‘…We are NOT a Christian school…’

That was the incredible statement told to Pastor M by a school administrator, selling the school to her when she was school hunting for her babies.

How gorgeous this is!!!
How gorgeous this is!!!

And according to her, it was something that was told her more than once (in case she didn’t get it fully at first) and very proudly too. It was one of those poshies on the Island, mind you.

I was absolutely shocked to hear that. I mean, wasn’t it two minutes ago people could easily sell something to us by playing the ‘Christian’ card? Today, the world has soooooo become ‘something else’ that when we are NOT Christian, we can afford to be very proud about it because we know ‘nothing spoil’ and if anything, it is some sort of a cool, sophisticated, hip, even trendy something.

Isn’t it sadly interesting how the world is going? This picture summarizes the world today not just ‘Amrika’

CLHow7zXAAISwQDYes at first, some of these things were hidden and shameful but today, they are cool and supporters are rather brazen tz jaw dropping. It almost seems like there is something shy-worthy, even wrong with openly identifying with or claiming that JESUS is LORD and the reason for whatever success you have today. Don’t go too far, listen to the average ‘celebrity’ even in Nigeria talk. Before you find someone who is unabashed about their faith, e go hard. Christians wants to be ‘religiously neutral’ like it is uncool to identify with HIM. Movies these days would promote good sometimes, yes, but to ascribe the glory to God? Forgerrit. (Please don’t mention that ‘To GOD BE THE GLORY’ at the end of movies ooo because even now we don’t have it anymore sef.) Oh, don’t forget that DSTV even mutes Jesus and God. I know someone may say, oh they mute SEX and BITCH and BASTARD and the ilk but it bothers me that the all-powerful name of JESUS can be associated with these appellations, Eish!!! In fact, I realised how bad it was when one day I was watching Dr. Ada Egonor’s ‘Surviving Ebola’ interview on the ‘Heart of the matter’ and the interviewer’s opening statement was asking her about how her faith in God helped her kick Ebola. It felt oddly strange on ‘secular TV’ and then I realised that it had truly become unpopular, hence strange on Nigerian TV these days hearing presenters talk freely and unashamedly about God.

Now let’s broaden our radar to our dearly beloved ‘Amrika’. A couple of weeks back, they legalised gay marriages in all the states. I was watching CNN live as the news broke and as Obams spoke in all his oratory glory and how his #LoveWins phrase started trending on social media as number one worldwide in a couple of minutes and all the hoopla. I sat in my room and kept shaking my head. Wow!!! Just WOW!!! As in, these people want ABNORMAL to become the new NORMAL??? This same world our kids would grow in? I was gonna say, well it is their America but we all know how America likes to play Big Brother of the whole world and so soon, they would clamour that other countries follow suit. So our children will grow up and same sex marriage viewed as NORMAL? Talk more of those children who would be ‘born’ or adopted into same sex households. WOW!!!

Better man... #Royalty
Better man… #Royalty

When Baba ‘goslow’ Buhari (I LOVE that name because I read it more as a caution than as a yabis (Read, Baba Please, go slow) and I love how Buhari acknowledged in this video that he knew some Nigerians be calling him that and laughed lol) visited the US recently,

better men in black :)
better men in black 🙂

err’one was waiting for the gay topic to come up and see how he would handle it. In fact I recall telling my hubby that Obams won’t mention jor but he told me he will and he will also make it a MAJOR topic when he visits Kenya. I love the shut-down it got by Buhari hh mail.google.com0but the major ‘ela’ Uhuru Kenyatta paid Obama to his face was EPIC!!! Even Obama was shocked lol.

At their joint press conference
At their joint press conference

That dude was in no mood to kiss no behind. Wow. Kenyans could have started an #UhuruMyHero hashtag and it would have been apt.

Uhuru Kenyatta: “…There are some things that we MUST admit we don’t share… It’s very difficult for us to impose on people that which they themselves do not accept. This is why I say for Kenyans today the issue of gay rights is really a non-issue”

I LOVE how he said there are SOME things that we MUST admit that we do NOT share and hopefully we will NEVER share.

There is a ton of wisdom in that statement. Eez not err’thing Amrika that is good. We can’t copy blindly. Yes we love Amrika for how technologically advanced and co they are, but puh-leeze when it comes to the madness that is gay, transgender and the ilk, KEEP IT. Pata pata, they will withdraw/stop any help/support dey bin dey give Kenya.

And shall we touch on transgender for a minute? See how popular people get when they decide that the God who gave them BALLS made a mistake and it ought to be a vagina (or otherwise). I mean, how crazy is that?


I am all for courage and being yourself but my people, if I get dizzy anytime I try to figure Bruce/Caityln/Dad now mom/Grandpa now Grandma/Olympic MALE gold medallist now fashionista female complete with ‘red bottoms’, I can only imagine how his immediate family feel and address him WITHOUT the cameras and social media. Heck, I can NOT even imagine how HE/SHE feels now. Does she/he really really feel free? Tz dizzying I promise but hey if he/she says she feels ‘free’ and even gets a ‘Courage’ award, who am I to argue? What interests me now is how popular he/she became in hours after the mag cover was released (hit 1m twitter followers in minutes) and how suddenly ‘trans is cool’ and very courageous. America sha…

I thought I had seen it all and I wasn’t even going to mention it on my blog till I saw TRANSPREGNANCY and I almost passed out.


Lemme try and explain it and if you don’t get it, don’t worry, I don’t either. So a person born a woman decides to make herself a man but has female hormones and all and gets pregnant and wants to get treated like a pregnant woman imageswhile technically he/she is a pregnant man (I told y’all this thing was dizzying). lllI can’t even pretend to get this rubbish so let me just wrap up this post with the very reason I decided to put it up.

But before I go on, let me just clarify that this is not about judging anybody. Biko if you have a problem with your sexuality, seek help. Don’t justify it. Same way if a person has problem with stealing, they should seek help and not justify it. So please, no hate mails hehehe. Plus I ain’t a homophobe.

Ok back to the koko…

We who are CHRISTIANS indeed need to OWN it and rather proudly too. What we have is BETTER than anything ‘they’ have so we cannot afford to be muted or subdued. A lot of times, what we do is ‘preaching to the choir’. We are all ‘Christian’ in Christian gatherings/forum and among our Christian friends. When it comes to secular gatherings, we are neutral. Of course I am not saying you should go all Pharisee on the world and wear a phylactery around,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           but by all means, show off your Christianity and then influence even if it is just ONE person with it. Share your CHRISTIAN opinion. One thing I have decided is that I would start commenting on these secular blogs especially where sharing my Christian opinion may not be popular but is very needed considering the obscene amount of lifeless comments there. I have decided not to just ‘leave it for them’ whilst spamming christian blogs like Inthemidstofher, justusgirlsnaija and Dr N with comments. Is that why we are here?

Maybe you should also comment on SDK, LIB and Bella Naija especially when a real life story is shared and the poster needs advice.

We who are Christians should succeed and excel at what we do and proudly ascribe all the glory to God publicly. Say it clearly,

‘…yes I worked hard BUT it is God’s GRACE that brought me this far…’

Feel free to call yourself a Christian blogger, student, doctor, lawyer, footballer, TV presenter etc. Proudly say this is a Christian office, supermarket, pharmacy, bank, organization, company, etc and if possible, display the sign at the gate. At this rate, we may even need to start saying ‘this is a christian church and this is my Christian Pastor (think pastors and churches that wed gays).


God bless this Mississippi clerk who resigned her job of 24years because her faith would not allow her issue marriage certificates to gay couples. Tell me about courage!!! This world is going crazy ooooo and my darling, the devil is raising more and more people to propagate his agenda and cash is not even their problem. At this rate we may need to OWN it and SHOW it more, that we are CHRISTIANS. Or in the words of Jahdiel, ‘…carry Jesus higher higher…’



Let your light soooo shine…for the world to see… Matt 5:16



A Christian Blogger
A Christian Blogger





In light of all these, David’s Christian Centre is starting her own *drum roll please* school. Need I mention that it would be a CHRISTIAN SCHOOL? Yup, the children there would be taught the WORD, speak in tongues, lay hands on the sick and be PROUD Christians. Would be named PRESERVED GENERATION and I am sure Pastor M would give us more info as needed on her blog

My darling booski/bestie also has dreams to start her own Christian school and I am blown away at the steps she has been taking to get it registered.

Dumebi Ezar Ehigiator. Teacher. Author. Blogger.
Dumebi Ezar Ehigiator. Teacher. Author. Blogger.

You go darling…

So before you ship your child off to some school because it is expensive and posh, check oooo. Ain’t nothing neutral in the spirit realm. No greys, JUST BLACK AND WHITE!!! While school is not 100% responsible for training your kids, you can neither deny or discount its impact .



KingDaveed is amazing, thank you for asking 🙂

His gumbody is out of this world these days choi. Dis kain love is both flattering and tiring lol.

My boobooski
My boobooski

And yup, e be like say the breastmilk no do again, dude has started eating his leg at any given opportunity lol. Well, hes teething so… Phew

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  1. Men! You pulled absolutely no punches. I was reading like ” E go easy on them naw”lol. Excellent point on commenting more on secular blogs, I know it’s something I have not been doing.

    1. And I didn’t plan to ooo
      I am just tired of it all

      You absolutely should. The Holy Spirit helps you give great counsel so please do

  2. I love how you said “I am not homophobic” because that’s the in thing now; calling everyone homophobic because they don’t agree with something, or talking about “Christ preached love” yidi yada. Yes, I will love the individual, but it does not mean I can not point out specifically that the Bible explicitly forbids it. Simple. No story. No in between. I don’t like that some people take to killing homosexuals or transgenders, it hurts me too, and that’s why I am all for preaching against discrimination, violence, and hatred. In that regard, we are all HUMANS and no one should have to go through all that.

    1. My dear that’s why I had to put it ooo.
      Cos that’s the next thing some comedian will say. Na real yidi yada.
      Killing and even threatening them is soooo stupid and senseless

  3. Love this! Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone. From: The F.A.B. Sister’s BlogSent: Thursday, July 30, 2015 01:25To: sylviachika@gmail.comReply To: The F.A.B. Sister’s BlogSubject: [New post] We are a CHRISTIAN EVERYTHING!!!

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    E’ posted: “‘…We are NOT a Christian school…’

    That was the incredible statement told to Pastor M by a school administrator, selling the school to her when she was school hunting for her babies.

    And according to her, it was something that was told her more t”

  4. Ehen Mama,this is bothering me so well. We don’t know who and who are real Christians anymore. Especially in a secular setting you will see some Christians pretending n ashamed of identifying with Christ. Hmmm may God help us all. Trust u doing great ma with lil royal.. Love you much.

  5. Ahem.. *Long comment alert*
    Before now, my struggle with the faith has been centered around trying to fight sin, making better choices, struggling to shake off the feelings of doubt about God’s love for me, God’s hand on my life or even His existence/nature. Some days ago, reading the news led me to read a book called The New World Order. I went back to scripture. Then I realized that it’s a struggle for the very kingdom of God. I realized the gravity of my choices, depth of my struggles, how badly the enemy wants your soul, how much of a trap secular “wisdom”/choices are, how THERE IS NO FENCE, how one can not afford to live in denial of the devil’s devices… I realized the magnitude of the choices we have to make daily. In these last days, everything matters. EVERYTHING. The choice for or against the kingdom of Yahweh is made on a second by second basis. It has made me truly sober for my sinful, prideful seemingly innocuous secular/intellectual choices and arguments against God’s commands. I have also realized that I might be called to make a choice between comfort in/with this present age and being tortured or even killed. I have made my choice. This is no time to be lukewarm.

  6. Timely and Apt!! I totally agree. We should let people know our stand irrespective of what they think. I made noise about what the Kenyan guy said in the office ehn….I remember talking about this with some colleagues and they kept asking me what have Gay people ever done to hurt me and why am I ‘Homophobic’, even after talking scriptures in another group, they said ‘it was not explicitly stated as a sin’ .. I simply told them ‘This gay thing is a mental issue and when people have mental issues, they go get treated for it’ lol. I am not homophobic, I just wont compromise my faith. Loving people don’t mean accepting every ‘yidi yada’ that comes from them.

    Then again, my friend works in a PR firm where one of the employees is gay and discusses it openly in the office. She came to me and asked, ‘How do you draw the line between tolerance and acceptance?’…. So i throw this question here, when you have to work around this people, how do you draw the line?

    P.S E’ hope you doing amazing?
    My love to KingDaveed


    1. How quick people are to throw ‘homophobic’
      Nne don’t argue. State ur case firmly and okpari and please let no one even try to caution me for wearing my faith very proudly.
      Now as for the gay colleague, is his gayness affecting your salary? Mba. If he is gay, fine. But wrong is wrong and he can’t force anyone to accept it as ‘normal’ neither can we force him. What we can do is pray for him and fii le… No fight for this matter oooo.
      Abeg let everybody face their work jare.
      My stance is not to ‘change’ them. My own is if they are brazen about their own, please let’s be brazen about that and God help anyone who tries to shut us up!!!

  7. True words!!

    And yeah what really gets to me is how people just sums you as homophobic because you don’t share their views.
    If a someone has a disease you would want them to get help and be cured, suggest going to the hospital (and the church) and getting drugs( and the word) that can help them get better.
    Really some of these new acceptable norms are all classed under mental diseases by psychiatric associations.

    Ps: you use of ‘ela ‘ got me laughing and remembering sec sch days. Lol

  8. My thoughts exactly. What shall it profit me to hide under the neutral flat face umbrella. If u deny Jesus now,don’t form selfpity when He does the same .its written in the bible.satan z trying hard to make Christianity the minority but he go try hard for Africa o.bcos we absolutely v plenty evidences of God’s power.n existence of good and evil.

  9. This post just put all my thoughts and more into words. I mean what more can be ssid ….we Christians need to rise up in holy anger , take our stands. No more hide n seeks or being netural. This is the time to stand firm and bold in the Lord. The Devil is definitely on a mission but we Christians are on a greater and better mission. The earlier all Christians rise in unity the better for this generation n generations to come.

    In other news KingDaveed is looking super sharp n grown + I see he has d love for selfies already.

    1. HOLY ANGER walhi Suzy
      And we need to be UNITED to win this war cos our opponents are man united, sorry United, lol

      Oh yes boo, we LOVE our selfies err’single’minute

  10. E’ sweetie this post is epic. I have been meaning to do this post on me blog but u just saved me the stress. Indeed what is this world coming to biko. Like PK said, very soon it’ll be legal for man to marry animals. It just might be time to gerrarrahereee

  11. Thank you dear… You have said it all. when did being a christian school become a bad thing?? the muslims dont mask their schools, uniforms etc so why should we?? why should i pretend i’m not a christian or be shy i’m a christian??? even when i’m doing wrong i dont try to paint it any colour.. i just tell myself and anyone around me esp if i have children around “this thing i just did is wrong ooo and shouldnt be done again” instead of trying to turn it to right just because i did it. its the same way i see all this abnormal people are trying to turn to normal. well i attribute it to endtimes things and it puts me on the alert. May God help us ooo.
    Nne seems kingdaveed is mummy’s carbon copy wella including flexibility..lol… biko start removing the leg now ooo. Make im use hand instead ooo.

    1. thank you oooo
      I recall one thing my father told me cos we had a muslim school on our street
      He said that the authorities made them start coming to school ON SUNDAYS because some christians had started preaching to the kids and they started going to church on sundays so to stop that, they made sunday schooling compulsory.
      Yet we deny our own school

      Oh i really PRAY he grows into my carbon copy ooooooooo
      and i find the leg rather fascinating. His feet are mostly clean and this phase would pass with teething na, NO?

  12. We are called to be kings and priests on the earth…light in a dark world…lights should shine not be hidden under a bushel…
    I pray for grace on us all to shine as the light that we are meant to be in Jesus name, amen.

    this actually reminds me of a Bible study i wanted to do on lights,,#oncoming…

    +beautiful picture of KingDaveed and of you.
    God bless you mami E.

  13. Hmmmm !
    A lot has been happening, my late grand-mum would say “Uwa Mmebi” or “Kpo ihe ojoo, ihe ojoo” (at any slightest abnormality) when the world was still good.
    I read about lesbian couple who were impregnated by same man (sperm donor) in a few months interval.
    We Christians should learn to “Call a Spade a Spade not just an Agricultural Equipment” and define our stand firmly.
    Let our Light Shine forth and consume their darkness.

  14. What can I say but “BOOM BOOM BOOM!” ? You’ve made all the necessary points and then some! Excellent excellent post as always. Isn’t it amazing how the enemy has gradually gradually seeped into our psyche? So much so that not only do we now think it’s cool not to claim Christ, but we now think everything sinful is good?! I guess somethings never change sha. Even in the bible days Christians faced persecution and dealt with living in a confused society.

  15. Thank you and God bless you so much for the post. I am glad I read this. Indeed we are Christian everything. They can change themselves all they want, from man to woman to man but they will never be able to change the Truth-Jesus. #iamchristianeverything.

    Please can I reblog?

  16. Thank you and God bless you so much for this post. I am so glad I read this. Indeed we are Christian everything. They can change themselves all they want. From man to woman to man but that can never be able to change the Truth- Jesus. #iamchristianeverything.

    Please, can I reblog.

  17. Thanks for this post dear E!
    Was saying to a colleague at work today how all of a sudden, the world is definitely antichristian values. Everything Christian is now ‘uncool.’ A young lady told me how a woman told her that a man that doesn’t drink often has ‘deep wickedness. So we are redefining Christianity to follow a God according to our image. Everywhere now, in the bid to be politically correct, the world is pushing us to not just tolerate but now accept and endorse all the ‘rubbish’ they are involved in. Tufiakwa! God help us to live the word out. God bless you dear. Love to KingDaveed.

  18. Lies, stealing, malice and homosexuality all belong to the same category – SIN. So the way you as a Christian would address a liar/ thief/malice keeper who brags about it is the way you would a homosexual.
    It’s unfortunate that believers sit on the fence when homosexuality is painted as a way of life. If God destroyed a whole city because of it, I wonder why we think it will be acceptable to Him now.

    More strength and grace to you, E’.

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