Happy Mother’s day yawl…

Didn’t wanna let today slide by without saying this to all the moms who read my blog

And just share a thought on obedience.

If there is something a lot of us moms feel, it is PRESSURE. It is so easy for us to quickly slide into a rut trying to prove to everyone that we hold it DOWN baby. We can be a wife, mom, career woman, run a business, maintain all our friendships, be very involved in our kids academics and social lives, and everything else, without skipping a bit.

In very simple terms, we wanna show that we can be SUCCESSFUL at everything.

While all of that are highly commendable. I mean, we should be successful, but above all, we should be IN OBEDIENCE to what God is telling us. It is AMAZING what God calls success. Not only amazing, it is also customized. What He considers successful for Eziaha is different from what He would call successful for Funto.

So before we go about exhausting ourselves, let us also learn to sit at the feet of the MASTER and obey what He tells us to do. That’s my heart and prayer for us all.

That’s really what would make us THRIVE, SUCCESSFUL and truly HAPPY as moms, and women in general.

Happy Mother’s Day to every woman out there…

And I am so super excited to begin Daystar Leadership Academy (DLA) tomorrow for the next two weeks.

Totally in love with Daystar



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