Dear Stay-At-Home Mom, Don’t Make Your Child the Center of Your World

NB: This post was originally authored and posted by me on, a Nigerian lifestyle blog. I was excited to have her visit me, this stay-at-home mom friend of mine with 2 babies under 2, chasing the one academic degree I think is reserved for gods and other celestial beings: a Ph.D. As is the […]

#FruitfulAtHome Day 6… He speaks to ME.

Heyyyy Day 6 baby. It’s almost 1 week and I’m still hanging in there. Had a good day. I think it was pretty uneventful. Maybe cos I’m not exhausted Woke at 4am. Fed ElJohn and thankfully tonight, he slept back pretty early. I prefer to go downstairs to pray at 5am (after I’ve studied my […]

#FruitfulAtHome…Day 1: EXHAUSTED!!!

Hey guys!! So, I’m going to make it official pretty soon, (I am working on our fliers) but our next Pow Wow, THE 8thyawl, will be a hangout with Stay at Home Mom’s but this time YAAAAY!!!!! in D’BUJ. Yes, we are taking it on the road all the way to Abuja. Can’t wait to […]

Obedience as a Mom… My Mother’s Day Prayer

  Happy Mother’s day yawl… Didn’t wanna let today slide by without saying this to all the moms who read my blog And just share a thought on obedience. If there is something a lot of us moms feel, it is PRESSURE. It is so easy for us to quickly slide into a rut trying […]

#AugustFruitful31.26… HAPPY DUE DATE to me!!!

Whoop. We have completed 40weeks yay!!! Sooooooo thankful to my Jesus to have made it this far and literally in the way i prayed to. This pregnancy has been a DREAM!!! I am thankful that I have managed weight gain this time and have stayed fruitful all through too. Feel like celebrating with pizza BUT […]

#AugustFruitful31.2… Pregnancy lessons Lisa Bevere taught me

Oh my gosh today has been TOUGH and it is not even 11am yet (at least at the time i started writing this). I have already cried like twice lol. Something happened with a Squaddie that made me feel so negligent and she opted out of my Squad. The painful part was she wasn’t even […]

MomE’ Diaries… Welcome to (my) Motherhood

So how has motherhood been? Hmm. That was one of the first questions Pastor M asked me when she visited. My answer made them laugh. ‘It feels surreal. Sometimes I feel like someone is going to come and take him from me, as though he is not mine. It is too good to be true…’ […]