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It’s Day 9 baby!!!

Currently in the salon getting my nails done and BORED so I figured I would blog instead. From here I’m flying to a store to get some cloths for both boys. Then find a makeup artist…
#SomethingsCooking haha
Ok so I wanna share on how I got my word for the year and the scripture…

Genesis 1 v 28 
It started with a phone call to Aijay. I was discouraged about a couple of things and Aijay is good for some godly perspective. As i spoke and she spoke, I HEARD VERY CLEARLY in my Spirit


I wasn’t praying or expecting any Word for next year as i was still working through 2017 but i kept hearing it throughout that convo. I felt SO MUCH BETTER when I hung up and as I thought about it, the Lord told me that was 2018 theme.
I brought out a journal gift Ewa had gifted me earlier but I had left blank cos I wasnt sure what i wanted to use it for, and wrote the Word in it. I needed to start journaling cos I knew God was gonna be speaking in torrents.
I had the Word but didn’t have an Anchor Scripture yet, so in that space for it, I left a blank.
I knew God would send a Scripture…
Let’s back up a bit at this point…
My Word for 2017 was POWER MOVES and anchor Scripture was in Isaiah

It also came as I spoke to a friend Eniola. She mentioned a message she had listened to from SJR and the title struck something in my spirit.

So I went to watch it and I KNEW that was my WORD for 2017, and my!!! Has it been a year of POWER MOVES – Several Powwows, my Reader App, my Vlogs, My two Devotionals, SavedFit&Pregnant, shooting 3 (more like 5) workout videos, doing an American certification (I feel like I need to start calling myself Doc CoachE’ with how INTENSE the course was) and many many more POWER MOVES with CoachE’Squad, thanks to God and then my absolutely AMAZING POWER MOVES team of Dee, Bimbo, Teni and later on Ewa. Oh gosh what a year it was.

So I certainly don’t joke with the Word God gives me every year, which is why I am SUPER EXCITED about this Word and I have been praying and STARING and planning and JOURNALING.

I had a strategy session with my team a few weeks back and one of the recommended a book I could read


I loved the name and byline of the book but for some reason, I wasn’t pushing to go buy and read it at least at that time. I KNEW I needed to READ something on Entrepreneurship and Start Ups though so I guess my Spirit was alert. That’s what happens when you maintain your connection with your Source. One day, I got a notification from YouTube that SF had interviewed Jakes and I literally dropped EVERYTHING and started to watch it.

Luckily it was a Monday and I like to do a mini-Retreat styled thang on Mondays, right at home OBVIOUSLY. Then I realized the interview was based off of Jakes new book SOAR! And then I saw the byline


I should share how i am STUDYING this book

This was IT!!! This was what I needed to read. It was a book written to Entrepreneurs primarily, and he had shared how he built what he has today.

That first day I watched the interview, I didn’t even finish but as he talked about how God had given us our BRAINS at a defence and tool to work this life out, and literally LIVE LIMITLESS, my Anchor Scripture came to me


I knew Gen 1 v 28 was it for the year, so I got out that journal and filled in my Anchor Scripture (and started to speak it over my sons too haha)

I leaned all the way in to that interview. First, I got out my THE BOOK OF XXX journal, where I write lessons from my many Teachers’ lives and opened a segment for Bishop. Then almost daily, I would find JUST 10mins daily and devote to watching the video and taking notes. I was never in a hurry and I knew I would NEVER find that long stretch of time to watch it and truly study it at once so even though I watched the video at different times, even plugging in my headphones while I slept, but I set out those UNINTERRUPTED at least TEN MINUTES where I watched and journalled. It took me a good couple of days but I finally got through the entire 100mins plus long video, taking notes, and applying his principles to the peculiarities of my life viz-a-viz what God had been downloading to my spirit.

Note that I am YET to read the book oooo.

I also watched his teaching series on the book in his church. I especially LOVED SOAR! The NEXT Generation as he had about 4 younger Preachers take the stage after him. I watched and took more notes.


Then I went on YouTube and started to watch his many interviews based off the book and take notes.


Now I ought to have read the book yeah but as expected, e never land Naija. Laterna said it would be available by December but I couldn’t wait.

I now said let me go through one route I normally use as a Blogger but I was late. I would have requested the book BEFORE it was finally released, read it and then reviewed it as a way to create awareness with my own blog/social media community.

Ok so I still requested though as sometimes, publishers grant belated requests.

Next I checked my fave e-book portal to buy the book BUT my people, when I converted to naira, it was OVER 8K. Now I don’t mind paying 8k for a book but not an e-copy biko. Let me save that money and buy the hardcopy when it comes.

And then I realized that on Kobo App, I get ONE FREE AUDIO book and SOAR! Could fit that slot as it had an audio copy.


But I had to be done in 30days from when i start so I didn’t accept it yet till I was sure I had finished as many interviews from the book, then I would focus my time in 30days to the audio book.

I think I am ready now so I would be happy to start my 30days free trial and then continue to take notes too…

That my people is part of how I am preparing for the year 2018

Oh and one last and super important thing…


I recall attending the first one last year November and that really set a lot of things right in my spirit, not to talk of the fire that it set to my bones

I look forward to such a strategic and prophetic meeting again this year.

If you are at all able to, join us…

I am sure details will be out soon, and it doesn’t matter for me who is coming, JESUS will be there and DDK always brings the F.I.R.E!!!

Time to hit PUBLISH BABY…

It has been a day and I continued typing this while making my hair at home.

Just finished at past 8pm cos we started at almost 6pm


I never baff my baby sef…


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