Beautifully in over my head

Jenn Johnson!!! She’s EVERYTHING!!! I cannot get enough of her on Spontaneous Worship. Come on and bless His name for YOUTUBE!!! One of her original songs however is IN OVER MY HEAD and it is STRAIGHT UP SPOOKY how that is literally ME in this season. One thing I like to do is look for […]

Obedience as a Mom… My Mother’s Day Prayer

  Happy Mother’s day yawl… Didn’t wanna let today slide by without saying this to all the moms who read my blog And just share a thought on obedience. If there is something a lot of us moms feel, it is PRESSURE. It is so easy for us to quickly slide into a rut trying […]

My HOLIDAY SCHEDULE… #MomPreneur Diaries 15

I am such a Planner. Even though e dey my body before, two of my Chick Mentors helped pull it out especially in the context of being CoachE’ and that would be DDK and Pastor M. One of the soundest counsels I received when I started CoachE’Squad was CREATE A STRUCTURE AND AS YOU EXPAND […]


So my son, ElJohn Korede Esomchi is exactly 13weeks/3months today Tuesday, December 05, 2017. He was born Tuesday September 05, 2017. He was christened Tuesday September 12, 2017 Two days ago, Sunday, December 05, 2017, we dedicated him to God forever… and I am finally ready to share my most AMAZING Cesarean section Birth Story […]

MomPreneur Diaries Day 10… On a chill!!!

Tz Day 10 baby and we are chillin’ today. Nothing serious. Nothing long. Plus the hubster just got in from an official trip so  let me give this time to my fam. I’m just lying in bed and waiting for the movie Omugwo which is showing at 10pm. After which na sleep. See yawl tomorrow […]