Heyyyy Day 6 baby.

It’s almost 1 week and I’m still hanging in there.
Had a good day. I think it was pretty uneventful. Maybe cos I’m not exhausted

Woke at 4am.
Fed ElJohn and thankfully tonight, he slept back pretty early.

I prefer to go downstairs to pray at 5am (after I’ve studied my Bible and done anything else) under the open heavens so no hindrances to my prayers going up and answers coming down lol. But today as in everyday since Monday, it has rained till like dusk. Plus my ElJohn been manifesting lol. So I stayed in cos of the rain.

Beautiful thing was in my prayer place today, the Lord graciously gave me answer to a prayer I had been praying. I was gonna seek wise counsel from a trusted mentor but for some reason, I didn’t have a release to. I guess my Jesus wanted to drop it directly.
It was a Scripture and I couldn’t miss His answer. I’m so thankful for that. Mentors and Leaders are good but we must make sure they don’t replace HIM in our lives.

It’s been a couple of days since I enjoyed such length of time in my prayer place alone. Praying with others is amazing, and I literally have a prayer meeting daily but I adore my own me and Jesus alone… where I worship, journal, Bible study, praise and Just generally soak in His presence alone. This morning was perfect and i just thought about the many answers we miss when we neglect time with Him.

His presence literally has all the answers I need.

We all need.

I had also struggled with a certain mental block and I love the detailed instructions He gave me to handle it. This morning it just felt like He was downloading even before I sat down. He’s such a speaking faithful God.
I’m really thankful He speaks.

Ok so 7am gym. Till about 8.30am.

Another super cheap gym top. Love the halter top to which the sports bra is attached. It’s so comfy

Came home and we prepped the kids for Day care. Hubby left before I took them and we couldn’t pray before he did.
Breakfast for the kids was fried plantain and egg stew.

Packed a smoothie for them for a midday snack plus crackers and yogurt for ElJohn.

ElJohn cried again as expected.
Came home, swept the entire house COS IT WAS SO SANDY. We had some handy men come to work. Kai. I hate sand.

Afterwards I quickly bathed and got into Work mode at about Noon.

I really can’t recall what exactly I did but I literally didn’t have breakfast till 3pm. Which was after I had dropped off lunch of spaghetti, mixed veggies, and fish stew.

Same time with hubby. He had okro soup and pound while I had stir fry eggs. I made rubbish!!!! I couldn’t believe it lol. My help usually makes it for me but I taught her.

Haven’t made it for eons so I forgot how.


Hated it. So I now drank garri afterwards. Lol.

Hubby on the other hand almost ate his plate. I was so jealous. The soup was a one off and only a little left for the kids.

According to their meal plan, they are to have Irish Potato balls but since we were on Okro mode,I flipped it.

Plus the last time I made ewedu for them, I didn’t know my iru (locust bean) was spoilt so it messed the whole pot up. Two meals worth ooo. So I had to quickly make a vegetable soup and KingDaveed HATES vegetable soup so he barely ate. So I was happy to put his fave okro on the dinner table.

Both my kids love okro and ewedu with amala. ElJohn will eat poundo, semo, anything lol. KingDaveed only does amala. There was a time I used to force other swallows and he used to fight like crazy then throw it all up. Till I tried amala and it was a HIT.

Didn’t want a child who didn’t eat swallow abeg so I kept trying different soups and swallow till I found what works.

Ok dinner was nice and easy and I think I’ll do the kitchen clean up tonight. Hubby clean up is not werking… Lol.

Oh btw, KingDaveed told me today that he ate gala. I fainted in my spirit. I HATE GALA!!!!!!!!!!!! I tell him gala is TERRIBLE. That his tummy will hurt. That he will be shaking. But the Day care lady gave him. I rang her immediately cos I told her specifically that I didn’t want my kids eating anything outside of what I give.
Cos she runs it from home, she likes to do all these sharing things. She said it was her own gala she just gave him a bit. I was mad but polite and will repeat again tomorrow.

And often… I’m not sure why that thing would even happen. I spend so much time ensuring they are nourished and not eating gala and rubbish.

Just as a note to all, please don’t give children anything without the parent’s consent, especially the mom. YOU may not even know if the kid is allergic.

Ok guys… make I go sleep.
Abi clean house. It’s a huge mess

Good night yawl


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