Fasting 101. Put some POWER to your ABSTINENCE.

Hey Fam, Gosh, God is so amazing!!!And so merciful. INSERT REAL TEARSLolI had a whole moment of conviction over the weekend on fasting. You see, the WILD WOMEN concluded our 21 day fast on Saturday with the fasts, both corporate and personal. I have learned a few things about fasting that the Lord would have […]

Fasting Can Make You Add Weight, Here’s How

NB: This post was originally authored by me and published on the, an online blogging site. With fasting, you are skipping meals (albeit now for spiritual reasons). Sadly, your flesh doesn’t recognise that and would assume you are hoarding food from it, especially if you are fasting for prolonged periods Fasting can make you […]

Yay for my BRAND NEW DEVOTIONAL for MarketPlace Apostles

Yikes!!! I am sooo EXCITED to launch my second Devotional this year… THE 40 DAY DEVOTIONAL for MARKET PLACE APOSTLES. This is soooo super personal to me because I could not be a business Chick if I didn’t have a way to put my Jesus bang at the center of it all. I loooooved writing […]