Hey yawl…

Just finished our prayers with my Preggos in SavedFit&Pregnant.
I try to make sure we don’t miss it NO MATTER HOW CRAZY MY SUNDAY NIGHT gets cos Satan will take any chance to wreck havoc so we pray together every Sunday which is also when I add new preggos.
Tonight I almost forgot cos my phone was off so I literally switched on, asked hubby for permission to go private as we were just chilling and entered toilet lock door to pray.
Frankly I’m still amazed at SFP. I can’t believe that God will do such amazing things through me. Little me. I hear testimonies and I’m like hian!!!

I recall when God gave me the mandate for it.
It was at THE NAME OF JESUS women worship conference by DCC hosted by my mama Pastor M.

I recall telling God that such mandates are for people like Pastor M. I shared later with mama and she basically spoke life and strength to me to go right on.
She said it wasn’t her work to do BUT her work was to empower us to go right ahead and do the work.
And my Word, does she do a GOOD job at what she does, empowering us and being such a STRONG EXAMPLE for us.
Thank God for STRONG women whose lives empower us to go right ahead and live in the fullness of all God has for us.
So thankful.

Will still share the full story of Saved Fit & Pregnant and how and why I started it.

And speaking of fitness, I’ve never had a calorie counter ever,that is all these fitness trackers so with my wedding anniversary coming up, hubby had been literally HARASSING me with what i would like (I’m so low maintainace lol), it occured to me to ask for a Fitbit flex.

When I saw 50k to 70k for the one I wanted I gave up haha. I don’t waste money like that biko. Even though he wouldn’t have minded. But yay for black Friday, got a deal on Jumia for 28k…

We quickly ordered.

Link is here if anyone needs it…


I’m ALWAYS here for PRICE SLASHES mehn and this is the second Black Friday deal I’m getting. First was on my blog and a CoachE’ website I’m working on with Whogohost. Yay.

And another BIG NEWS before I go…

One OF my amazing Chick mentors And STRONG TEACHERS in my life DDK just confirmed her availability for the next Powwow in January. And just like January this year when we started with having Pastor M speak to my PREVIOUS stay at home moms,this year it is DDK. Hosting just 15 stay home moms. Details soon.

Sooooooo excited. 2018 go rock BIG TIME!!!

For now, I gotta run…

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