I consider myself a great cook. So great that sometimes I don’t even taste my meals before I serve hubs. I just KNOW that it tastes nice jare so I can just dish it out happily.

This blogpost however is a sharp contrast to that.

When God dropped this post in my spirit, I was all ready to ‘dish’ and instantly, I felt a check in my spirit…

No baby… YOU GONNA EAT this one first, SWALLOW and DIGEST even before you DARE to DISH it.


Haha. #HARDCheck

This was really one post I had to swallow and apply FIRST to my life and even though I am still applying, I have the RELEASE to dish, serving myself a healthy portion too.

One fine Saturday, my husband said something to me in conversation,

‘…So this is ALL they talk about on this show? Other people’s lives. And you keep watching it…?’

It was a rerun of STARGIST with Vimbai and he would catch bits and pieces of the show whenever I watched it but that was the day it dawned on him that really ooo, all my wife is watching everyday is Miss Vimbai and co go on and on about the lives of Stars who have absolutely NOTHING to offer her life? Trust me, he wasn’t being judgemental or anything and he didn’t even say more than that BUT that line above got me thinking. Thinking of my life!!! The Holy Spirit inspired him to casually drop that line…

Seriously, lemme tell y’all what my life was like especially when I was in Bonny island, and a stay-home 24/7 breastfeeding exclusively mama, with DSTV and NEPA on 24/7

Wake up sometime sha around 9am ish. Bath KingDaveed and stuff…

Then while I did other things around the house, I would have my AfMag Showcase on and we would go from

A different view with Gena West to Emerald to Taste of Love to Calabash to Star gist to 53 extra/Jara then Hotel Majestic to Tinsel to At home with Michelle Attoh to an Africa Magic Original movie to repeats of Emerald, Taste of Love, Calabash, 53Extra or Jara, maybe another Original movie, then fresh eps of Jara/53Extra, Star Gist, Tinsel, Hotel Majestic, Emerald, Taste of Love, Calabash(or one boring GH soap) to another Original movie to one GH show again and here we are at midnight baby… I usually prayed/studied my Bible at midnight 1am/2am ish then I threw in some career related stuff too… Then I would sleep at anytime between 2 and 4am.

Did you see how Eziaha reeled off all these programs just laidat? My excuse being that I spent plenty butt-time breastfeeding/breast pumping and I really can’t work on my laptop with an engaging baby anyways hence I was filling my mind with MINDLESS TV. Oh in between all that, I would be on Twitter, Instagram, Linda Ikeji Blog, Stella Dimoko blog and Bella Naija.

Obviously it wasn’t like I did NOTHING else but sit in front of the TV or on those sites, no, because I still had my sermon CDs I would pop in from time to time daily but look guys, these others ones were taking up more time than I cared for that IT WAS PATHETIC by my standards!!! I really didn’t realise what my life was becoming because even though I still spent time with GOD, these MINDLESS TV was really what I was bowing down and worshipping because they were taking a better part of my time. (Something most stay-at-home mamas need to DELIBERATELY GUARD AGAINST.)

IT WAS STEALING AN AWFUL OF THE PRECIOUS TIME I would have spent with my face in my Bible and knees on the floor getting directions for my life. Yes I didn’t have TIME to you know, clear out my desk and have a REAL quiet time during the day (at least like I like it)


but it didn’t mean I should fill my mind with JUNK and FLUFF on TV and Online.

I mean, what REALLY would I gain from LIB that I should be up-to-date with her latest posts? Why should I watch Star Gist religiously catching up on the lives of Dbanj and Yemi Alade and Rihanna even if my mind wasn’t FULLY on it? When it is not like I am about to go into entertainment. I mean, I dunno if that’s the case now but my darling Linda Ikeji (and I really do like her drive and all) would constantly and hourly shove the Kardashians (especially the one who just turned 18 and Kim) down our throats like she was paid too. Then homosexuals, transgenders and all, COME ON!!! I would now say that at least Stella’s blog would share real life stories and all so I could learn a thing or two. Yup. But then I would get into reading the comments and all the drama happening there (and on BN, LIB and co) would be entering my head and I will be laughing at it all yet it profits me LESS THAN NOTHING!!! Because I was doing this casually, I wish it stayed at head level but such stuff also ENTERED MY SPIRIT through my eye-gate and ear-gate. I mean I was letting down my guard ON MY OWN WATCH!!!

Guys just keeping it real here… Ain’t nothing wrong with all these shows/blogs and my Sociology taught me that they have their functions somehow, but I was overdosing on them and such fluff was filling up my life. I guess if you are an entertainer or so, you can religiously follow all these stuff BUT look, ENTERTAINMENT especially secular is NOT MY THING!!! I signed up for THE ARMY OF GOD and seriously, I was messing with ‘civilians’.

Like I said, I had to EAT this dish first. To hell with portion control, I GOT SERVED BIGTIME literally.

So that statement from my hubby got me thinking of how much time I had WASTED with these stupid stuff. I really went to God in prayer. Don’t get me wrong oo, I wasn’t lounging on SIN-ROAD per se, because YES, I still had my time with God and all but I was letting the devil creep in with all those MINDLESS TV programs and blogs in my ‘downtime’. That was when the Holy Spirit began to talk to me about DETOX

DETOX: A process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances; (detoxification)

God was leading me to do a SPIRITUAL DETOX. That was when I tweeted this and God had me know that I was gonna EAT THAT DISH before I serve it.


Fam, I lost no time.

I LOGGED OUT OF EVERY SINGLE SECULAR BLOG!!! No there was NOTHING that important that I would DIE if I missed… Absolutely NOTHING!!!



Then I started cleaning out my Social media accounts… Unfollowed stupid TOXIC twitter handles that tweet NONSENSE, I didn’t follow back every KFB without confirming if it is a HEALTHY handle. I would go on IG, avoid the timeline and go straight to just a few HEALTHY accounts

Priscilla Shirer. Heather Lindsey. Joyce Meyer. #warroommovie. etc

I was deliberate about filtering my IG account. Seriously, seeing people’s cloths, shoes, vacation and life generally WOULD and CANNOT add anything tangible to my life. No ManCrushMonday, ThrowbackTuesday, WomanCrushWednesday, or FlashBackFriday would save my life. Neither yours!!! Instead before you know it, you would start comparing your own EVERYDAY life to someone’s INSTAGRAM LIFE.

Oh I also TURNED off the TV. Trust me, it stayed OFF.


I didn’t care what I was missing. I needed to take a CLEAN BREAK first, then when I am STRONG enough, I can now start sieving what to watch or not. And with PORTION CONTROL too… No program was ‘unmissable’ no matter how educative or informative it was.


See guys, I BEAT MY FLESH!!! I did a CLEAN DIVORCE and I didn’t watch sometimes or visit some blogs just once a day. I didn’t visit or watch AT ALL. Only after sometime did I start sieving and letting some things in gradually and that was because my spirit had matured some and rejected plenty nonsense anyways.

I will be back to this, but lemme share two real life stories here…

A dear friend of mine’s boyfie of 2years had broken up with her. She paid me a post natal visit and gisted me of it all and how painful it was (is). I told her ngwa since na Bro talk say e no dey do again even after everything, you too baby, MOVE ON. I didn’t mince words. She is my home girl and I love her like a sister so ain’t nobody got time to sugarcoat…

I told her TO CUT OFF FROM HIM TOTALLY!!! NO, YOU CANNOT JUST BE FRIENDS (because she was misreading some HARMLESS signals he was sending thinking he wanted to get back together e.g. HI lol). They attend the same SMALL church and are BOTH workers so I told her, babe you are hurting, STOP GOING TO THAT CHURCH FOR A WHILE until you HEAL PROPERLY. If not, a simple HELLO from dude will be misinterpreted as ‘I wanna get back with you’ (and it was). If it was a big church where you both could avoid each other, yup keep attending. But since it is a growing church and members would even be asking you of him and vice-versa, STOP!!! DELETE HIM FROM BBM(and any of his relatives), BLOCK HIM FROM FACEBOOK, don’t stalk him on IG, unfollow him on Twitter and DO NOT VISIT OR TAKE NO CALLS. I was very serious. No be say you dey fight or vex ooo but THAT WAS THE WISE THING TO DO AT THE TIME. Look guys, HE BROKE UP so moving on was easy for him, she still loved him and wanted to get back together therefore was hurting so still connecting with him on this and that level would NOT WORK. Then I told her to go before God, ask HIM to HEAL her, trust that HE will bring her OWN Adam, compensation, and all that good stuff. Told her that if she didn’t do a clean break, 6months later, she would still be hurting. If she did a clean break however, she would heal so much that she would see him and just bless him and move on. She didn’t. Like 4months later, she spoke to me again was still at square one because she didn’t DETOX of the dude completely. I told her same thing. This time, she agreed.

Story 2

A younger friend of mine was in this ‘situationship’ with this guy. She was feeling him more than he was feeling her and she was getting heartbroken and stuff. She confided in me and I told her to CLEAN DETOX of the guy. No be fight ooo but you my darling need to get out of that situationship like right NOW and still relating with the guy like nothing happened would not let you keep your emotions in check and heal. Time truly does heal wounds if you totally DETOX!!!

She agreed!!! At least I hope she did 🙂 (Sweetie update me please)

Ok back to me…

See why I did a CLEAN detox? Because I knew I wasn’t strong enough to just reduce it. But if I truly took some time away, I would strengthen those muscles, get new ‘tastebuds’ and former distractions won’t even be a bother anymore.

So what did I fill my time and days with?

Bless that blog reader, Grace, who commented on my WAR ROOM post about Priscilla Shirer and her Bible study teachings. Decided to check her out and as I watched her for the first time, I had a ‘baby in the womb leap’ moment like Elisabeth’s baby at the sound of Mary’s greeting. IT WAS SURREAL.
Don’t let me continue with Shirer, we won’t say anything else here, lol. I would do a special post maybe next month where all I will do is share my influences.

Between Priscilla Shirer, Joyce Meyer and Heather Lindsey’s YouTube videos, I got the HEALTHY MIND CONTENT I needed. It was like I HAD JUST STRUCK GOLDEN GOLD with DIAMONDS attached all over. Every single downtime I had, I would OVERDOSE on their videos. Oh my spirit was HAPPY HEALTHY and ALIVE again in the way that I loved.

Oh this is TRUTH on plenty levels

The good thing about spending time with God is that NATURALLY, those things you used to do now become very unattractive to your spirit. They actually start to irritate you, you don’t even have to struggle to NOT LIKE or DO them. Now, I sit down to watch some movies and I am so super distracted and then I finally just let it go. I can’t concentrate on TV like I used to and I can switch it off at will. Secular blogs? Lol, I don’t even miss at all. Like I don’t even want all those gist and gossip on me. God has totally filled me with HIM and HIS. I mean, it is so cool, I promise.

And somehow, I even think all those fluff I was filling my mind with made me physically indulge in junk and fluff meals that now made me FAT. I am serious. Because our spiritual actually controls the physical. Talk about a lose-lose. Hiss.

Recently, some of the ladies in my #FITFABFAM started a physical detox. The ones who have rice as their weakness decided to go weeks/a month without rice. In fact all of us are really being disciplined enough to cut off junk from our lives. I have been such a clean eater for say 3weeks and the way my body feels? Oh, beautiful. My skin is glowing, the weight is gradually but surely falling off and it don’t matter how much chocolate is in the fridge, I ain’t messing with it. Haha. Plenty clean and green eating and plenty portion control. I am doing a post on that soon.

So as my spiritual was receiving DETOX, my physical is also receiving and trust me, I have NEVER felt better about myself. My body is so clean and even more important is that my SPIRIT IS SO CLEAN TOO!!!

So guys, I just legit exposed myself and all to yawl. Haha. You know why? BECAUSE I AM F R E E!!! And i believe my story can help you too. Your own TOXIC STUFF may NOT be TV, blogs or whatever BUT honey, sit down and ASK YOURSELF if you REALLY need to be on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter all day long/hang with those friends/SLEEP on that blog/FOLLOW THAT SERIES LIKE A RELIGION/watch all those  Nolly/Hollywood movies(insert whatever you are bowing down to worship here) ? Maybe you should close your Social media account completely and go on a TECHNOLOGY FAST and THROW AWAY YOUR PHONE while at it.


Yup put down your phone and listen to heaven
I LOVED Dr N’s comment on my post CELEBRITY NOT ROLE MODEL where she said she is deliberately NOT getting on Instagram because she is still trying to MANAGE her other Social media accounts. WISDOM!!! Now there is Periscope. Do you REALLY have to BE on there too? Have you managed the other accounts you have very well before adding Periscope?


Yes they all have their good but if you know you REALLY CAN’T MANAGE it and are about to MAKE A god of it and bow down and worship it, DO NOT OPEN THAT ACCOUNT!!! Trust me, it is NOT that serious or important. YOU WILL NOT DIE IF YOU MISS IT!!! Sincerely ask yourself what area of your life could do with some DETOX and start the process NOW… That your internet is cheap/free don’t mean you should turn your mind to a dustbin through what you watch and listen to. Some of yawl need to start right with your BBM Channels that you WORSHIP!!! GO CLEAN UP YOUR SPIRIT guys!!!


And if you fail and find yourself drifting again into such toxicities, receive GRACE and start the DETOX journey again. And be sure to fill your mind with THE GOOD STUFF otherwise the idleness will make you go back to ‘junk’. Like One of my FITFABFAM sister shared recently, she had to eat one of her ‘forbiddens’ the other day because she didn’t have any healthy food option at home. She portion controlled tho… 🙂

So that’s it Fam. If you need help, encouragement and stuff, holler at me. and God will show us how we can help you DETOX your life… And if you have any success detox stories or suggestions, please share 🙂



to DETOX-living…





Have you read 5 REASONS WHY YOU NEED THE JOYCE MEYER STUDY BIBLE? You know how all those pings come in and MAJOR DISTRACT you when are using ‘Bible on your phone/ipad/etc’

Go and get yourself a good study Bible and I heartily recommend Joyce Meyer’s.


Like I said in that Post, this October we stay busy on this blog. Hahhaahha. I am EXCITED at all the posts that are still to come so see you again in 3days time by God’s grace… Yay 7th!!! Wonder which one to run next? Maybe I will do THE SPIRIT OF SHUT UP Part 1!!! Anyways if not it, whatever I run, as the Spirit leads will BLESS you I promise. Now spread word about this FABULOUS blog… Will you? Thanks 🙂

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  1. Every time I read your blog you bless me. You will never lack inspiration. You are graced.God bless u darl

  2. Seriously this is so real, d media has so muchly posioned majority of our gals. They can’t help comparing there life’s with that of facebook’. Is nice u did this coux. Remain inspired!

  3. Awesome awesome post.
    Sometimes it just seems like you post stuff that have been on my mind or that I am going through.
    Last month I wanted to get a study bible, I did get one but wasn’t totally feeling it and next I see the post on JM bible.
    My heart was so happy reading this, as I was already doing some detox tho it wasn’t on a large scale. I had removed the LIB bookmark about 2 months ago, initially I thought I would kinda miss all the entertainment gist and all but two months down and still off it. Whoop! Also did a twitter detox. Another one for me was bbm updates/dp. That’s the one for me that made me feel so good and light. I didnt need to see every dp or update, and it didn’t remove nada from my person.
    I used to complain to myself of not having time to listen to messages and all that but in the last two months since I had started this detox…that complain is history.

    Thank you for sharing. Tho,on this path already I still got blessed and encouraged.
    Thank you for sharing all you share…it always does a world of God for me.

    1. Oh hun go get Joyce Meyer already!!!!!! You will FEEL it totally 🙂
      Same thing I thought about LIB. That I would miss some maybe vital info but na lie. Hiss. My devices must have forgotten about those blogs sha.
      Good to know you too are detoxifying your own toxicity. I think my bbm love is pretty healthy. I had to work on twitter like you too.
      And that time thing, I am reminded of something Heather said on FB and co showing us that we have TIME A PLENTY. Going to add it to my post jare. Thanks boo

  4. Sis, I so relate to your blog posts or posts generally its sometime weird. I cant write to save my life but its as if God uses you to write what I would have written if I could write.

    Tell me abt detox. I got a point were LIB and others didn’t make any sense to me again, were gossip was not appealing anymore. I love TV but haven’t watched TV in ages because the content does not appeal to me anymore. I recently got a mail to subscribe to one dove channel that has christian entertainment I think d channel is affiliated to bible gateway. I subscribed and looking forward to trying their content when I renew my data. U can only stream. I cant wait to see War room cos now its only such movies that appeal to me but they are few and far between. Saves me time that I hardly have so I’m not complaining. Funny thing is that I still feel like sth is stealing my time cos 24hours is never enough and I trust that the Holy Spirit will reveal it one day.

    Thanks for sharing your posts with us. That’s one good content I look forward to

    1. Thank you soooo much.
      And funny I ALWAYS think you are a blogger 🙂
      Will check out dove tv too
      And I say amen to your prayer ooo
      And thank you for the kind words

  5. Hi E’,

    You are definitely on a roll this month! God bless you for your honesty. For the most part there’s no time to indulge in TV/social media.
    But during weekends/public holidays sometimes I find myself refreshing them social media accounts inordinately, and at the end of the day I wouldn’t have read my Bible.

    Thanks for throwing the challenge to be intentional about using our free time wisely and for generally being such a blessing! God bless you and yours

  6. My Ever-present help always comes through. I so needed this. Thank you so much Mama E’ (not dropping the Mama part ever!), you just blessed me.
    Been in a situationship (absolutely toxic) for a while now and started a detox less than a week ago and i’ve been shaky. This just strengthened my resolve.
    Also, I so need a TV detox! I work at home and right now, working without the TV on is absolutely difficult and it has crossed my mind plenty times that it must be affecting my productivity. I do messages and songs only when I have to work without light. Yep! I don’t have to watch every episode of every show I follow. Yep! I can survive without watching TV!
    I’m running off to look for Priscilla Shirer on IG and youtube.
    God bless you Mama

    1. Pls detox CLEAN hunnay.
      And just leave the TV off!!! You will not only survive you will THRIVE and be MORE PRODUCTIVE.
      I love you baby and I certainly miss yawl *tears*

  7. Chai, they even mentioned my name. Lol
    Ehe I recommend buying books with a fixed % of your monthly income. Great way to detox. Who has read Perry Stone’s ‘Angels on assignment’? Lovely

    1. hahaha
      funny there are more posts with your name in them ooo. watch out hahaha
      you and your blog are such a blessing so I am always happy to reference
      I haven’t read it ooo. the name sef sounds lovely.
      Or wait, maybe I have oooo
      In Uni. I think soooooo

    2. I’ve not but I stole Perry Stones ‘exposing satan’s playbook ‘ from my mum which I feel bad about because she’s not been able to get another copy. I’ll try and find dis one. Dr N, I like ur honest Christian views on BN.

  8. Hehehe …SPIRIT OF SHUT UP!…Ghen ghen!

    I’m currently in my season of detox: things i read, people i listen to etc.. and i’m INTENTIONALLY filling up with plenty messages, tongue speaking-scripture searching- devil humiliating-heaven populator sorta people, no time mehn! …and me too ayam not missing LIB 😀

    Thanks E’… Your posts always minister to me. Say hi to KingDaveed 🙂

  9. Every time I read your post, I am happy I found you.I hope to share that story one day. My DETOX has to be on secular blogs and movies especially movies. Funny, that i realized they take a lot of my time and still didn’t do anything about it.Starting right away though.Remained blessed Mama E’

  10. Ifeoma Ifeoma Ifeoma. How many times did you hear your name. This post is from God to you directly. All this junk is way too much. Oya start to DETOX sharp sharp. Am so ashamed of myself after reading this. I overdose on secular blogs especially if I just come across it for the first time. If I miss LIB or SDK for days. I have to read till i get to where I stopped and I still do this till I read this post today but all this most stop. Haba. Enough is enough abeg. Hubby had to ask me one time if I intend becoming a celebrity with the way I follow their lives and want to share everything with him. He doesn’t want to be a part of that. Am so grateful mama for this post. This post is timely and will be ever green. Our youth needs to read this. You need to see the way I carry this celebrity and reality shows on my head. I comment, judge and criticize as if I knew their personal lives. Am giving myself brain and detoxifying right away. God bless you mama, kisses to KingDaveed.

    1. Lol
      Put it up this early because of our discussion sef. Wanted to save it for later before.

      Hubs is so right. I’ma be on yr case.

  11. Oh, how this post is a blessing. Thank you so much, I definitely am a partaker and I’m glad this post has ministered to us all. God will keep expressing himself through you. Thank you. ..

  12. Thanx E’ well done. if a Christian has to spend so much time on anything it has to be so we can make spiritual impart. If not ……nice nice post. How’s KingDaveed? And how’s E’?

  13. Lol. Dear God…is this a sign? Ok so, my guilty pleasure is Wendy William’s show. That’s what I use to cool off after a hard day. The irony is half the time, I don’t even know the folks she chats on and off about, but I like her delivery method and I laugh. Recently however, she made some comments about them firing Terrence Howard from the Empire show. Now, I don’t particularly like TH but I felt Wendy was really mean spirited about how she said it. I mean she could have cost a person their means of living. It then occurred to me, why on earth do I even watch the show? I mean, she makes some sense amidst her incessant chat but really her values are so different from mine. I watch her endorse young women “exploring” and being condescending to people abstaining from sex. And I still watch.

    I tried rationalizing, and now I saw this post Lol. It’s funny because no one told me before I STOPPED watching Orange is the New Black. Yes, it was a rave, but it was so filled with filth that I was convinced such a show was not for me. I need to cleanse myself from Wendy’s show too abeg. I have got a hang off social media, I think. No more new social media accounts. I sometimes log off my current ones for months. Before every Instagram post, I ask myself “of what value is this? Is it just to show off my imperfect life as perfect?” or am I really being genuine and just sharing my pictures with family and friends?

    Sorry for the long comment. I guess what I’m trying to say is that this post was really timely. May God help me to detox from TV shows UGH lol. And I’m with you on Priscilla Shirer, she’s on fire. I always listen to her, Bishop Jakes and Pastor Prince on Youtube and thank God for them.

    1. I LOVE COMMENTS like this abeg. I especially love how u analyzed Wendy’s. This walk is so personal… God’s grace to us all as we detox.

      High five to all my shirer lovers haha

  14. Ayam getting VERY INTENTIONAL and DELIBERATE about detoxing stupid people from my life especially gossips. Being in uni nd alll, there z always gist bout classmates nd all, recently a classmate got preggy nd peeps were on her like a blood hound, at times when peeps go hard on her I make excuses for her cos true true In my own opinion nobody plans to get preggy in final year. Buh thing z i’m tired of tolerating gossips… Though most times i’m like maybe my standards are too high nd I should jes loosen up nd join in the convo small, at least try to be ‘normal’ lool. Beht frankly, I can’t stand stupidity, it doesn’t prosper my soul in anyway it jes irks me in a way that just does me ‘one kin’. Right now, I ain’t negotiating again, Operation detox!

  15. Ooo priscilla is… there’s this vibrancy bout her nd the way she preaches is… kai, I have her ‘where is your priority’ message, I still haven’t recovered. I love heather too, been stalking her blog for 2 years now, her ‘gra gra’ is so sweet, I love it. I recently started stalking her on IG, she nd her hubby, I love the fact that I can stalk them without feeling vain lool nd dts cos they post clean, healthy and insightFULL stuff ‘specially scriptures. Recently started stalking the Mckinley’s too, their love story is a lil bit incredible at least to me, getting married @ 19 jes seems surreal.
    Bless you momma, love you mega. Kisses to KingD.

  16. Thank you so much for this point. This is exactly what I needed to hear. I recently got married and Im home all day at the moment. I spend majority of my day on social media and many blogs especially LIB, and I have upcoming exams to study for! It’s so bad I renew my 1month data plan on a weekly or 2-weekly basis!
    I am going on a DETOX!!! Deleting Instagram right now until I’m mature enough to sift the chaff. Most importantly I pray God strengthens me through my detox. Thanks for the sharing this post. I am inspired.

    1. Congratulations darling. Awwww iyawo. Congrats jor.

      My dear that used to be me ooo. My data dey finish anyhow before and hubs used to be upset at me. Now I know better, so my data is more productive lol

      Praying for strength for you too

      Hugs and all d best in ur exams

  17. Dear one hit the nail on the head. M sorry I cant stand reading and watching things that will slowly poison my mind. When I was a student then in abh. Tv was allowed in our rooms n cable was connected.i remember always watching E . Sexiest Hollywood women.rock abs men.richest Hollywood baddest guys and all jus filled my mind.ill wake up remembering the all stuff,then I wanted to b thing like Jessica alba and still retain butt like Beyonce,walk and pout like jolie .lols very stupid! I woke up one day and was like nope,this is not right.i should think about Godly things biko. And then I got better after ‘detoxing’.n I won’t go down that path again lailai

    1. Valerie ooooooooooooo
      When something is free, we have to be doubly responsible.

      I recall when I used to watch E! Lol. I don’t even believe it haha

      But Jolie and Kimk’s pout tho!!! Choi. Perfect work of Art


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