Recently, I did a COMPLETE overhaul on my diet. You see, since I lost that famous 30kg in about 4months almost 2 years ago, I have not even had any cause to lose weight, until now. Trying to lose some post-partum weight now and we are back on the grind. And you know me? I am not here for half-hearted, start-and-stop things. I go HARD or I go home!!!


So we are back to the 3k to 4k skips daily, and a TON of Cardio videos online (Hello Kaeira LaShea!!!). But we all KNOW that diet remains KING!!! i opted for a C-section delivery and I really wanted my recovery aka SNAP BACK to be GREAT lol so I had to start googling meals that would help me move the weight, while giving my body system less work when it comes to food processing and more, so it can focus on healing instead (Yes junk can just mess up with the body metabolism and I wasn’t ready for that). Plus I am an exclusively breastfeeding mom so I also wanted to make sure that my body was functioning maximally to both lose the excess fat, burn calories and still produce enough breastmilk on the inside, while making me look so darn good on the outside. Mehn, I became a Scientist ooo.

See me poring sites and asking questions, sometimes annoyingly lol.

And then I bumped on this absolutely beautiful information online that talked about how our body processes fibre, and why we MUST be loving fibre if we are especially trying to lose weight…

And then I recall my Consultant saying to me when I went for a 1week post-partum check that one of the things they noticed when they cut me open was that my tummy didn’t have a lot of fat, so just muscle everywhere so he expects my recovery to be perfect and that I should keep eating high fibre meals too.



So what is the skinny on Fibre? I mean when you think of it, Fibre is NOT exactly LOW in calories so how can it help me lose weight?

I am gonna skip the too much grammer/jargons and just explain it to you in very simple terms

You see, the thing about Fibre in your diet is that UNLIKE other carbs, your body doesn’t REALLY know what to do with it so it is not easily or fully digested by your body BUT when you eat a high fibre meal (think oats, cereals like Fruit&Fibre, Weetabix, Bran flakes, etc.), first you feel fuller on time, and even though your body NEEDS it, it doesn’t digest it so guess what happens, it literally leaves your body in as much bulk as it went in

Plus when you eat a high fibre meal, you need to drink a ton of water too to help move it along through your system and out of the body, which also helps to keep you full too.

A high fibre diet is absolutely good for Diabetics too as unlike most carbs, the fact that it doesn’t break down means that it doesn’t also cause a spike in blood sugar level so all’s well for the Diabetic.

If all of this is going over your head, lets break it down even more…

It is like you eat a bowl of high fibre meal and it is 500 calories. Because fibre is bulky, you feel full faster. Then when your body gets what it needs from it, it passes the rest out of the system almost in as much bulk as it went in so you may be pooping out 400 calories, Ah-mazing yeah? Unlike when you eat a 400 calorie JUNK diet (think processed foods, white flour/bread and more) and your body breaks it down completely and it stays GIDIGBA in your fat cells, and even what is excreted can be a miserly 100calories

So your 500 calorie high fibre has paid off on the long run more than your 400 calorie junk. And yawl KNOW the junk is MOST likely not 400 calories.

Ok so example of high fibre foods available are Oats, Granola, Fruit and Fibre, Weetabix, literally all fruit and veggies have fibre but MORE ON THE SKIN so stop skinning your cucumbers and apples (that’s what makes you feel fuller), whole wheat (whether as swallow, pasta, bread, etc.), Brown rice, corn (and stuff you can make from it) etc. and if you are fully ajebo, a  rich kid and have access to these, flaxseed and chia seeds are high fibre too so can be added to your cereals and smoothies. Oh did I forget my lovely garden eggs, cucumbers. Oh add those to your list.

There are more of course but these ones would help your weight loss journey even more…

So I have finally given up on white bread, white rice, and all the other processed white flour foods. My fridge looks like a Farmer’s market and my body is looking like it knows what time it is haha.

Hey, I encourage you today, if your health is REALLY that important to you, especially if you have a medical challenge, incorporate high fibre into your diet especially as breakfast and our bodies will thank us for it both now and later…

Ok, just had to quickly share this with my people…

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Ok gotta run. Jesus alone knows when I would share my Birth story on this blog. My life is absolutely OUT OF CONTROL and I am LOVING IT haha.

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Thanks Mama Lisa Bevere…




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  1. Absolutely fantastic. You’ve done well. You’ve made weight loss so real and less challenging. You’re a blessing to your world.i testify to your weight loss journey it is indeed unbelievable. Keep up the good work. So proud of you.

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