The absolute highlight of my birthdays for the past say five years has to be ringing my Pastor and Rev Femi Albert Oduwole.
Rev typically would reach out to me on my birthday and he NEVER forgets even without Facebook reminders because his son is my birthday mate. Lol. But even before that phone call comes to me, I call him mehn!!! I need my Father’s blessing. And so as we spoke yesterday and I just updated him on my life and told him how the day went, he said ‘…oh yours is a life of impact and it should be celebrated…’

You see, the day I turned 30 was a DREAM!!! I especially recall how I felt last year on my 29th and just how absolutely SAD I was
Even though I shared my Birth story.

Actually, looking back now, I think I was a tad depressed. The previous day was my son’s dedication and I was happy and thankful about it
but I had and felt such a gloom around my life then. It was just looking somehow. And frankly, hindsight vision is perfect. Now that I look back, I feel like I am out of my skin and looking at the Eziaha then. Don’t get me wrong ooo, I wasn’t sitting and crying daily. I had my relationship with God going. I was just too anxious about my future and all I felt He was placing in my heart to do.

From where I was, it didn’t look good. Plus I was in Bonny Island and I won’t even lie, Bonny Island is really not my happy place.

Hello body magic haha
So both physically and emotionally, I wasn’t in a very good place.

Just to give you an idea of how bad I felt, I quarrelled literally DAILY with my husband. I found fault with EVERYTHING!!! I didn’t appreciate NOTHING. He had tried to make me happy on that birthday but whosai… One day the dude just said ‘Eziaha you sound FRUSTRATED!!! You need to go and deal with what is disturbing you…’

And just to give you an even bigger idea, there was this day I got really violent with him. I FLUNG KingDaveed and I was going to BREAK everything in my home as I was hitting the dude. Mehn, that’s the day my respect for him peaked because he didn’t even strike back.
My man, a really REALLY GOOD MAN!!!

I didn’t believe what happened. I walked out of the home just to cool off and this was 11pm. Haha. The next day, I didn’t go to church. I couldn’t bring myself to. I felt soooooooooooo unsaved lol. I recall calling my best friend Valerie and bawling my eyes off asking her if she had ever seen any violent streaks in me before because she is the one bestie who has been with me the longest and most consistently.

Forget ooo, when you have real deep issues, it is only GOD that can heal you. No human, no matter how much they try can NEVER. I guess that was where my frustrations came from because I had placed such a heavy load on the guy and since he wasn’t meeting it, I became a wifezilla.
Anyways, trust Valerie, she tries her best to calm me down and stuff. And then somehow, I began to let God really work on me. I began to fully immerse in the season I was in (of motherhood and wifeyhood) and take my eyes off what others were up to in their lives. Then God began to really kinda give me roadmaps and peace and a clearer picture of the future and brought my teachers to me. One of whom is this crazy Chick Stephanie Obi.

She was one of my early callers this year on my birthday and as we spoke and i recounted how much had changed in 1year, I ALMOST started crying so I stopped talking to her. Lol

Basically she rang me a couple of weeks after my birthday last year and without knowing what was up in my life, she just telling me stuff she felt God would have me do with my life, and she was happy I had left the UN and that my life was worth much more and that my blog is such a platform that can give me a voice and blablabla.
I can recall exactly where I was and how rooted I was to the spot while she spoke. It felt like a rush of light hit me as she spoke. I felt something wake up in me. And what was funny was that she hadn’t spoken to me since I had my baby and after my birthday. I had just always missed her calls. That day for some reason, I picked and that day, LIGHT entered.
It began to all make sense. I truly did a 360 and just lived and OWNED my current season. Oh then I started literally sleeping in God’s presence. I recall that was the same season I got my present leather journal WHICH I ADORE
and I would write endlessly to God and just love on Him. I overdosed on YouTube videos from my Teachers and prayed like the my lifespan depended on how long I prayed.

It has been a LONG and SUPER EXCITING walk with God and I am thankful for me. Walking with God has not one dull moment.
Now, a year later, as I just stayed and enjoyed all the attention, I was just blown away. God is sooo good and so kind and so GRACIOUS!!! So gracious with us. I had the kind of day I wanted. I really soaked in the day and all the words.
I told my bestie Eniola that I will NOT miss ONE phonecall. I will HOG my phone. I will bask in every single word written or spoken about me and NOT feel guilty. And mehn, you guys were LAVISH!!!

I felt like God wanted me to truly BASK in it all. I didn’t know just how impactful it had been especially on Social media.
And what made me happy was just knowing that my heart was just pure and HOLY before God and even if I haven’t lived perfectly, I am doing this life well.
I have seen Him just really clean me from the very inside. I have had very regular open heart surgeries, amen!!! Days of ‘…NOOOOOOOOO God, don’t GO THERE…’

Phew!!! I have seen my faith grow steadily. I have a better understanding of the words I heard from PK one time

‘Two things have helped my life- MY ABILITY to hear from God and walking by Faith’.

I have heard Him CLEARLY in many areas of my life and for where things still seem unclear, I have FAITH that HE GOT ME!!!
I have seen myself LOOK TO JESUS ALONE and then WORK in my very many roles AS UNTO THE LORD and not man. I have seen Him REWARD and I have seen OBEDIENCE PROTECT.

I have seen Him send me my Teachers and OPEN MY EYES to recognise them.
I have seen Him send me help. I have seen Him come through for me.

I have seen Him honor my secret walk with and FOR HIM openly.

Tell you what guys, GOD IS REAL!!!

And the impact, which really pales in comparison to where He is taking me to, all comes as a result of my private fellowship with Him.

He has used Joyce MEYER to teach me about the teeny weeny details in my life. He has given me FIRE and PASSION with Christine Caine. He has given me a SUPER MENTOR in Pastor Mildred Okonkwo.

Pastor M's blog???

He has made me very aware of my ESSENCE and EMBRACE it fully with Lisa Bevere. Oh He personally sent me Priscilla as my BEST FRIEND (she has no idea how close we are). He has made me REAL with Heather Lindsey. He made sure DDK came into my life at just the perfect time to kinda show me a mirror and my goodness, HE made sure I have the BEST PASTOR in the whole world who will listen to EVERY FINE DETAIL of the funk and junk in my life and landscape me with His Love and Counsel. Rev Femi Oduwole.

Oh there are many more teachers in my life but don’t let me continue.

People, I feel really blessed. I feel like I truly am coming into my own and I am fully embracing it.
30 rocks!!! Oh my gosh 30 ROCKS!!!

You people wey don reach 30 didn’t tell me ahead na. I would have fast forwarded this thing. Haha. You people not 30 yet think 20’s are something. Wait till you get here.

Something about 30 is freeing. Too old to care and just the right age to PUMP IT ALL UP!!!

Hey, not claiming lil’ Ms Perfect ooo. I’m just saying that it is absolutely INCREDIBLE what God will do with a life that just yields!!!
I hope I can share more subsequently especially in finer details of how He continues to walk with me but the meat of my gist today is FOLLOW GOD!!! He is the BEST SHEPHERD ever and He will NEVER lead us astray. Not promising a bump-free ride, but hey it will all be worth it. Those private moments where it is just between you and God and you give your best to life as you know to, they won’t go unrewarded.
Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!

Thank you guys for the kindest words. And the prayers.

Loved this prayer
I didn’t actually realise just how much yawl lean in mehn. I LOVED hearing the specifics of how I have affected your lives. I loved learning that I am a mentor, bestie, mama, accountability partner, sister, etc to a lot of you even without meeting you.
Made me laugh truly. Don’t worry, I also feel like Lisa Bevere is my blood mama too. I can’t wait to hug that woman!!! The funny thing is I just live my life in the BEST way I know to and then wham, it affects lives in good ways.
Me bestie
Pretty awesome!!!

I intend to go HARDER mehn!!!

And one thing I learned from Joyce is this. She says she gets a ton of compliments literally daily so she treats each one as a rose and at the end of the day, she presents this huge beautiful bouquet to the Lord as a gift.
So Lord here is my BOUQUET!!!


Sha keep it in my mansion in heaven for me. Haha.

It is a good life at 30. It’s a GOOD GOOD life!!!

Ok enough of the serious stuff, HOW HOT ARE THESE PICTURES???
Loveeeeeet. That playsuit is totally not my style but I think God wanted me to get it because of how it came a day before the shoot. I had truly given up. Long story. And then the 30 balloons came literally an hour before.
I used to model so I had fun being the absolute centre of attention at that shoot. And I also recorded my first YouTube video. It was FUN to shoot. CoachE’ will be vlogging weekly on weight loss and then from time to time, FruitfullE’ I will share as God leads me.

Yeah, we have moved on from E’ to FruitfullE’.

I haven’t created the channel yet because I am trying to actually clear my plate, plus the video had some issues but hey, it will be up before the week is up. Amen!!!

I don’t even know where to ask you to check back for it. Oh ok, Twitter. @eziahaA

I have a clip on my IG sha. Eziaha…

I think I will prefer vlogging haha but I will do 10min or less videos. Max 15mins. But it will ROOOOOCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK like a badt band.

And how crazy is it that most people went with CoachE’ yesterday?
It was like everyone forgot my name was Eziaha and all said Happy birthday CoachE’.
Made me laugh.

Ok so I announced two giveaways on my last post. The winner for Becoming 2.0 is Omowunmi Fatogun. Got quite a number of entries and I really wanted to pick someone who had already heard about the program and Funto and was actively believing God for it. Quite a number had heard but Fatogun’s mail kinda stood out. I have a tight second runner up so hey, if God is leading any of my readers to epp, holler and then I’ll share who. Tz just 10k jare. Btw, I’m believing God for miracles for those of you who mailed me. Praying God makes a way because I have a really good feeling about Becoming. Thanks Viyon for getting me a discount. Two discounts haha.

Ok and for the weightloss, Eby Akhigbe. I asked that people comment below and they were sending me emails. Simple instruction ooo. My email box is too busy so having more emails when I can avoid it can be annoying ooo. Phew!!!

That’s why I said drop a comment. Simples. Anyways, another friend wants to sponsor one more Chick. Just drop a comment as to why you. And of course, with CoachE’ you have to be serious ooo.

Someone said I'm scaring them haha
I don’t do too well with excuses. So bring your A-game especially if you are the one I pick. Meanwhile Fatogun and Eby, please email me today. for Fatogun and for Eby.

Cheers yawl and just to sign out with this quote I picked from one of my July weight loss students,

A strong woman in her essence is a GIFT to the world…

Nuff said


Live Guys, as LAVISHLY as you know to!!!



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  1. E you are a blessing. Happy birthday in arrears. My sister and I always talk about you, then I always tell my husband about my online friend. Your life has shown me what a walk with God encompasses. You are real and have no airs. Knowing you makes me want to put more into my relationship with God. Thanks for being you and welcome to club 30. Praying your light continually shines and that the grace of God is always with you.

  2. Happy Birthday Coach E. OKkkkkk I am sooooooooi excited Wunmi won whoosh.#famzing lol. Wunmi ooooooo. Funny thought about you earlier today! Congrats darling.
    CoachE be oppressing is with ya fine legs . The jump suit is fine gaan lol. #runaway.

    1. wunmi did mention you in her latter mail. i am doubly glad the Lord led me to choose her. she is PERFECT!!!
      And funny thing is i knew u would not call me. when people make mistakes with dates, when the real day comes, they forget hahahahahah
      I ma glad u prooved me right in my lil theory
      Thanks boo and yes to oppression!!! hahah

  3. Yes!!!!! Been waiting for this. You know that message version of Rom12:2…lemme cut out the part I really want to use….it will shoot adrenaline into my veins….

    Happy birthday to my Elizabeth… Am so glad I met you. You absolutely have no idea what you do to me….no idea…

    God bless you Eziaha

  4. Happy birthday my darling,many blessed celebrations to come.all nations shall call you blessed.Amen

  5. Awww! Happy birthday to you! The way you talk about clocking thirty is already making me wish I could fast forward mine, lol. Sure there is something special about 30. I pray for God grace, anointing and peace should be myltiplied upon your life. I admire your bare it all and point blank ,no sheet method of your posts. I always enjoy reading them no matter how long they seem because something always entered into me when I do. Thanks so much for following God and allowing God to use to bless this generation. Once again, happy birthday!

    PS. There is an aunty of mine who is only interested in her tummy, she slim and okay but the tummy. Is there any program that could suit her?

    1. hahahaha at dafst fwd. 30 rocks abeg i no go lie
      amen amen amen
      thanks for endorsing my length too darling
      Yup. have ur aunty email me

  6. Happy birthday dear Eziaha.
    Thank you for being you.
    Thank you for being a blessing.
    Thank you for giving.
    Thank you for inspiring.
    Supo spoke the truth: I’ve learnt so much from you. The Blessing is on you.
    P.S: I’ll never forget how you came to my rescue in 100l. God bless you again and again.
    Much love.

    1. Oh darling thank you so much
      Oya share that story with me. I cant remember ooo
      Lemme come harass u on twitter hahaha

  7. This is my new spot! Real lover of God who is unashamed of the process. Thanks for giving of yourself and spurring us on. Happy birthday ma’am! May The Lord bless you abundantly!

  8. Happy Birthday Eziaha…30 sure looks fab on u and you also look fab in ur 30s. Yeah… Both ways.. God increase ur relevance and bless u beyond human calculations.

  9. Yippee yippee yippee…… Happy Birthday momaE
    Many many happy returns.
    And you think I still have 10 more years till 30……o boy I’m believing you o
    30 seems do ? cool
    I’m do hexzited o
    Finally good bye to pot belly.
    Hello flat tummy
    God bless you richly
    Love plenty
    Eby akhigbe

  10. Happy birthday. I am excited for you. Thank you for yielding yourself to God and watching Him do awesome things with your life. Thanks for repping Him like He’s all you’ve got. Indeed, the past years are just a blimp; a speck of what God has in store for you in the coming years. You will be blown away,that much I know. Just stay yielded.
    I find your life such an encouragement and a call for the rest of us to sit up; your discipline is on a scale that leaves me speechless. This is praying that God will not leave you until He perfects everything concerning you. And that you stay tender towards Him.

    PS:The pictures are beautiful.
    A distant fan

  11. Happy birthday to such a quintinssenatal, amazing,inspirational, motivational lady..I could go on and on describing how awesome you are but lemme just summarize and say you are a role model.When I say role model, I mean all round.

    I love how humble you are. I mean for someone with such incredible achievements.

    I love your openeness..You have no idea how much we learn from you.

    You are such a great mom and wife….Your family is indeed blessed to have you.

    Keep up d good work dearie..

    Cheers to more greatness ahead.

  12. Happy birthday ma, I been a silent reader but I could just keep quiet, you been really an impact. Thank God for your life,the best as set you.

  13. What a lovely and captivating post, am so glad your birthday made you happy, can feel it from the post. Welcome to 30 baby. Loveeeeee you. Thanks for the pics, now I can save clearer versions, not the dull ones on bbm

  14. Happy Birthday, E’! You look very fabulous. Continue to shine…and yes, you make serving and loving God extremely beautiful. And truly, you would never know the extent to which your blog has helped lives. God bless you!

  15. Nice one Eziaha,may God keep blessing and upholding I moved from size 8 to 12 is still a mystery. I truly want to reduce and I wish o can be part of your July class and remain sexy(forgive my choice of word) and in shape for myself and my husband.

  16. Happy birthday in arrears sweetie.
    Wish you the best and the best.
    One thing strikes me, you look so relaxed, happy, basking in God’s love. See there’s no greater joy than knowing that you are exactly where God wants you to be, making impact and having a godly road map for your life.
    In the 29 pics you just look like you were going through the motions. Lol.
    As pastor M said, the next thirty years are gonna be even more amazing.
    Love you, and thanks for giving me walejana and Stephanie who I got to know their blogs through yours.
    Love you.

  17. Happy birthday in arrears E.. FruitfulE..

    Waited for this post but couldn’t comment well because I was using my phone… and long story.

    Blessings, blessings!
    With God the end and the future is always brighter than the past and yours is too.

    May your light shine to all and not be cut short in Jesus name, amen.

  18. Happy birthday to u Awesome E’. You’ve really bin a blessing to my life. Firstly ur blog n secondly d fab sisters grp on bbm had a huge impact on my christian life.

    D way u live for Christ inspires me a lot. And yes d next 30 yrs of ur life will be so great d first 30 will look pale beside it.

    Keep shining on for Christ and ur path continues to shine brighter n brighter. I love u dearly.

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