My Second Son

So my son, ElJohn Korede Esomchi is exactly 13weeks/3months today Tuesday, December 05, 2017.

See how he is filling up the sleep suit haha. Let’s see if he can fit in by month 4 still

He was born Tuesday September 05, 2017.

He was christened Tuesday September 12, 2017

Two days ago, Sunday, December 05, 2017, we dedicated him to God forever…

and I am finally ready to share my most AMAZING Cesarean section Birth Story that swelled us to a family of 4 in 4 years


By the time I realized I was pregnant, I was about 7weeks gone.

I desperately wanted a girl so I got excited about it. I have always wanted twin girls but I knew I was carrying a singleton, and months later when I did a scan, we found out it was a boy. For some reason, I wanted a CS birth as opposed to a vaginal especially because I was SCARED of having another traumatic birth experience as I did with KingDaveed, where I fainted twice, lost a ton of blood, was cut like crazy and sewn without an anesthetic after my stitch tore when I fell/fainted.

I was SCARED abeg.

A section seemed a lot easier for me, but everyone I told kicked against it, I think mostly cos everyone fears CS lol. Hubby too didn’t want me to electively opt for a CS and cos hubby wasn’t on my side, I dropped that dream lol.

Plus since I was having a boy, I figured OK let me do vaginal delivery again this time, and then I will get pregnant again (hopefully a girl this time) and that would be my last so CS by force.

My PROPHETIC Baby shower

At the time, I thought one CS will spoil EVERYTHING inside my body so it would be good to close ‘borning’ matter with CS. I really wanted to have ONE CS experience especially as  Fitness Coach because I knew experience would give me a better leverage to speak. Haha.

I wanted to STAND UP FOR CS lol. I recall a friend of mine who was also preggy and had followed my preggy and super fit journey said something like

‘It will not be funny ooo if after ALL THIS you end with a CS…’

To which I promptly told her that the goal of fitness in pregnancy is NOT to avoid CS. I did a post about that here. That gave me an idea of how people judged a Section. Na wa what we do to women with a Section as if that makes them auto less than others…

Anyways, with my first, I went overdue and had to be induced. I had told myself that rather than being induced again, I would rather opt for CS biko but I didn’t tell hubs. He was praying I would go into labor spontaneously rather fervently, but personally, I KNEW in my mind that my body was having an encore like the last time. Hubby wanted us to believe for a more positive induction story this time if it got to that. Personally though, I was at peace… No pressures. I just knew God got me NO MATTER WHAT and was scared of NOTHING, not even induction again. At that point though, CS was no more on my mind. I just thought I would be induced last last and I go born.

Anyways, I was to hit 41weeks on a Saturday

and the Tuesday before, the Consultant wanted me go discus with hubs when I would like to come in to be induced as he was favoring Friday that week. I was JUST excited to FINALLY have a date to born biko. Hubs said we should wait till the next week cos he was coming in Saturday, but I didn’t mind cos my sis birthday was 2days later and I wanted a chance at having him on her birthday. When I told the Doc that on Thursday when next I saw him, and he said he would refer me to do a FBPP SCAN, that is Fetal Bio-Physical Properties Scan, which was an EXTENSIVE scan to be sure we could keep the baby in till the next week safely.

Recall I had had a previous REDUCED MOVEMENT scare which I blogged about too at 36weeks

and frankly, at this time, I felt like movements were not as frequent as before, but I thought it was cos of less space for baby to move so I didn’t mention, since I felt movement daily sha.

I did the FBPP scan and all was PERFECT, including Amniotic fluid levels. That scan was to be valid for 5days or so, and it costs double and some the regular scan. With all clear, I could wait another week or so.

That was a Friday, and after the scan, I cucu went to eat ice cream and pizza haha.

Btw, even though I was fine with waiting, I FEARED that the baby was getting bigger and bigger and really he was. My 40week scan showed 3.3 and 5days later it showed 3.8kg. I wanted a 3.4kg baby this time having birthed my first at 4.4kg, and the Consultant had told me that even if I starved, it wouldn’t do much cos babies get bigger the more they stay in.

My bestie, Doc Vee, who I had carried along EVERY STEP OF THE WAY would have preferred I had that baby asap cos from 40weeks, placenta function gets less effective but she also reassured me that nothing would happen while I waited if I wanted to.

Come Monday morning, the day before my planned induction, I took a long walk and then went to the hospital. You see, their Policy meant I had to come in the night before the for monitoring and tests so that the induction process starts early the next morning. So I went to ask them what time I could come in. they said 7.30pm or 8pm. I wasn’t SCARED one bit, I was just EXCITED that soon, I would have a LIVING BABY lying in my bed again, hallelujah. Hubby was still believing that labour would start spontaneously btw… He would get up at night to pray and I would hear him praying that…

So since the hospital said I could wait until 8pm, I asked if I could come in EARLY the next morning instead and they said NO. I was gonna flout that, but I called my friend who worked in the hospital and she said NO, to PLEASE come in a night before. I called Vee and she said PLEASE go the night before so you are even relaxed and all…

What I didn’t know was GOD was using all those people to save my baby’s life.

Anyways, at 6, I had dinner of Moimoi and Garri, and we set out for the hospital – my hubby, son and help. We walked cos the hospital is not that far plus I felt like it. I had dropped off my bag earlier so all I had was my handbag.

Got there and the waiting area was packed full as Naija was playing WC qualifiers then. Well, I waited for my turn, and then moved to the Doctors’ area waiting to be called in. A different Doc who wasn’t on duty came to me and asked to see me instead as the hospital was kinda busy so he popped in to help. I walk in with hubs, and then he checks my Notes and asks me to lie down so he could check the FHR (Fetal HEART rate) before I am taking upstairs and admitted.

I never wear gowns to the hospital so I never have to expose my legs but tonight, I was wearing a gown and nothing below save my panties. So I asked for a cover to which he said he didn’t have one there. Recall he wasn’t on duty. Anyways, I lie, upset at exposing it all lol, he checks, and says…

Mrs Olojo, I can detect FETAL TARCHYCARDIA and this means your baby is in distress. I would go ahead and ring Doc Lemadoro (my Consultant Ob/Gyn, ) while we would do what we can to reduce the heart rate pending when he comes, but if it doesn’t come down, we would have to get this baby out TONIGHT and you KNOW what that means…

Cesarean Section!!! (Which he said with a wink haha)

Hubs and I were SHOCKED.

Not cos of the CS but TARCHYCARDIA? Increased heart rate? Where did that come from In fact the Doc asked if I wasn’t feeling any EXCESSIVE fetal movement and I said NO!!! He gave us the figures the heart rate of the baby was reading and then the normal reading (I don’t recall both now) and there was a marked difference which was dangerous.

He even checked again to be sure. Same thing. At that point, I became an emergency and he left everyone to take me upstairs and told KingDaveed who was crying for his mama that in a couple of hours, he may be meeting his younger brother haha .

I didn’t have any emotions at the time. I wasn’t expecting that.

While upstairs, they set me up for drips and then started to give me Oxygen. That was supposed to bring down the fetal heart rate, and I would be monitored a couple of hours for that.

Once they set it up, I felt at PEACE. Like I was soooo calm…

Time was about 9pm ish…

And for some reason right now, my system is not charging anymore so this would have to stop here and I will continue part B when I fix the laptop.

Ok i fixed it haha

Now meanwhile, aside mybestie Vee, my mom, my MIL, my sister and my Rev, we didn’t tell anyone else. I certainly didn’t want anyone calling or texting me for updates.

My Consultant would later come in, fresh from a ceserean section, and in his very cheerful way says…

Mrs Bolaji-Olojo, I hear your baby’s heart rate is high, what is happening?

He comes in to check again and this time, I could hear it. So he said he would give me a couple of hours on the oxygen and drips (which btw they were replacing like CRAZY) then be back to examine the heart rate.

He asked what I ate last and at what time. When I told him, he was like even if he has to do a section, he would have to give me some 6hours from when I ate to let the food fully digest, carefully explaining the implications of doing otherwise since it wasn’t an emergency CS per se.

Hubby was with me all the while and stepped out at some point. After about 15mins or so, the Consultant came back again to tell me that he would be back at about 10pm to check again. At that point, he explained to me that if it had come down, they would begin the induction process, but also told me the risk of having a baby that was previously in distress now undergo the stress of induction again, when they didn’t even know what caused the tarchycardia.

He didn’t need to finish talking, I told him I would rather opt for a section. I didn’t want to be induced anymore.

At this point, I didn’t speak from fear, I spoke from a position of PEACE and WISDOM. Plus I truly felt like that was what God would have wanted for me..

I recall when I told him I would rather be sectioned THAT NIGHT, he smiled and said

Mrs Bolaji-Olojo, you are SOOOOOO Oyibo, but you have made my job easier.

I think he came in to truly lay all the cards down and open my mind to the relatively safer option of a section, but I didn’t need to be convinced at all.

Me that wanted this from the beginning.

Hubby came in and I told him, and he agreed. Pretty much no choice at that point cos he saw I wasn’t scared. All the while, my labour playlist was on but I let ONLY Victory belongs to JESUS play back to back.

So Doc still says we have to wait till about 1am before the surgery and I was fine with that.

Called my Rev, he prayed with me.

I updated Vee and she was like


Explained what I ate and when and she was like why wasn’t it one of those days when you ate vegetables oooo haha. Anyways, I had to wait it out while listening to my song play back to back. At that point, I had turned off wifi because I didn’t want anyone to ask me any questions or updates.

At about 11pm, they came to prep me for surgery and asked hubs to excuse them. It was a pretty busy night as they had just finished a section before I came up…

They shaved me and inserted a CATHETHER to collect urine, which made me jump. Infact, it was war cos I didn’t stay still. I HATE HATE HATE any kind of insertion there and a major reason I wasn’t excited about induction and being in labour was that STUPID vaginal examination to check how dilated you are, b y inserting their fingers.

That SHIIII is painfulllllll excuse my French!!!

Gosh!!! So that catheter brought up fears mehn. But the nurse was pleasant and calmly reassured me it wouldn’t hurt and tried again and again till I stayed still enough for it to stay. As far as I am concerned, it still HURT though. Lol.

Anyways, with the WORST over, I waited till 1am for the Consultant who had gone to take a rest. He had told us earlier that they would have to do a general anesthetic for me which would knock me out completely as the Anesthetist who could give me a spinal was not around but would be there in the morning, so if I wanted a spinal which meant I would be awake through it all, then they would wait till morning. Lailai. Me that was counting hours till I see my baby biko. I agreed for the GA after I asked him the side effects of that and I was sure all would be well. I also asked him what painkillers they would be giving me afterwards and he listed 3 different kinds so I wouldn’t be in so much pain.

I was CONFIDENT in the Lord and absolutely positive I was doing the right thing and there were absolutely NO FEARS. Told Vee they were going to administer a GA and she said no issues just that it would most likely be Ketamine or so, which meant I would be talking like a Drunkard haha.

The ObGyn also took his time to explain how the entire surgery would go and time it would take, worst case scenario, how it would be managed, and more.

I mean God bless that dude, I was SO AT PEACE …

Oh I forgot to mention that while I was waiting, they brought someone like a psychologist to come and assess me and reassure me that all would be fine, etx. I was just laughing. They do that because most times, CS moms have to REALLY be calmed cos they are always emotional and feel bad at having to be sectioned as opposed to pushing, aka SUPERNATURAL CHILDBIRTH haha. I was like biko not me…

Anyways, the time came and then they wheeled me into the theatre. Hubs had to leave at that point after which he held my hand and told me to be strong ok?

I smiled and happily was wheeled in.

It felt really unreal.

We had strolled casually into the hospital just hours earlier and everyone but I was to return home, while I would be induced the next day, only for me to be wheeled into the theatre instead.

Oh and btw, hubby had to take my help and KingDaveed home and return to me. Both stayed home alone. We would have called my mom if we had known this was how stuff would go but it was already too late. It was going to be the first time of leaving only them both cos hubby had to be with me.

Anyways, I was right in the moment and taking it all in. I wanted to remember it all until I was knocked out. The theatre was cold and everyone was gisting and laughing. It was a chilled atmosphere, not like they were about to cut a whole human open to bring out another human. It was so reassuring.


I know i have said PEACEFUL so many times but that was SUCH A FACTOR for me. It told me GOD WAS RIGHT THERE!!!

Until they told me I would have to be NEKKID for the surgery imagine.

I thought we were to wear a gown biko?


Not in my hospital. They stripped me ooo, then started to disinfect me, which was cold and chilling in an already cold room.

I kept screaming that I was awake ooooooo so biko NO CUTTING yet, to which the Doc was like he knows na lol.

After all that cold disinfection process, the Doctor did something that further chilled me…

He started to pray!!!

He laid his hands on my tummy and prayed for the entire process, that it would go well, and that no plan of the enemy will prevail and so on…

Gosh it was UNREAL and so PEACEFUL.

If I had any doubts, which i hadn’t, that was the end of it…

I think what happened next was the GA and they were asking me questions and questions about KingDaveed till I zoned out. I guess they do that so they know when you are truly knocked out

I was totally knocked out. It felt like I was in another world, one that was spinning and spinning which happened with KingDaveed too.

I hear I was talking rubbish and even till today, the Nurse present there still teases me on how I was sounding DRUNK.

I think the entire process took under 40mins cos my baby was born at 2.15am

Bolaji said he heard a baby cry, like really loud, and thought it must be ours.

He went back downstairs after I was wheeled in, and he said he was just praying and listening to my song which I left playing on my phone since I couldn’t take it in…

Oh how did I miss mentioning the fact that my AMAZING Doctor asked if I would like it recorded up to the point of bringing out the baby and I said OF COURSE so he offered to use his phone.

A Doctor recorded the entire thing for us.

I still haven’t got it from him but I kinda watched a bit on his phone especially when they brought him out and he SCREAMED so loud then the Doc said IT IS A BOY and the recording stopped.

I will talk more on the video. Lets go back to the surgery…

Anyways, hubby came back up and one of Docs was like…

See when you are coming, the party is already over now… haha

Then he saw the ObGyn outside writing something in his notes, I guess about the surgery and asked him how it went to which he said it went well and that they were stitching abi cleaning me up.

At that point, he said he now heard them screaming


He wanted to be scared but the Doctor didn’t show any emotion so he knew he needn’t worry. Later the Doc explained to him that they do that to bring me back to myself, and because it is my name, it would be the most recognizable thing to me.

Finally, they wheeled a SUPER DROWSY me back to the Ward and they were talking as they did but I was so drowsy. I recall that when I was coming to myself, I felt like I had just been inducted into a SUPER SPECIAL ELITE CLUB for women who had done a CS

It felt so unreal, like

FINALLY? And I didn’t die? Lol

They gave the baby to hubs and I recognized his stripped shirt but I was drowsy.

See his red eyes lol. NO SLEEP

I kept asking IS THE BABY OK?

Hubs said I asked that like 1million times and also kept saying



because he was trying to show me the baby so I would raise my head and fall back down.

He then told me to just be saying THANK YOU JESUS and stop asking the same thing or just REST lol.

I think I later rested and by the time I came to,


Ah Jesus of Nazereth!!!

And I was on painkillers imagine…


Anyways, looking back though, I didn’t think it was that painful, I just wasn’t ready for that level of pain.

Thankfully it was not unbearable so long as I stayed in one place.

My mom was there first thing in the morning and I’m sure I looked a HOT MESS.

Kai, the pain was crazy.

Then momsie now wanted to lean over me to drop/pick the baby and she mistakenly used her elbow to LEAN ON THE INCISION SPOT.

He was laid beside me and he was asleep

Sisters and the men who are sneaking to read this, I went NUMB FROM PAIN.

I couldn’t speak for some seconds if not minutes.


Anyways, the Nurse came and injected me and frankly, the pain kept reducing from that point. There was some drama with the injecting as i was VEHEMENTLY refusing a bum shot cos they are PAINFUL lol. Anyways, a second Nurse came and reassured me before I gree…


I had to breastfeed so that meant getting up or turning from side to side and it was PAINFUL like I don’t know what, those movements. But I was doing it.

My son is a CHAMPION SUCKER and latched on like a pro immediately.

Then before the Consultant came that morning, the Nurse came around to check me and when she pressed my tummy, she said my uterus wasn’t yet contracting  like she wanted or something like that, and my people THE PRESSING SHE DID EHN, I am sure I almost died AGAIN!!!


Then she injected something into my cannula, checked again and said Ehen better.

Kai, that pressing was painful, I eyed her so bad. She was now teasing me as she was my friend before ooo but now an enemy lol.

The Consultant was there again that am, looking all fresh and cleaned up, while I looked a hot mess lol. He asked me questions, checked what needed to be checked and all was well.

He advised I try to stand up and move around later that afternoon.

Hubs left momsie with me and went home to shower and check on KingDaveed and also eat. Me I couldn’t eat then

By 3, the Medical Director came around and he helped me up. It hurt but I was pretty much determined cos I knew it would help me. I did and moved around some, then sat up instead of lying down.

I also kept getting my baby to suck… GOSH I WAS IN LOVE WITH HIM FROM MY FIRST SIGHT!!! Which has increased daily till today!!!

By 7, they gave me a cap full of water.

What nonsense lol.

I was HUNGRY and thirsty like cray yet a cap full?

Said I should take another in like 30mins or so, then like that until midnight when I could have tea or pap.

I opted for tea.

That evening, I also requested that the cathether be removed as I could walk biko and I HATED having something dangling from my private area. Lol. I was also the one cleaning up myself as the Nurses were too busy to baff me and I didn’t mind sef…

The next day, I was moved to a private ward and I walked there rather slowly.

I loved being finally alone as they didn’t let KingDaveed come into the ward.

I only saw him from afar and he was crying and screaming


It broke my heart and in that instant, I hated CS lol. I wanted to just carry and cuddle my baby BUT I knew I couldn’t lift him for another couple of weeks.

Anyways, I think I passed gas by Wednesday, then pooped by Thursday and was discharged Friday morning. He was gonna discharge me Thursday but he said sometimes, post-partum hemorrhage may occur so he prefers to have his patients stay three days complete post section.

He said I could resume normal activity in 4weeks and I was shocked.

I thought it was a standard 6weeks ,but he said for some people, 4 weeks is all they need and my case was so straight forward so no issues…

But I was to come 7days pp so he could check how the incision was doing and he said even though I could pour water when I bathed, I shouldn’t scrub and I should dry incision site first IMMEDIATELY after bathing

I was so happy to be going home. Alive. Well. And with a healthy baby too.

We are going HOME!!!

Oh they suspected jaundice for my baby cos his eyes were not very bright but I think that Doc was being overly cautious. Anyways, 3 different BLOOD tests later and it was confirmed no jaundice… They just pricked the poor boy’s skin for nothing…

My mom moved in the next day and I was happy to have some catfish peppersoup with a really BIG head haha.

Kai this fish head was EVERYTHANG!!!

I was back in 7days and he said after examining me,

OH YOUR SURGERY and your RECOVERY is perfect… Everything looks PERFECT!!!

That was when I watched what I could of the video cos I closed my eyes pretty much the entire time. I however noticed they were talking and laughing during the procedure and I was shocked. I told him I thought it was all serious and everyone concentrating during the surgery to which he laughed and said it is not a funeral na


I asked what they were saying and he said they were saying that this girl is really a fitness person ooo cos they didn’t see FAT in my tummy just muscle muscle everywhere.

It was so funny and also educative for me cos the Doc really empowered me with knowledge and answered all my questions even from antenatal times. Add that to the fact that he knows to invite God into every surgery just takes it to a whole ‘nother level.

Haven’t gone for my 6week check haha yet I am 3months. I hope I am NOT playing with another belle oooo haha. Anyways I have MORE questions for him then. He is so amazing!!!

Dr Steven Lemadoro

God bless Him

Anyways, by Saturday, I took a 40min walk round my estate, though slowly. I really wanted to keep active and even though I felt faint (and my mom and hubby were blowing up my phone lol), I did it. I continued staying active until I felt super strong enough and by 4weeks EXACTLY, I started working out again starting with 1k skips which I quickly upped to 2k since no issues arose.

In all fairness, the worst pain was over in about 24hours and less than 5days PP I didn’t need the pain relievers again

My CS story and journey was just PERFECT and I am so glad I can share this to douse the CS fears among many.

Today i barely have a scar and 2 weeks post partum without any workout, this was me

Like I say, any birth that brings forth a healthy mother and baby is SUPERNATURAL.

The route is not as important as the MIRACLE OF NEW LIFE!!!

My 3 month booooo

I also believe we MUST be led by God even with delivery. Like I said, I KNEW GOD WANTED ME TO, and it really has to do with my job as a Fitness Coach.

I see this as an assignment and ministry, and I am so humbled he would use me like so.

So many women have written me since I mentioned I birthed through CS electively and without shame. I could have opted for an induction and TRIED for vaginal but I happily chose to be sectioned…

In 2018 I would have Squads with only CS Moms…

Oh and yes, the reason for the increased fetal heart rate?

They said the Amniotic Fluid had almost dried up by the time they cut me open, and that was why there was tarchycardia. Now I fear to imagine what would have happened if I stayed back home that night waiting to go in the next day.


Thank You Jesus. Satan truly tries to steal them right from the womb…

I also wonder what would have happened if I insisted on vagnal birth because I was scared of CS or ashamed.

God punish satan!!!

On a lighter note, my mom said it was dried up cos of my plenty workout haha.

Look, your CS story and recovery can be good too.

It may take longer for you to bounce back but you will…

I hated those periods of not being able to carry KingDaveed esp when he is singing MOMMY CARRY ME.

In fact he would say DROP YOUR BABY AND CARRY ME lol but I couldn’t.

One day in the second week, I strolled to a supermarket with him and it was kinda close. On the road ooo, see tears that I should carry him. I did and after maybe 7 steps, I knew I would be in BIG TROUBLE if I didn’t drop him immediately. I really hated those periods but they passed, and quickly too.

Today I am just PERFECT in my body… i BARELY have a scar…

My vaginal birth was traumatic which I shared in that post but that doesn’t make all VBs like so now.

The koko is, which route will bring a healthy alive mama and baby? Spontaneous labour? Induction? Emergency CS? Planned CS?


This my baby has brought us SO MUCH GOOD like his name KOREDE which God gave Hubs after he got his new job. Incidentally, someone in my Team had also named him that before then haha

I mean, my ENTIRE life changed with him. My business changed. Our family changed. Our finances changed. All for better!!!

Ah ElJohn has been a HUGE BLESSING


And to how I got the name ElJohn…?

I was taking a walk one day and listening to the birth story of John as recorded by Luke, then I heard God say that is the name of my son. I had another name for him so I laid that one down.  I knew God had added a PROPHET to my KING at home

KingDaveed and ElJohn… Best friends and Brothers

I knew I wouldn’t just say JOHN I needed something in front and I couldn’t have added PROPHET lol. I read that account SO MANY TIMES and had SO MANY PROPHECIES about Him which I journalled. One day it just came to me…

Luke 1 v 78 says And you, my child, will be called a PROPHET OF THE MOST HIGH…

John was God’s prophet.

El is God, so we can have that


I loved it immediately.

I recall as I read about this particular John, I recalled how his end came when he was beheaded and all. He had such a great prophetic beginning but I didn’t like his end and I certainly didn’t want my baby ending like so…

Then one day God told me VERY CLEARLY…


Follow the prophetic words I gave about John and leave his personality out of it…

It was so freeing for me and my peace was complete about the name, so I started to speak the same prophecies of Luke 1 over my son which I blogged about here

This is a good place to stop. Feel free to share to encourage some love for CS and CS moms…

14pages long, let me go find pictures to go with this story and then take a 14day break haha

I will be back to share my 4year journey as a wife and how I have transitioned like CRAZY!!!

God is SO FAITHFUL walahi!!!




14 Responses

  1. I remember my mum vividly telling us the story of how she almost died twice giving birth to me because everyone in the hospital was insisting and pushing and God-forbidding a CS operation. If not for the doctor that came in and shouted that she be moved to the emergency ward, i don’t know what the story would have been today. Thank you Jesus for transformed and renewed minds. This 14 pages is well worth it. Like throughout this last quarter of 2017, God has just been instructing, teaching and preparing me for motherhood. Thank you Lord. Your life is such an inspiration Eziaha. Thank you for yielding and availing yourself.

  2. Oh Eziaha. Those pictures are milk and chocolate and pizza and ice cream all rolled into one. Amazing and so beautiful.
    Thanks for this amazing account. I was blessed. God bless your family and give you more wisdom and courage to go his path and find peace with it instead of what seems right and normal in Jesus name. Amen

  3. So so beautiful dear Eziaha… you are a true story teller… wonderful pictures and excellent birth story… kisses to ElJohn. CHUKWU thank you Sir.

  4. Beautiful pictures, beautiful story, beautiful family. This story really embodies the verse in 2 Peter that says, ‘grace and peace be multiplied to you’. Truly amazing, thanks for another amazing Spirit filled post!

  5. Thank you mama E’ for always pouring out from your wealth of wisdom. Thank God for safe delivery. I pray God continue to strengthen you with might spirit soul and body. your life experiences will reach out to everyone that needs it.

    I am so grateful to God for the day I came in contact with you blog. It has changed me richly, your mentoring session early this year has been a turning point in my life. My life is changed completely.

    Thank you Eziaha. I love you

  6. Congrats Eziaha!
    Thank you for sharing your story. I also had beautiful experiences with CS.
    When i was pregnant with my first child, i was induced at 39weeks because i noticed i was dripping amniotic fluid and i wasnt dilated. After taking 2 drip bags of pitocin, i had an experience of hell on earth. The contractions were so painful, but i still wasnt dilating as i should. I was in labour from the night before, because they had inserted something to ripen my cervix and force dilation. This insertion was done at 10pm, and as at 2.30pm of the next day, i was still having contractions but hadnt dilated past 6cm. I was screaming down the hospital at this point, because i was in so much pain. At 3pm, i told the doctor i was tired. They should take the baby out! After series of pleas that fell on deaf ears, they all (husband, doctor, parents) had to go with my choice. Few mins later i was wheeled in. Had to force my self to sit still to be given the spinal block anaesthetic. 2seconds later, i experienced HEAVEN ON EARTH. Truly, heaven must be a glorious place. Cant describe the peace that came on me. I felt beautiful. I felt at peace. No pain. They made me lie down. The doctors were discussing football, and i was gisting with with the anaesthetiologist. Fews minutes later, I felt and tug, and next thing, i heard a cry. That was my baby. I was later told that cord had wound tight round his neck severally. Insisting on vag delivery may have had a tragic end. Recovery was very painful the first few days like you rightly said. Few weeks later i was completely fine.
    The CS experience (as against the Induction)
    was so beautiful for me that for my second baby, i opted for an elective. I strolled into the hospital, had my baby on my date, and was on my feet a few days later. It just felt like fufilment of scriptures, because before i travailed i brought fort my child. Recovery was faster the second time. I dont have visible scars, just a tiny line. They were both bikini cuts, so you wont know i had them till i show you the line.
    Having a baby via CS doesnt make me any less of a mum. It actually made me appreciate God more. Because i literally experienced ‘peace after a storm’. Heaven will be a beautiful place, void of pain.

    1. GOSH
      I said a loud WOW after reading this.
      If i want to have another, I will opt for a section again
      Im ready for that degree of pain for a short time please, after which all is well with the world.
      Thank you so much for sharing

  7. Like you said, Supernatural childbirth is one that consists of an ‘alive’ mother and baby. Some parts of this story gave me chills. Thank God for His endless grace over you and your family. I love their beautiful names, KingDaveed and ElJohn

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