DAY 11 of 40, we are making progress…


This MomPreneur’s Saturday was SLAYmazing baby as my post title says!!!

Every Saturday for the last say 50 weeks, I have woken up early and taken a LONG walk, often times ending up in the gym if I am subscribed at the time, while my family sleeps in. In fact, I am usually the first to leave the compound, and by the time I am back in, still no family in the compound has stirred. I get home and my household still dey sleep. Every Saturday (or let’s say MOST cos when i am without a help at home, i couldn’t), I have done this, even when I was pregnant, sometimes taking walks as long as 2 hours, but today, I woke at 5 to feed my baby and express milk, and I was going to get dressed and go for the walk and then hit the gym as usual, after ElJohn slept off, but I decided against it. I looked at my sleeping husband, baby and KingDaveed and decided that I wanted to know what it felt like to sleep in on a Saturday morning…

Back to sleep. See my chuby cheeked Prophet

So I dived right back into bed and slept off. It was hubby who finally woke me at 9am. You see, we had a family shoot planned for 10am and he wanted us to get ready. I knew my photographer was not the most accurate time keeper but nonetheless, I jumped up, organized breakfast and flew to the MUA’s salon. I had gone there yesterday to make enquiries and I didn’t see the MUA herself but was assured she would be there Saturday morning. And she was.

I liked her immediately but didn’t expect this level of slayyyagggeee.

And guess what? It was for N2500, lashes inclusive. Even though she said the pricing they gave me was wrong cos that didn’t include lashes but she would do for me for that price instead of 3k. Once she started, I knew she KNEW her job well…

I told her I wanted a DRAMATIC look and super dramatic lashes with ombre lips and when she got done with my eyes – brows and all – , which is really the game changer, I was smiling like a Cheshire cat.

When i look up, the lases touch my brows. And those BROWS??? Phew

We forgot to take a BEFORE pix so we took a middle pix.

Crazy primer lol

She says to learn personal makeup would cost me 10k for 2weeks. I didn’t price yet but i am seriously considering her. It is ridiculously close to my home too. I don’t have time for or faith in YouTube tutorials…

Flew home afterwards and the photographer didn’t come until past noon. Good thing is my baby stayed asleep till literally 10mins to the time I walked in. Those 5am feeds are SO IMPORTANT cos it keeps him asleep for another 4 to 5 hours. Quickly bathed him, we all got dressed, save hubby who was waiting till he saw him.

Photo shoot went so well and I love that my kids were cooperative for the most times. We stopped midway for a quick breastfeed when ElJohn got fussy and he settled again. I did some CoachE’ shots too and 2 hours later, shoot was done.

Shout out to hubby who I know is not a huge photo fan but obliged me, cloth changes and all. It was a traditional and Igbo shoot and when I put the pix from his phone on Twitter, he said to take them down till the reason we took it came, so I deleted. But a few people had seen the ones I put. They were AMAZING. Also sent a few to some of my friends. Don’t worry, yawl will see them on the blog THIS WEEK …

It was an ice cream and pizza weekend again for us and my waist line is definitely crying, so now, I am reverting to VERY CLEAN EATING from now until Christmas week.

No more treats…

But really though, it has been one week of literally treating and I don’t even like the way I feel or look, so I am happy to go back to my super clean diet…

Spent a good hour or 2 drooling over #BAAD2017 and not letting hubby hear word on it.

I think that their wedding is making them money rather than costing them, esp with SA tourism being involved

I LOVE Adesuwa and I think Banky is responsible so I’m praying they enjoy marital bliss forever. I think she just pushed Genevieve to the corner without even trying to. Plus I love that she seems really level headed and humble and just so sugar sweet. And then that BODY!????

Lord have MERCY!!!

My hubby is AMAZED that I have decided to keep my makeup on till tomorrow for church, BUT I AM NOT KIDDING…

9pm and this is still me


Good night Sweeties. Just took a break at this point to go make dinner for hubs. Both boys are asleep, hallelujah!!!.

Babes what do you want to eat?

Okro and Egusi mixture

I enter kitchen and whip up the BADDEST combo of Okro and egusi, complete with turkey, crayfish and ponmo, to be taken with poundo. My help thought he was joking when he said mixture but I knew he was serious. And I think it turned out quite right cos at first he said he didn’t think he would finish it, but after one morsel went down, he was like NO WAY, He is definitely finishing it. Haha. Did I mention that my hubby’s flat tummy is giving way to a pouch?  It is. Lol

He about to BUY my ABS BOOT CAMP package cos I ain’t doing this pot belly business… Bless him

Ok good night boos. It has been a relatively work free Saturday for me but a very well deserved one…

Thought i would ring my shortlisted prospective employees but I couldn’t. Maybe tomorrow… Btw, application is closed… Candidate selection is stressful sha. Choi!!!


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  1. Slay! Slay!! Slay mama!!! U look AMAZEBALLS! Chai… Please where is this makeup artist located? I need her details please.

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