#FruitfulAtHome DAY 9… The INTENSE weekend, phew!!!

Hey yawl… Ok so it is technically Sunday and I am just writing Saturday’s post. Had a long day and even though I got to finally have some time to write at about 10pm, I also had other things I had to do so I wrote all down, and prioritized. I would only write when […]

Abuja Stay At Home moms, are you READY for Powwow with E’ 8.0???

Oh my gosh I CAN NOT BELIEVE WE GET TO DO A POWWOW WITH STAY AT HOME MOMS in Abuja!!! Yaaaasssss. Funny that the vision dropped right as I was enjoying the Shiatzu massage we had during the last one on my birthday With how CRAZY AMAZING that last one was, I knew I desperately […]

#FruitfulAtHome Day 3:Half makeup and a half clean home

Hey beautiful people… It is a BEAUTIFUL day no matter what time of the day you are reading this. My goodness, picking right up from where I stopped yesterday… Last night’s feed was a DIS=2DA=ASTER!!! Lol. Hubby fed ElJohn ewedu and amala, and everywhere plus his cloths and the floor was full of amala and […]

#FruitfulAtHome…Day 1: EXHAUSTED!!!

Hey guys!! So, I’m going to make it official pretty soon, (I am working on our fliers) but our next Pow Wow, THE 8thyawl, will be a hangout with Stay at Home Mom’s but this time YAAAAY!!!!! in D’BUJ. Yes, we are taking it on the road all the way to Abuja. Can’t wait to […]