Funny that the vision dropped right as I was enjoying the Shiatzu massage we had during the last one on my birthday

With how CRAZY AMAZING that last one was, I knew I desperately needed to be BANG in the heart of God as I planned another so I am grateful He has been speaking as we pray and prep…

The theme this time is


Lifted from the Titus 2 where the Bible calls us KEEPERS of the Home. A translation says BUSY AT HOME so the HS told me that would be the theme, only change it to FRUITFUL!!! Ghen ghen!!!

God wants to teach HIS daughters how to REALLY BEAR FRUIT even from home and I love the image in the flier. It truly typifies what God laid in my heart for the meeting. Yawl know I always use my pix, but this time God says I should use another…Shout out to Tolu my E.A for finding this pix for me.

Please look at it closely…

She is CLEARLY a Stay at home mom, but is leading such a FRUITFUL life…cradling the many assignments/roles she has with so much GRACE and a smile/good attitude

She is tending to her baby

She is holding a book, meaning she MAKES time to read

She is applying her makeup so she actually is showing some selfcare and love

She is on the phone, meaning she gets to keep a social life and has friends.

She has a duster so she is not averse to DOMESTIC work

She is cooking, and when you look closely, you see she is prepping HEALTHY meals.

She has a tennis racket so girlfriend is involved in physical activity to stay fit


She is on her laptop and I am sure she is not on gossip blogs alone, cos the hand on the laptop is wearing a suit. This speaks to me of some kinda Personal development she is undergoing. Talk about BOSS CHICK!!!

And finally, girlfriend has a CROWN!!!

TOUCHDOWN baby!!! This woman is a 10!!!



God has been speaking to me and I am just here like


So, if you are in D’Buj and are a Stay at Home mom, please plan to attend. Or tell any Stay At Home moms you know in D’Buj.

Haven’t settled for a venue yet but I have some prospects. However, I am open to suggestions so holler at me if you know anywhere that can sit like 15women. Yes, it will be an intimate gathering of 10 to 15 ladies ready to learn how to be FRUITFUL AT HOME in this season.

Date is Monday August 13, 2018 and we start at Noon.

I would also need some volunteers so please if you can spare a few hours to help me prepare on ground before I come in, and also help that day, I would appreciate…

Email powwow@eziaha.com if you would like to register to attend, or volunteer

Also email if you have possible locations to suggest. Thanks a lot

The final address will only be sent to those who register by email…

Please in your email, share a little bit about you if a Stay at home mom

It is FREE!!!

And hey, I have been running this series right on my blog here, chronicling my daily life as a Mom just as I prepare for this. God is really teaching me lessons from my own life, and would have me also share with all via my blog. Please feel free to catch up as I would do it for 14days. Here is Day 1


Ok gotta go. Please share with SAHMoms in Abuja that you know and let’s rock this thang. WOULD also appreciate your prayers abeg.

Stepped out on faith for this one, but I know my Father’s voice when I hear it and I know He is set to do His miracles in MY life and the lives of my sisters. So, I am HERE for my obedience abeg. He is SO FAITHFUL anyways.

With so much love



I have TWO articles to stay at home moms on Bella NAIJA, one of which was WETIN STAY AT HOME MOMS DEY DO SEF?

Here are the links…



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