Yay for my BRAND NEW DEVOTIONAL for MarketPlace Apostles

Yikes!!! I am sooo EXCITED to launch my second Devotional this year… THE 40 DAY DEVOTIONAL for MARKET PLACE APOSTLES. This is soooo super personal to me because I could not be a business Chick if I didn’t have a way to put my Jesus bang at the center of it all. I loooooved writing […]

Sleep walking through a meeting with Jesus…

There are two other titles I could give this blog post Complaining through a meeting with Jesus Sleep walking through seasons Read it with all three titles at the back of your mind. One of my most favourite preachers did a series on this particular story a couple of weeks back, just as he launched […]


‘…We are NOT a Christian school…’ That was the incredible statement told to Pastor M by a school administrator, selling the school to her when she was school hunting for her babies. And according to her, it was something that was told her more than once (in case she didn’t get it fully at first) […]