Hey guys!!

So, I’m going to make it official pretty soon, (I am working on our fliers) but our next Pow Wow, THE 8thyawl, will be a hangout with Stay at Home Mom’s but this time YAAAAY!!!!! in D’BUJ.

Yes, we are taking it on the road all the way to Abuja. Can’t wait to hang out with my Stay At Home moms NEXT Month in D’Buj!!!

Ok this is not really why we are here…

For next 14 days thereabout, I will blogging daily on something I have tagged FRUITFUL AT HOME which incidentally is the next theme of this Pow Wow in Abuja.

And the timing is RIDICULOUSLY perfect!!!

So, my domestic help my travelled for 2 weeks and at the same time my son’s school is on holiday so it means I get to have two babies at home. In addition to being mommy, having to do their domestic duties alongside cooking, cleaning, I also have to be a wifey and I have a whole business to RUN! It’s going to be an intense couple of days but I sense strongly that I am bang right in a MEETING with Jesus and I do NOT intend to sleep walk through it. Yup I did a post about SLEEPWALKING through a meeting with Jesus linked here

It’s going to be an intense couple of days but I sense strongly that I am bang right in a MEETING with Jesus and I do NOT intend to sleep walk through it. Yup I did a post about SLEEPWALKING through a meeting with Jesus linked here

But this morning, I felt the Holy Spirit tell me you should do a daily blog, as kinda like a foundation for my Abuja meeting, on how to be fruitful at home using my life as an example.

Trust me I don’t feel worthy, but I’m learning to get myself out of the picture when God wants to reach his children, it just comes with a privilege to be used really, this isn’t really about me it’s something God will have me do. So, every day I will share with you how my day went and see what you can pick from it.

Lezzdodis. I won’t try to hype or reduce anything, especially reduce. I got done reducing myself to appeal to more people 2 years ago. I am EXTRA and PROUDLY SO. Yup that is another link to a blog.

Soooo, #FruitfulAtHome Day 1: EXHAUSTED!!!

Normally I wake up at about 2am on most days of the week, but today I had to wake up later because I knew I had a full day ahead of me and I needed all the energy and sleep I could get if I was going to maximize the day with my two babies at home.

I woke up around 4am, I really couldn’t pray so I just sat in my prayer place thinking about how EXHAUSTING this day was going to be. How was I going to cope? I literally felt tired in advance. The timing is OFF but my help had to travel (She actually gave me a 3months notice prior)

I went to the kitchen to get some tea then I felt the Holy Spirit tell me

why are you upset with me I am here to help you, you can’t afford to be upset with me”

I’m like

“I am not upset, I just feel somehow jare”

But I couldn’t really get a chance to sit and pray the way I would have wanted, because hubby and Rosemary, my help were up so we prayed together. I just talked to her generally before she left and Hubby dropped her off while I went off to do my domestic affairs for the day. Starting with meal prep. ElJohn was awake so I backed him and did all the prepping…

Smoothies for all 3 of us. Me cucumber, pineapple and beetroot. KingDaveed, Pineapple, and Watermelon then ElJohn was a puree of carrots and red apple. Mine was breakfast but for them, it was a midday snack but I blended in advance because there would not have been light then.

ElJohn and I showered, I made their breakfast. ElJohn, Oats and Mix-a-Grain from August Secrets and pineapple puree, while KingDaveed had Bread and tea.

The pink is his finger toothbrush lol.

KingDaveed woke a bit late and so we brushed teeth and had breakfast before bathing.

After that, I proceeded to arrange the house. I LITERALLY CANNOT FUNCTION IN A JAGAJAGA PLACE lol. As I arranged, I watched my AMAZING Propel series via USB on my TV while they watched cartoons on my laptop

After that we had some minutes on YOUVERSION BIBLE APP FOR KIDS. We watched the Elijah story and I usually explain some scripture to them.

Wait, I have not mentioned anything about work but work was ongoing all the while, coordinating my team, both Staff and Volunteers, responding to mails and messages and registering people for my next squad starting Sunday. Usually I wake up and brew like 3 cups of flavored tea and mix all together in a JUICE PITCHER which I sip on all day.

Snack time was about noon and I gave them their smoothie. Then we played a bit, I went to arrange the kitchen, which was the only part of the house super scattered (hey something has to give), while I made lunch. Rice and mixed veggies for the kids and couscous and mixed veggies for me.

Then we played some bricks and stuff on the playmat, and I sent them to sleep. Hubby got in pretty early and KingDaveed wasn’t quite asleep so he woke, while I with some free time from ElJohn, went to work on my laptop after I gave hubby his lunch. He had rice, but with leftover asun which he graciously remained a little for me lol.

Frankly didn’t get as much work done today cos everything domestic, plus hubby and kids were demanding as expected. But I envisaged a super full day which meant I didn’t expect to get much work done, and by work, this is beyond coaching at CoachE’Squad.

Anyways, I gave them an evening snack of Yogurt and banana mashed in,

after which I rested a bit and watched my Darling Ellen show. Dinner time and they had boiled plantain and egg stew. Thankfully hubby handled KingDaveed while I fed ElJohn.

ElJohn is 10months but eats pretty much everything, it’s amazing.

Time is almost 11pm, and I have Zoom Prayers at midnight. Thankfully I have already prepared the prayer points so I am good and ready. Once this post goes live, I probably will go wash, then maybe read a book till prayer time (I am taking coffee cos I am exhausted and if I say make I sleep, I won’t wake at midnight so I better just open eye.

Once prayers are done, my sisters, I enter meal plan mode. This week was CRAZY and so I have A TON of meal plans to prep/modify. Usually the plans are ready Thursday but I couldn’t meet up.

Good thing is our prayers usually power me, so I envisage strength for that work. I should be asleep by 3 am latest. Hopefully ElJohn doesn’t wake before then.

Hey, if you need a group of sisters to pray over the air with, via ZOOM Video meetings, holler. Post and details here

Ok, let me run along

Day 1…#FruitfulAtHome

See you tomorrow, and trust me, this felt pointless writing so if you read it, YOU TRIED lol. Thank you.



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  1. pointless you say?? you cant imagine how much i gained : from meal plans to downloading the bible app for my kids..God bless you as you continually follow his leading.

  2. This wasn’t pointless!!! Downloading the YouVersion for kids straightaway. And my God you are super disciplined I receive that spirit of discipline too 😁😁😁

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