…

Recently, I did a COMPLETE overhaul on my diet. You see, since I lost that famous 30kg in about 4months almost 2 years ago, I have not even had any cause to lose weight, until now. Trying to lose some post-partum weight now and we are back on the grind. And you know me? I […]

Disciplined-Dis-December because Temple Not Trash!!!

Hey yawl, Super excited this year is ending and at CoachE’Squad, we are fighting fat to the END of da year!!! Welcome to my last program for the year. We all love the holidays. And then we all cry when we realise in January that maybe we loved the holiday a bit too much, and […]