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Let’s complete this 30 day Blogging challenge.


Find 1-20 here and here

21-30??? Bring it on!!! (Haha Tamie)

Btw I missed day 3 from the first so here we go

My favourite Quote


I ran into this recently and because my Pastor just taught a series on GO TO THE ANT,


which lifted me up and flung me to the floor, and made me ask myself the same question the people asked after Peter downloaded to them after the HS came upon them in Acts…

‘…Men and brethren, WHAT SHALL WE DO!!!…’

My answer came the second I saw this quote. It resonated.


Now this is not to say that we should never have Coaches, Teachers and all. No!!! Yawl know I have MANY and I go HARD!!! Even the Ants actually have a Queen Ant but it doesn’t tell the rest what to do every day by day. THEY KNOW WHAT TO DO AND DO IT!!! So I actually believe that yes, we can have our Coaches but ain’t nobody gonna coach you like YOU. Not your Pator, best friend, Priest, President, weight loss coach, mama, etc. Nobody will hold your hand EVERYDAY and encourage you and tell you what to do for the rest of your life. Anybody who starts out that way would not only get discouraged and frustrated but resentment would come in from both parties. That is too much responsibility to give to one person who isn’t the Holy Spirit. Trust me, I have made the mistake of thinking I would be there for X or Y EVERY SINGLE day and check on you morning, noon and night then I get exhausted especially because you just realise that this person doesn’t want to grow but wants to keep draining you daily. Aside from draining me, it doesn’t even let the person grow. So I learned to LOVE and DETACH!!!

Azzin, I actually even STOP picking your calls and when they say they want to visit, I say NO. Why? Because everything we spoke on and prayed about for literally the WHOLE DAY, I have not seen even ONE implemented in your life and tz PAINFUL because time and emotions have been wasted. Then as God leads me, I check with you.

Which is also why I am wise in building relationships and friendships. I can’t do one-sided ooo. Hello 30!!! Sorry!!! I will demote you to the position you really should be at in my life.

So I also train myself to be my NUMBER ONE Coach. I get a ton of wise teaching and no kiddin’ I literally go back, sit with it and tell myself to just make myself and this ‘coach’ proud sef. I have been known to beat my body so haaaaaaaaaaaard to conform. I daily deal with over sleeping or over-social media’ing. I guard my time with everything I have. I let phones ring out A LOT OF TIMES!!! Gosh, I push myself like crazy!!! And I am not even HALF of where I want to be!!!

And let me tell you the good thing about BYOC (the Chicks in my weight loss class shortened it to that and I love it)… Once your Coach sees you make amazing progress, they start to pour more into you. They start to look out more for you. They start to do good stuff for you. They bring you more and more into their lives. Ain’t nobody got time for lazy asses (sorry that’s the only expression that explains just how I feel). I have seen this lived out in my relationship with some of my mentors. I hope I can share IN SOME CRAZY DETAIL when I write my book on mentoring stalking. I am amazed how they look out for me. I have seen it lived out with my mentees too. There are just some of them I look out for more than the others. Because I see them just RUN literally with what they learn from me. I see the FRUITS. I have to keep pouring into them. Mentoring is so triad. You get, you run, you give, you get even more and the triad continues.

Me, I love my life ooo walahi. Plenty rough edges but I am totally working on me daily!!!

So that’s my LIFE QUOTE!!!


Don’t wait for anyone to spoon-feed you daily. Say to yourself that thing you need to hear and then go and do that thing you need to do.

You know something funny happened recently that God used to drive it home AGAIN for me

One morning I woke and I heard God tell me to read Psalms 23 daily. Hmm. So I pinged a mentee who is really into my life lol and told her to make sure she reminds me DAILY to do it. I am sure God had a laughing party that day with how much hope I put in her reminding. I had so much faith ooo.

Ok day 1, babe reminds me.

Day 2 she did.

Day 3 she didn’t.

Day 4, she did again.

By Day 5, she now comes at me with various issues she needed me to counsel her through. She didn’t even mention my Psalm 23 again.


Instantly God told me ‘that’s what happens when you entrust your life completely to someone else’.

The truth is, by Day 3 when she forgot, I got that message already. She’s my baby anyday but she can’t do that daily for me. I wake and I read it without any Coach!!! I have the Holy Spirit too.

Honey, just be your own Coach!!! That’s all I have sang to my weight loss students this past 2 weeks

which is our last (at least for those not joining the July 5k promo)



Phew, that was quite some preaching there. Had to get that out because comedians ABOUND and it breaks my heart, of which I have my comic days ooo, but I adjust quickly!!!

I could go on and on and I truly can’t wait to write that book on STALKING!!! It feels like God just stays pouring into me for it!!! He takes EVERY opportunity!!! Gosh, the Lord is soooo GRACIOUS!!!

Now let me tell you how I started writing this post

BLOG TITLE: DAYS 21-30 and THE FAB SISTERSHIP!!! Yaaaaaaay!!!

Hey guys,

So this would be a two pronged one

I found Days 21 – 30 snooze worthy haha

Or maybe tz just my answers. My head space needs a retreat. Not spiritual one now but a chill one…

But hey, we go with JESUS everywhere so all join

Ok, I am SOOOO EXCITED about launching THE FAB SISTERSHIP today on the blog… But first let’s get the final lap of this 30day blogging challenge which I started here and continued here and will complete below (Haha Tamie)

I truly was gonna launch TFS ooo but now that I have preached on BYOC, I think I can afford to make TFS stand alone in another post. I truly didn’t see that coming… But God did!!! HE IS PERFECT!!! Now Day 21-30 won’t seem so boring again


DAY 21: What makes me sad

Yawl can guess abi? Yup. Those (me too sometimes) who live absolutely below potential because they won’t BYOC!!! So we let the devil toss us around!!!

Something else has to be seeing a woman with her kids begging. Especially with a baby!!! What breaks in my heart has told me that I am going to be so RICH to make sure every woman my eyes see or my ears hear about who has trouble feeding her kids or with housing gets fed and housed!!! Breaks my heart to shreds!!! Especially when I can’t do anything or much. Children should not suffer that way please. Especially NOT BABIES!!!



I still pick scabs off wounds. I still bite my nails and toenails UNTIL I inflict injury and draw blood. Sigh!!! I am resuming nail fixing next week. I can’t keep harming myself. (Please nobody should preach to me, taink you. Working on not taking it into my 30th)



Many mamas and their babies would be of the streets and have food to eat in sustainable ways. Oh, of course I will do super nice things for myself too. Dubai for starters!!!




I can’t stand a stupid man!!! My husband, the FIRST thing that attracted me was not the fact that dude is a tall glass of hot dark chocolate. Nah!!!

My husband is WISE!!!


He was associate Pastor in my campus fellowship then and I was an EXCO. When we had meetings, you would see those in central leadership go back and forth in the most stupid ways over the most stupid things and I would be about to pull my hair out (It was Winners. You can’t just chuk mouth laidat into the Central excos gist ooo) then my husband who had been silent all along would quietly raise his hand, open his mouth, drop the wisdom that would end the entire matter (and shame the rest. At least I hope lol). Azzin!!! Omo, I tripped ooo. So when he showed interest I followed!!! All the way to sign those lines into forever
Thank you!!!

Men who talk nonsense and loudly too can’t survive around me.



Wasting time in the past with feelings of guilt even when it was plainly the devil. Anyways, I am taking it all back… With anger!!!



I dunno. Really!!! I live too ‘out there’ so nothing is hidden!!!



Clothes. Neatly arranged. Perfumes and the likes. Jewelry. An odd book or two.




I hardly get embarrassed. Frankly can’t think of any. Sanguine here, hello!!! We thrive in those moments, spotlight and all!!!



Let me share it on my birthday. Or them sef.



Gosh, I pray, not just hope, that (should Jesus tarry), years and years to come whether I am dead or alive, my posts still minister. I read the archives of Priscilla’s blog from 5years back and it is still timeless. Truths that feel like she wrote it yesterday. It is unbelievable. Ditto Heather’s and even Beth Moore’s. Infact when you read even the posts Beth Moore writes today, you can already tell in your Spirit that 50 years down, people are still going to be RIDICULOUSLY BLESSED BY THEM!!! Almost like the Bible!!! Gosh!!!

I don’t want to write posts just for TODAY and irrelevant tomorrow. I want to write timeless posts that minister life and shoot purpose long after they have been written. I want people to come to both know AND fall deep in love with GOD as they read my posts. I also pray that I do NOT ever stop writing only as God inspires me until I get to heaven.

I would also want my blog to be worldwide famous because it is making JESUS famous. I want daily visitors from all over, not just Nigerians in diaspora, but foreigners everywhere. The world needs to see our Jesus guys…

Those are my my biggest prayers for eziaha.com



The end!!! LOVED IT. And this one wasn’t as dry as I thought. Thanks Tamie for leading me to this. Every lazy blogger needs this help.

Yawl have the weekend of your dreams. I had X and Y to do today but as I prayed this morning, I just felt God tell me to just stay at home and enjoy the day with Him. I think I need the refreshing!!! Eeek!!!

So cheers to the weekend guys!!!




PS: Sorry no pictures haha

PPS: If you can get GO TO THE ANT series by my Pastor Mildred Okonkwo, get it. That message is EVERYTHING!!! The other day it was freezing cold but the fear of that message didn’t allow me cover my head with the duvet. I kept hearing her voice till I got about my day. Scary stuff!!! Just ask a DCC member. Please not me!!! You guys wore me out with WARRIOR IN HEELS and PROPHETIC MOTHERHOOD!!!


We have WHEN WOMEN WORSHIP coming up next week Friday and Saturday!!! That’s 24th and 25th Island and Mainland

Please follow Pastor M’s blog for details

My favourite flyer
My favourite flyer

You missed WARRIOR IN HEELS? Don’t miss AMAGHIMO if you can make it.

Second fave
Second fave

Btw the AMAGHIMO means I DON’T KNOW!!! Almost like for all the things God has done, I’m just speechless and don’t know how to say THANK YOU!!!

So, are you THANKFUL? Let’s worship!!!

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  1. Mama E
    Nice one.
    But i did see anything about fabsistership. I’m so so intrested. I’m currently undergoing DDKs IMMERSE and it’s so immersing. I can’t wait for fabsistership.
    Love Eby

  2. Perfumes as always in the close,I Can’t forget the perfume u gave me.davidoff was it cool blue or cool water?happy 30th in advance

  3. Chai!
    And I’m still wearing lastma badge on the challenge..
    I’m right behind you.
    Thanks for doing this , its really turned out very interesting ..

    BYOC!! Now that’s my word. Knowing what to do and doing it! Still chewing.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Plenty hugs!!

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