Yikes!!! I am sooo EXCITED to launch my second Devotional this year…


This is soooo super personal to me because I could not be a business Chick if I didn’t have a way to put my Jesus bang at the center of it all. I loooooved writing this as much as I am LOVING reading through it again. Love how we can just make EVERYTHING around us revolve around HIM. Like DDK wrote in the foreword,

This powerful devotional by Eziaha is a clarion call to situate everything in God. Everything! Not just your family, ministry or spirituality; but your business and your money. One of the most defining revelations I believe the Lord wants to teach us is that every territory is His territory, and every platform is for His glory. Ministry is thus, not higher than the MarketPlace, if the Lord is Lord over it!

So excited and so exciting!!!

Ok so it is available for download ONLY on the FAB E’Reader App at an INITIAL price of N1000 and you also have the first 7days for free to download if you want.

Just insert the coupon code JESUS at point of payment…

But on this blog today, I will share THREE DAYS from those 7 days especially for my Apple users without access to my Android only App. You can search for the App on Play store or direct link here https://goo.gl/bkwKcK

I also have THREE of my friends feature, all of them shining the JESUS light SO BRIGHT in their corner of the MarketPlace…

Adewale Aladejana, CEO Sapphire scents, Stephanie Obi, Online Business Queen and Ijeoma Ufommadu, a Banker extraordinaire (that’s Aijay my accountability partner)

Ok so those three days…


Then the Spirit picked me up and took me to the East Gate of the Temple. There were twenty-five men standing at the gate. I recognized the leaders, Jaazaniah son of Azzur and Pelatiah son of Benaiah. God said, “Son of man, these are the men who draw up blueprints for sin, who think up new programs for evil in this city. They devise iniquity and give wicked counsel. They say, ‘We can make anything happen here. We’re the best. We’re the choice pieces of meat in the soup pot.’

Therefore prophesy against them; PROPHESY, O son of man! Oppose them!!! Speak against them… Ezekiel 11: 1 – 4

There are a couple of things that stand out for me in these verses;

The first, and the foremost being, it took the Spirit of God revealing the evil activities to Ezekiel. Wow!!! He could NEVER have seen it in the Physical. Can we just take 10seconds to verbalize our gratitude to God that we are also Spiritual beings?

The Spiritual realm, though unseen is even more real than the physical realm. It is so real that Ezekiel, even though in the Spirit, recognized these men in the physical. What happens in the Spirit controls the physical, but if we continue to operate only in the physical, we will be under the control of these elders at the gates. The ‘gates’ in the Bible represents a place where the important decisions are taken. Only the Powerful people hung out at the gates. There are people in your industry who have called themselves the JAGABANS, the ones who make things happen. The Jaazaniahs’ and the Pelatiahs’ (of which their names just make me want to slap them)The ones who have influence, fame, and are key leaders and the ‘boss of bosses’.

NEWSFLASH! WE are here!!!


As Spiritual Jagabans, we are Oracles of God (1 Peter 4 v 11) and oracles SPEAK. I am not surprised that the first thing the Spirit tells the man to do is to SPEAK!!! To prophesy against them. Not fear them, not run away, not even fight them.

He just says SPEAK and OPPOSE them. This speaks to me of the power in our spoken words.

The first and most vital quality a Market Place Apostle has to have is a STRONG PRAYER LIFE. EVERYTHING is spiritual and if I think otherwise, I am self-deceived and completely delusional. When we pray, we release words into the atmosphere. Not just ordinary words, but we speak the Word of God which is the Sword of the Spirit, and we also pray in Jesus name, whose power no Elder can withstand.

Before you start up anything in your Marketplace, undergird it in prayers, and continue praying every step of the way. Dislodge elders with your words. Revoke every evil program that they have thought up to keep everyone subdued. Garrison your Marketplace and industry with prayers. Fort-up your own self in the place of prayers. Paul tells us in Ephesians 6 v 18 that ‘…prayers are essential in this ongoing warfare so pray hard and long’. Pray in the Spirit. Pray about any and everything. Put on the entire amour of God as prescribed in Ephesians 6 v 10 -18. The world is evil and if we are going to truly shine the light of Christ and make any lasting impact in it, we need to first be a people of powerful prayers or we will be taken out in the ongoing warfare. It is a dangerous world and we can neither afford to be dumb oracles or spiritually naked.

CONFESSION: I speak that I am the SPIRITUAL JAGABAN in my own industry. Powerless elders, listen, “GREATER THAN YOU HAVE COME”. I take over gates and call my own meetings with my fellow Spiritual Jagabans. I scatter, destroy completely and annihilate evil meeting places with my words. Your blueprints and evil plans have no effect on my life and endeavours. I frustrate your best plans. I never stop speaking, prophesying and winning while you never stop losing in Jesus name, Amen!!!


***JAGABAN is a local slang originating from Lagos, Nigeria. It is a moniker that Kingpins call themselves. The term usually carries and evokes a fearful meaning.


Now many Samaritans from that city believed in Him and trusted Him [as Savior] because of what the woman said when she testified… John 4:39a

The Samaritan woman’s story was revealed to me by the Holy Spirit recently in a different way. Think about it, the Bible records that once she encountered Jesus, she went back into the village, spread news about this Man she had met, the crowd followed her back, heard Jesus, and then they believed in Him too.

Now let’s imagine that Jesus was a business man trying to sell His ‘market’. He meets this woman, convinces her and makes her a client, she is so satisfied with His product and services that she goes to town, (including her social media handles) and spreads word so much about Him that literally her entire followers (and she has a lot) decide to check Him out. They are so impressed with His packaging, brand excellence and results that they all patronize and continue to patronize Him.

Do you see what ONE satisfied CLIENT can do for a business? What ONE person’s reference can do for your career? Since that revelation hit me, I reached a new level of respect for this crowd-pulling chic and I have begun praying for clients like that, who bring in the crowd and also close great deals.

PRAYER: Pray for strategic and divine encounters with many ‘Samaritan women’. Declare over your business(es) and career that you have the right references and publicity, that when people come in contact with you, they are so impressed with your product or service, they become ‘believers’ of your trade and in turn, bring in more clients, such that you continue to grow. In Jesus name, AMEN!!!


Now the LORD had told Samuel in his ear a day before Saul came, saying, “Tomorrow about this time I will send thee a man…” 1 Sam 9: 15 – 16.

I don’t know about you but I could do with a little ‘secret talk’ every now and then from the Lord, especially when it comes to my clients, business partners or colleagues.

I certainly want the Lord whispering in my ears, “Eziaha, don’t accept the client/offer that comes to you at this time tomorrow” or “E’, that deal does not look like it, but be sure that when it is presented, you snap it up…”.

There have been many instances when God has clearly whispered in my ears and my obedience has blessed me tremendously. Sadly, there are times when I have disobeyed. Two scenarios come to mind about two chicks I was not supposed to do business with, I accepted them and they brought me so much trouble I had to refund their money and say my goodbyes.

The simple truth is that NOT every Client is mine and not every job is mine either.

One bad deal can change everything for the worse, one crazy client can mess up a business reputation built over the years. The best thing about being Apostles led by God is that not only does He lead us into blessings and riches, He also leads us away from danger and from nonsense and ingredients.

Our God is such a good, good Father and He is always speaking to us. Psalm 32 vs 8 in Eugene Peterson’s Message version says “…He gives us some good advice, looking us in the eye…”. This pre-supposes that we are also looking at Him to catch it.  In the Marketplace, with all of its craziness and noise, we can all do with some ‘on-point’ pre-information, some really strategic, ‘good advice’. But we best be looking at and listening to Him as He speaks right into our ears so we don’t miss it.

CONFESSION: I declare that I am an Apostle who is never without pre-information. I am neither stubborn nor foolish. I hear Him and I obey Him. I am submitted to a good, good Father and He warns me of whoever is coming my way. He leads me away from the trouble makers and connects me to the ‘blessing-bringers’ and because I bow to His whispers, my business/career thrives continually in Jesus name, Amen!!!

Can you even imagine what the rest of the 40days hold? I actually added a bonus day so it is actually 41days. Soooo super excited yay!!! Payment on the App can be done right there using your card (payment is super secure), or via bank transfer. Just choose the option you are most comfy with.

I pray that this first renews your mind as a Chick or guy in the Market Place to make Him Lord of all, and then changes your business for good.

Have a blessed day yawl…

Love, Light and JESUS…




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I am so exhausted publishing this but my team have been on my bumbum literally with daily harassing per when the Devotional is coming out. I recently sent my help away so it has just been my son and I full time as he is on holiday. Phew. And i am EIGHT MONTHS PREGNANT and dealing with incredible fatigue and literally LIVE in the toilet peeing lol. But thank God for the strong women in my life i look up to who make me know that pregnancy is no excuse and i can still be fruitful, especially Lisa Bevere and Heather Lindsey. So as i have stayed awake right into this morning of wednesday and worked on publishing the Devotional and the blog, the Lord led me to listen to mama Funke Adejumo (instead of Sarah or John Gray both of whom i had planned to listen). Yawl that woman GOES ALL THE WAY IN!!! She doesn’t even mince words at all and she is SOOOOOOOOO DEEEP!!! Wow!!! I just let her play back to back on YouTube and i just felt really energized. And then guess what? She now mentions the whole pregnancy thing and how we must fight to stay fruitful even through that season. I LOVE HER SO MUCH ALREADY!!! Love that I have a new Nigerian Preacher Chick to stalk that just exudes ad speaks strength to women…

And thank you so much to my team of LADDER HOLDERS Ewa, Dee, Teni ad Bimz. They harass on another level!!! Yawl are DA BOMBEST DOT COM!!! Now i can breathe, i hope!!!

Ok let me grab some sleep. I promised my Doc I would do 6 to 7 hours uninterrupted every night the rest of this pregnancy and it is almost 1am…

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