I dunno about the rest of the world but 2016 has been one big education for me!!!


I can’t even believe myself. As we kiss the Ist quarter goodbye, I figured I’ll share 16 things I’ve learned in 2016 (so far)

Learned as in a deeply bearing-personal-witness kinda way…


1. Never estimating anyone from a purely human or physical point of view. Actually tz the popular ‘…know no man after the flesh…’ of 2cor 5:16. 

This was something God told me at the start of the year. And i’m thankful He did, because I always remembered it as I dealt with humans. I shudder at all I would have missed, or entered, had I been looking and estimating at only face value. 

2. My motives, especially as a Sanguine are EVERYTHING!!!


This one has been tough. God is constantly checking me with the big question- WHY???

Why do you wanna blog/tweet that?

Why do you wanna say that?

Why do you wanna give that?

Why? Why?? Why???

Big question. Especially for a Sanguine like me who wants to be Sanguine and also live for God. Trust me, it is something!!! And yes I LOVE being Sanguine. Everybody I am obsessed about is Sanguine. OK almost everybody.

3. I am one strong and extremely passionate young woman.


For many years, Valerie, my bestie would tell me that and I would block it thinking, ‘Vee is just too kind to me jor…’ But in recent times, I’ve seen a side of me I didn’t know I had. One of the most freeing counsel I’ve received and it came from my Pastor M has to be ‘…you have to learn how to LOVE, and then DETACH…’ 

4. There are weights. And there are sins. And they are not the same. 

If they were the same, the writer of Hebrews (12v1) would not have separated it. I have learnt to toss the weights and i’m still learning. 

Weights?!??!! Phew… just leave them and soon enough they become SIN!!!

5. The law of sowing and reaping works. 

Sometimes like magic, immediately. Most times, over time. But eventually, harvest comes. I’m sold out to sowing. And as widely as possible. Even with tears.

6. Money is a defence!!!

The Preacher didn’t tell no lie when he wrote that in Ecclesiastes 7v12. Hopefully, I can unpack that in a separate post. But trust me, money is a defence!!! I recall unpacking this for my bestie Dumebi


and she said her prayer the next morning changed. Lol

7. Whenever I am burning out, it is not that I am doing too much, it is that I’m doing stuff God hasn’t empowered me to do. I’m being very unwise and probably trying to please too many people. There are stuff I’ve done and expected to have a flat out exhausted-to-depression moment like Elijah but I just realise energy bursting through me. Then sometimes i’ll do less and i’m burned out. One day, God explained why to me. Now I’m more careful of my activities. 

8. Pressure is real. Especially people pressure. God had to teach me ‘Eziaha, you obey God NOT man’


Now, I make sure to live for the approval of ONE… Jesus!!!

9. If I don’t manage my time taking phonecalls, I’ll spend all day on the phone. So now, I’m very OK with letting phones ring out while I just look at it. Then I also know how to stop conversations that are winding. I have my Rev to thank for that.


I learned that from him because he didn’t stop being a people-person as a result so…………..

10. I BELIEVE in my sheep-shepherd type relationship with God. I believe I will hear Him on situations, whether in advance, smack dab in the middle of it, or afterwards. I constantly repeat ‘I am God’s sheep and I hear and obey ONLY His voice. The voice of a stranger I do not obey/follow’  So when I feel like I’m starting to stress about something, I just say ‘God, I believe you will speak to me clearly on this so i’ll just let it be‘. He usually shows up for me. 

11. I have a PhD in stalking. 😂😂😂🙌🙌🙌 it is incredibz.

I believe it is a gift. A gift of research.

Already authoring hers lol

Once I enter your matter, I can author your biography. So long as you don’t live under a rock. Lol. BTW I stalk people who stalk Jesus ooooo.

12. It is soooooooo important to share your story both with yourself (the more personal ones) and with others. I’m grateful I have a platform to do that with my blog. I’ve read stories on my blog and i’m grateful I wrote them down. Because otherwise, I would have forgotten details. I’ve looked at my past journals and i’m grateful I document my spiritual journey especially as I change. My journalling game has peaked. Explains why I am on my fourth biro/pen this year alone. And i’m not a student ooo lol. I love to keep my empty pen cases. Something Loni taught me in Uni. 
I’m soooo grateful for people like my mama Joyce who don’t stop sharing their journey through life with every book, every sermon, every conference and every interview.
She’s sooooo open with her faults, weaknesses and victories. Heather Lindsey who shares her marital and family challenges that make me know I am NOT alone. Chris Caine whose blog has tons and tons of her journey through life. Who lets us know God ain’t looking for perfect Chicks to use.

Oh Chris💕💞😍

Oh I’m grateful. Americans especially are really really refreshingly open. Africans have a more ‘hidden, it-is-well’ culture. I refuse to join that party. 
Which is why my blog is getting more personal with more of my challenges, struggles and victories. Who knows which young girl would lean in and read this some 20years later and get more direction for her life. Amen!!!

13. It’s OK for some people to NEVER see my sanguine side. See, as a young married woman living ‘single’ in a town like Lagos, you better have your GAME FACE on a LOT!!! I’m not about that ‘weak woman’ or damsel-in-distress life. No I’m not. I’ll take you down!!! 

#NoJokes #LionessArising

14. Pictures, for me are still very very therapeutic!!!


I can apply a picture-therapy to many situations in my life. 

15. God’s GPS system is perfect. He will find you anywhere. But you gotta be willing to put in a lot of work even in the background, in anonymity and obscurity, and trust that God will find you where you are and PROMOTE you!!! This I learnt from Christine Caine.  

16. And the final one is also a lesson from Chris


In this really cool Christian subculture that’s emerging, If the light that is on you is greater than the light that is IN YOU, that light on you (hello superstar?) will destroy you. It will take me out because I have no depth. 

That’s probably the biggest thing I’ve learnt this year. I’ll do a full post on it. 

And hey just a bonus

God alone is my SOURCE. I’ve seen a LOT of things SHAKE but God has been sooooo constant. No man can close or open doors so I don’t fear or care for what man can do. I look to God alone and then I look out for ‘ravens’, ‘Zarephath widows’ and of course the ‘ abundance of rain’

That takes ALL the pressure away!!! This will help you too looking to man.

That’s it. 16 plus 1. 

Share a few of your 2016 lessons with me in the comments section if you may. Let’s know how the year has been panning out for you. 



Hugs and Love,



Allow me to recommend these videos to my married sisters here. 

In Making Marriage work, Joyce and Dave share their 45 year old journey (tz a 4year old video but soooo relevant).

They even share a kiss at the end after this emotional speech from Joyce in part 2 *sniff*
Andy Stanley did a fine job interviewing them.
Dave z a HERO!!!
In Why did I get married, Heather and Cornelius share how rocky their first few years of marriage were, even to contemplating divorce, and how they made it through.

Heather actually has a lot of videos from that marriage retreat and they are all really good.

And then my most recent crush. The Beveres. John and Lisa. This interview with Sid Roth is everything!!! No seriously!!!
Lisa is sooooo open, second only to Joyce.  

In Nigeria, everyone has a happy we-have-sex-everyday, we-submit-and-love-from-the-womb kinda PERFECT marriage. I’m happy we have some Americans who share their challenges and have helped me through my own journey. 


I imagine some people thinking I’m probably about to get a divorce this one I’m sharing marriage videos. Hahahahaha. No hun. Marriage is a pretty awesome journey with tons of perks. I am so thankful for my husband, more today than three years ago.


It is also a very challenging one and where we share the challenges AND the victories, we give those coming behind us some kinda perspective and maybe an opportunity to avoid some of the landmines we stepped on. 


Heather has definitely helped me avoid a LOT of drama in mine. And Joyce.


You know what, I am counting the days to the BIGGEST CHICK PARTY OF 2016 #LoveLife. I think I may just beg God to bring September 29 closer.


You don’t wanna see my browser history. Info from past conferences, reviews, news, hotels, etc. Who else is coming? Details here
There is a pretty tidy Nigerian crew on board. Obviously, we don’t have to go together from Nigeria but hey, we can sha hook up right at Edward Jones and then be the ones who scream the loudest (even during announcements about restrooms) so Joyce notices us and locks us all in a room with herself, Chris and Beth and even takes us to her home. 

Love this picture


A girl can dream…
Her God can do ANYTHING!!!

This Easter meme got me smiling


So thankful He rose jor

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  1. I like this post. And you’re totally right, my archives are filled with stories I wrote and have trouble remembering. Writing is therapeutic for me in the sense that when I write about a problem, I lay the problem down and walk away. It just doesn’t have to be a public laying down. So, I got me a prayer journal.
    And as per your research, I totally feel you.

  2. One thing I’ve learnt so far , is one way to combat procrastination is taking deliberate and immediate actions. This has helped me.

    I wish I would write in my journal as much as I wanted to. Instead I’ve converted the journal for some other writing.

    Love your lesson on motives. I’m at our camp meeting and something was shared along that line this morning and it has been ringing in my head. Men see your actions but God sees your true motives behind those actions.

  3. I’m a recovering sanguine LOL, its all good though. Even though I would argue in my numerous time that I ain’t one as I see myself sometime hovering around trying to land between the chasm of Melancholy and Choleric.

    As a recurring sanguine cum melancholic, I have learnt to do away with relationships that dont add value. You know sanguines are usually people pleaser and more.

    These are some of the things I have learnt

    – balancing and sorting out emotions, I’m a kind of person who internalized feelings, I don’t talk much. Plus I’m a kind of person that gets influence easily but I’m learning to sort out those kind of stuff that are needful, essential and those to be otrightly , stylishly and systematically discarded.
    – being a little more outspoken, I am kind of person that find it hard to tell you happy birthday in person. I will rather say it in writing or otherwise. I have been learning to verbalise my my thoughts, emotion and feelings. Nope I’m not weakling, I usually verbalizing emotions or feeling embarrassing
    – you cant store spirituality. Spirituality is something you have to keep on or it keeps discharging
    – you can never outgrow or being so knowledgeable that you don’t want to read the scripture anymore- spiritual pride. Because I kind of gain access to deep spiritual truth while reading the scripture, I began to be negligence in reading the bible anymore. HS had to deal with me when I opened the bible after a while and nothing was coming forth, I was dumbfounded.

    Heyyy! My comment seems tonne getting longer than the post. I think I have the ‘gift’ of commenting, LOL. Don’t letnme abuse it

    OK OK…………. I am out

    Oh I forgot to mention about the marriage mushy tushy chocolate wrapped burgouise wrapper we Africans display about marriage issues. Hmmm…. The lord is our muscles. As most pastors hardly talk about having issues in their marriage, sharing them is not failure on their part but creating an outlet for their members to identifying with and draw strength from their victories.

    Eeermm….. So one idea came to mind day before yesterday about why God hates divorce. What I am bout to say might sound ridiculous, unscriptural and perhaps blasphemous. But I will say it though…………..God hates covenant breaking, the way Lucifer did. I won’t say more than this……

    Sorry for the long comment, I was just typing as the commenting spirit leads ??

    Ire oo

  4. Looking to man… *sigh*. This one resonates with me. And it creeps in so subtly, I’m usually jolted when He gently reminds me, “The arm of flesh will fail you.”

  5. “Whenever I am burning out it’s not that am doing too much, it’s that am doing stuff God hasn’t empowered me to do”…
    Now that’s a life changing lesson..
    I am just learning to fully grasp and am just grateful you wrote it down,
    I will take a screenshot for future reference..

    Also I could go psycho and list every other lesson here because they are all my top most absolute favorite thing to read today but I won’t, I will keep my stalker moves for now..

    Am also very stalkerish by the way I like to excuse it by saying knowledge is power.. ???

    I love you for writing Sister Girl..
    Happy Easter from Uggy *winks*

  6. My greatest 2016 lessons…
    1. No coincidence in the kingdom of God. Nothing happens by mistake or just happens.. Every step God has taken me through this year so far, I’ve been made to understand that I have an assignment..

    2. When you feel there is nothing to pray about is the best time to get on your knees.

  7. Hahahahahah@ Joyce can lock you up with her inside.shebi I Know u.U musto speak with mama JM.dont come back without that special anointing o.amma send u back to get it.lols. But I trust that you will speak to all your “stalkees”.muaaaaaaaaah

  8. Thanks for sharing your lessons so far. I’m still learning that every situation I’m place in is for a reason, though the reason might not be evident at the moment. It’s a difficult and emotional lesson that I’m trying to process everyday, especially in my job.

  9. 2016 has been quite a year for me. One or two things i’ve learnt.
    1. Things don’t just happen, ‘seeds’ have been sown…
    2. Living life deliberately and on purpose is not a walk in the park, it is hardwork.
    3. Obscurity isn’t a bad thing especially when it preceeds relevance.
    More grace momma.xoxo

  10. Haven’t been receiving emails of your newer blogposts for a month now…had to visit the blog to catch up all that I have missed…I love you, Eziaha…your exuberance, your positive energy, your writing style, how you always stick to your individuality…your passion and love for God…your drive for mentorship…I always leave your blog challenged to be better and do better. Thank you for sharing the list of women that inspire you…been following them for awhile now and they have been amazing, really. God bless you dear!!! #hugs

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