Heyaaaaa my Lovelies…

Oh what a day!!!


Let me just jump in here quickly and share a highlight from my day…


So on the treadmill today, I listened to my mama and fellow Mom Of Boys, Lisa Bevere, some of those her SHORT VIDEO VIGNETTES she does when she has a new book out.


I am not sure which she did the video for exactly but it was something about us going after our dreams, and one of the ways we should is by writing it all down, and then even the steps to achieving them, and start to go after it small by small. Lol. The writing down process totally brings it home for us, and clarifies things, helping us know what to do and how to start. It makes what seems so BIG achievable.

I came home earlier from the gym (I would spend an hour minimum but NOT TODAY since i had to act fast before my sleeping baby woke) because I knew it was time to systematically write down ALL the God was telling me for 2018, and see what I can start achieving. I knew them in my head but nothing like the process of writing it down. So glad I did, cos mehn, it really pumped fire into me and then I have started doing what I can to get things done.

My baby stayed asleep still while I did, and I also had breakfast and expressed breastmilk while I did. Literally did THREE things at once.

Breast pumping, journalling in my 2018 journal, and eating

Thankfully my help can prep MOST of my meals. Had stir fry eggs and some fruits.

The rest of the day went by rather stressfully (Hello ElJohn and KingDaveed!!!) , even when Hubby got home, he was like, ‘I don’t like how you are looking ooo…’ to which I asked ‘HOW?’ and he said SPENT… And I’m like well, these babies are SPENDING me indeed haha

BUT hey, so I had been on this 40day challenge of SQUEAKY CLEAN EATING… No junk, hardly any processed foods (only did high fibre and fitfam approved foods), NO WHITES which includes bread, rice, pasta, anything fried (small chops, meatpie and the likes). Guess what? 40days ends TOMORROW and I had plans for pizza and Icecream but let me tell that story tomorrow after I am back from the SUPER LUNCH God arranged for me instead….

So excited that I get to actually DRESS UP and GO OUT with my family ALL EXPENSE PAID…

Come back for that gist tomorrow.

For now, I gotta publish this, go work out and then express milk. Then if I am not too tired, I should continue with my Study with TD Jakes new book SOAR!, do a little work for tomorrow, and then sleep. Wont go past midnight though, but guess what? I am running on CAFFEINE haha. I know, I am a nursing mom so I am controlling it.

Oh dang, I have not had dinner. Just asked my help what I could eat and she said Potato porridge. Biko no time. I should settle for Weetabix later when hunger wires me haha.

My firstborn is still awake but hubby and ElJohn are asleep. I let KingDaveed stay up late on Fridays cos i ALWAYS want him to sleep in on Saturdays so I am done with most of my morning work before he wakes. Works for me biko, plus no school anyways

Ok time check, 9.20pm…





Someone shared this beautiful post on FB today about my weightloss journey

and it really reminded me of God’s faithfulness even in our TESTS.


And since the person was a UI friend, i was reminded again of how my failure from Pharmacy school also worked out for my good at the end.


I shared a bit of that story on my social media tonight

@coachesquad on Twitter and IG


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