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Applications are closed for now while I sort out the ones on my Table.

Thanks guys


So yup, the ministry is moving THANK


I recall starting CoachE’Squad Limited and back then, I did it all. Well, I had to as a growing biz. Then came along my first staff, then a second, then back to one, then a second and HERE WE GROW AGAIN…

We need TWO more Staff on board to serve our Squaddies better…

Enter an Administrative Coordinator and an Online Content Strategist

So if you would like to join our team, check out both job roles requirements and holler. Or share with anyone who needs this…


Minimum Qualification for both roles: Tertiary certification (or in-view, meaning those still in any tertiary institution can apply). And both have to BE CHRISTIAN


Must live in Lagos

Would be working proxy daily BUT be available TWICE a week in person, (Saturdays inclusive sometimes)

Skills needed…

Cheerful personality and a good command of English, both spoken and written

Strict attention to details and EXCELLENT with providing feedback

An ability to coordinate 100s of people in our Squads


Carry out official phone calls and email duties

Assist in managing our Whatsapp groups, including private Clients

Assist in our company trainings and related events



Must live in Lagos

Would be working proxy daily BUT be available ONCE a week in person, (Saturdays inclusive sometimes)

Skills Needed

Creativity as relating to using Social Media for Business

Cheerful Social Media Personality and a good knowledge of Social Media engagement

Basic graphic skills (With Photogrid/Canva/TextGram especially)


Post content to social media platforms

Publish blog posts written by the CEO

Ability to TRANSCRIBE and CREATE posts from audio messages

Source for fitness related information online

Provide a seamless flow between our Whatsapp platform and social media page

Ability to engage PROMPTLY and CONSISTENTLY with our online community

Provide creative input and strategy to grow our online community


Note that both roles will be provided with necessary communication tools for the job, and as a growing business, there may be more responsibilities (beyond what is written here) coming up from time to time, but realistic ones too.

Also as both employees would be working directly with me, you have to be DRAMA and EXCUSES Free, really sharp and smart (My brain works really fast so you need to be fast too), an ability to THINK, and be self-confident. You don’t have to have any previous working experience, just a teachable spirit, and be HARDWORKING not lazy AT ALL. And exciting too, open to new but Holy Spirit led ways of doing things.

Finally, because CoachE’Squad Ltd is a Christian Organization, we would have confessions, team prayers, fasting, and related Christian activities…

So if you are interested in joining my team, send an Application letter and CV to eziaha@eziaha.com. Shortlisted Candidates will undergo a phone interview first and then an in-person interview. Please include your social media handle (IG, Twitter and FaceBook) and a recent picture of yourself.

Training and Work will resume fully in January 2018.

Kind Regards


Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo

CEO, CoachE’Squad Ltd

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