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So I published this yesterday but my blog was acting funny so it didn’t come out quite right. Here we go today, pictures, links, confessions and more added, including that drama with the lady i bought catfish from today…



So my son’s drum fell down today and immediately he starts screaming for his stick. You see, KingDaveed LOVES to drum and he has a pretty good rhythm for a 2year old. When we pray, he usually drums while we sing. So hubby got him a kiddies jazz drum set.

This kind which btw is not quite like the pix incase you wanna buy

But I had to pack it up when ElJohn arrived cos of noise. When he starts, he don’t slow down till we are all having earaches.
Today it fell from up, he saw it and…. phew!!!
Add that to the fact that he doesn’t stop talking and you get an idea of what I’m dealing with…
Help Us JESUS…

When he turns 3 though, we are signing him up for drumming lessons biko…

This parenting game, I’m living my life studying my kids. God has deposited seeds in them and it is our duty as moms (parents) to study them and provide the right atmosphere and fertilizer to grow. I share A LOT in my Devotional where I write to moms.

Part of what i do is confess over my kids. KingDaveed’s confession comes from Psalm 89v20 to 29.
Funny story…
So that Olowogbogboro season, you would recall that Nathaniel said we should pray for him using Psalm 89 v 20 to 29 and (don’t judge) I didn’t. Lol.
That scripture is for my KingDaveed alone so I prayed something else for him haha.

While it was me who brought the name (Hubby wanted Daniel but I didn’t agree and we both agreed to KingDaveed, God’s Warrior), it was hubby who got these verses from God.

And I went right ahead and from like 5 versions of the Bible, crafted a confession for him from them. (Confession below)
Cos I said it daily at the beginning, I knew it offhand. I still do, and pray it over him almost daily.

For ElJohn, again I brought the name. I was expecting a girl and she was gon’ be Christine (was considering going with a K tho) Eziaha Abimbola Bolaji-Olojo. There powerful women’s legacy… Me, Caine and Odukoya. She was gon be E’Chris for short.
Then I realized Boy. Was still gon do Christian as I LOVE the meaning (Follower of Christ ) but one Saturday morning as I took a walk while listening to the audio version of Luke 1, which I talked about in this post, God told me his name would be John and He would be God’s Prophet.

So with every prophecy spoken over John before his birth in Luke 1, including his Father’s prayer, I crafted his confession. (Also below)

My desire is to speak it over him daily but I don’t yet. However I do often and also pray for my friends from my baby shower which I blogged about here. Of which God has started answering oooooo.
I also speak over him when I pray and speak words from his confession and the Bible generally over him.

Infact for both of them, I just constantly keep speaking the Word and for KingDaveed I make him repeat.
So far, TAKE DOWN GIANTS (his response to my WHAT ARE WE GON DO TODAY???) and I AM AS BOLD AS A LION are his fave…

As they grow I’ll teach them to speak it over their lives by themselves. For now i have them on their room walls with their names.

Mamas, please keep speaking life over your babies. No matter what other job you have, this -RAISING THE NEXT GENERATION – is the MOST IMPORTANT.

Gotta run


Here is ElJohn’s confession


LUKE 1: 13-17, 66, 76-78

And you my son, ELJOHN, shall be called GOD’S PROPHET, for you will go on before the Lord and make ready His ways in the Spirit and Power of ELIJAH

We have JOY and EXULTANT DELIGHT because you have been born into our lives, and many ALL OVER THE WORLD will REJOICE and share JOY over your birth. You will be great and achieve great stature in the sight of the Lord. You are NEVER given to wine or strong drinks, but rather you are filled with, empowered and controlled by the Holy Spirit right from the womb, even before you were born.

You, my son ELJOHN, have been called to cause to turn back from sin MANY of God’s children, to love and serve Him instead. You will go before the Lord, heralding His arrival, as a man with the SPIRIT, POWER, STYLE and STRENGTH of ELIJAH.

You will cause men and families to be reconciled and at peace with each other, and cause the incredulous, unpersuadable and disobedient to accept the ways of the wise and righteous, and to submit to the will of God. You will cause the hardened skeptics and rebellious to accept the wisdom of the godly. You will cause people who are not obeying God to change and start thinking the way they should. You will make ready for the Lord a people perfectly prepared, adjusted, disposed and placed in the right spiritual and moral state.



I declare that the hand of the Lord is so evidently upon and with you in a special way that will cause people the world over to wonder.

You will tell people how to find salvation through the forgiveness and remission of their sins. You will present the offer of salvation to God’s people and make them understand that they will be saved by having their sins forgiven.

And by the mercies of God, because YOU have been born into this world and our lives, a new day and light from heaven – GOD’S SUNRISE – will shine on and visit us all… In JESUS name, AMEN!!!



Here is KingDaveed’s.  If you use my Devotional, I have it right there too…

God has found you His servant, KingDaveed; with God’s holy oil you have been anointed. God’s hand shall be kept steadily on you forever. God will make you strong with His powerful arms. Through thick and thin, God will stick with you. Your enemy shall not outwit or defeat you, nor the wicked afflict, humble or overpower you. God will beat down your enemies before your face and destroy those who hate you. But His faithfulness, His loving kindness and His mercy shall be with you forever. By His authority and in His name your horn shall be exalted. Great power and prosperity shall be conferred upon you. You will grow in power. He will set you on high, Yes! You are riding high. God will extend your rule over the seas, and your right hand and dominion over the rivers. You will call out to Him as your Father, your God, the rock of your salvation. Yes, God is setting you apart as the first of the royal line, his first born son, the highest and mightiest of the kings of the earth. His mercy and loving-kindness God will keep with you forever. His covenant with you will stand fast and faithful. It will never fail. God will faithfully do all He so solemnly promised you. Your kingdom, He will preserve and make to last forever, and your throne will be as endless as the days of heaven, in Jesus name, AMEN!!!



LOL. Had to start with laughter. So today, i hit the market for something and since I was there, i decided to buy catfish for peppersoup there. I normally buy right at my bus stop. Anyways i point, they kill and cut, only she didn’t cut it fully. I hate having to cut apart any kind of animal so I make sure whoever is cutting my fish/chicken/meat divides it completely. So I ask her to PLEASE cut it. She ignores me and continues tying like i didn’t say a Word. I mention again and she says they don’t cut catfish completely. I WAS STUNNED. Two of them oooooo insisting they dont cut apart completely when anyone in the market sells catfish. I say me i dont have knife or power to be separating catfish that was half cut. One of them had the guts to say I should buy knife for market while the other said they will give me knife to cut it myself since I was insisting and that I couldn’t leave without paying. That my Darlings, was the beginning of my holy anger. Maybe she thought I was an ole cos i was speaking English. Her neighbors had to come beg me, and the second one quickly cut it for me like I wanted. I knew it was some kinda superstitious thang, or maybe she just was being stupid but I couldn’t deal with that impudence, when I was being polite and friendly at first. I had even teased at first that i pitied the fish she was about to kill, and made a show of squirming and looking away while she killed, and she was laughing sef. Fish divided into 4, i paid and walked out, with a mental note to buy fish ONLY from my bus stop to avoid drama…

Rubbish and ingredients. Lol.


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