Hey yawl…

Ok so it is technically Sunday and I am just writing Saturday’s post.

Had a long day and even though I got to finally have some time to write at about 10pm, I also had other things I had to do so I wrote all down, and prioritized. I would only write when I was done with all…

So, what was on my 10pm to-do list?

Lol. This is in no order…

– Sort something for my stay at home moms on IG (more on this subsequently)

– Prepare my T2 and T3 Preggo plans

– Prepare my One-week Ripped arms plan

– Update my financial records (I do this every week or so, because I like to know the state of my flocks, and I must say I am SO PRUDENT about my finances, and can track every expense and income from January even beyond). Also did some payments I had pending.

– Finish reading my RAISING CHILDREN WITHOUT GOING INSANE by Jane Evans.

And I did. Had just 2 chapters to go. SUPER BOOK. Highly recommend!!!

– Buy 2 books from Kobo which I wanna read next. The Me I wanna be by John Othberg, and Marshawn’s Believe Bigger. Had been listening to audio but that book NEEDS me to buy the ecopy AND hardcopy and since no hardcopy yet in Naija, I start with the e-copy. Sadly, Kobo books says it is unavailable for purchase in Nigeria so I asked my sis in Yankee to help me. Funny I also couldn’t pay for Othberg’s book using my card 9VERY STRANGE) so I threw that in also for my sis. All I needed to do was add it to my Wishlist and give her my login details.

Both books were gonna cost me about 10k but hey, I am happy to get her to pay for me cos it comes to under 30USD which is nothing really in dollars.

Of course, she agreed, I am her baby sis. Haha

Speaking of sis, my first Sis just became PARTNER at Price Water House Coopers and she is JUST 40!!!

Dang!!! So, we have a Dinner date next week to celebrate her. I am JUST BLOWN away by that Chick. Partner at a global firm, ONE OF THE BIG 4 accounting firms in the world. Trust me, THIS IS BIG STUFF and we are ALL SO PROUD OF HER!!!

Plus her first daughter is off to England to begin Uni in September. She’s been married 19 whooping years. Abeg if you can marry early, DO. But above all, marry well!!!

Ok so enough of my family gist… Lol

Picking up from where we ended yesterday

Right after our Zoom prayers I went straight to bed.

I was so TIRED. My baby also woke up at the same time so I just breastfed him while we slept off.

I took KingDaveed to pee first. Of course, he is 3 so he is potty trained but sometimes he still pees on the bed. It’s such a concern for me and we are PRAYING about it so I believe God will sort it out and HE WAKES UP when he wants to pee. I make him say that as a confession every time I tuck him in. In the meantime, I have to take him out to pee like three times through the night, including stop liquids from 7pm or really limit it if he eats afterwards. Thing is I have trained him to LOVE water. Phew. Anyways after he peed, I went to sleep. This was about 1.30am

Next time my eyes opened which was very strange, it was 5.40am. I was so SHOCKED! I immediately FLEW to take KingDaveed to pee and ensure he hadn’t peed on the bed and thankfully he hadn’t. By the time I took him to pee, ElJohn was already up so made food for him.

I dressed up for the gym and then Hubby now said he was going to play football so no gym for me. I said NO jare.

I don’t trust my hubby’s timing like that, he will tell me he’s leaving by 7:30, meanwhile he will leave at to 9, so I told him

Babes, whenever you are ready to leave, call me”.

Using my ECHO Prayer app which has all my prayer points arranged well,

I prayed all through the treadmill, worked out for about 45 minutes as opposed to 1hour 15mins, hubby still hadn’t called me. I walked to the place I buy bread because that’s what we were having for brekkie, still no call from hubby.

So, by the time I got home, I was downstairs when I saw my neighbor who hubby was going with dressed, I knew they were only just getting ready to leave. Then about that time hubby calls, but I was already home.

It was almost 9am imagine. What if I gave up my gym cos he said he was leaving at 7.30am?

Anyways, we took pix lol then he went out to play ball.

ElJohn was asleep at the time. KingDaveed was awake and hungry, brushed his teeth, then we ate right after.

We eat bread once a week in our house. Max twice a week, ditto Golden morn because I don’t want them to get used to it. Those things are hardly the most Nutritious and GM especially is addictive so I control the frequency. Even then he still requests for it a lot but I no dey gree…

(Forget the 100percent healthy ooo)

So, we had breakfast of bread and tea. Me, bread and baked beans. We would have had eggs but there were no eggs at home at the time. I bathed KingDaveed.

We ran out of water in the tank at home since we haven’t had light for a couple of days now.

So, I managed the water in our drums and washed clothes, (I know how to manage water unlike my hubby). Then took my bath. ElJohn was up, breakfast was bread, banana and yogurt for him. Then my staff came in to do the work she had to do that morning. And I also did some catch up work with my Squaddies especially with tracking their weigh in results this week.

Hubby came back and I served him his breakfast. Bread and stew and oats. He said he dropped out biko cos he was feeling faint loool.

Basically, my morning was filled with attending to the family and some domestic work. Meanwhile, it’s hubby’s turn to clean the entire house since I washed the clothes. He hasn’t though but will harass him today lol cos I have a crawling baby…

Later on, we set out to go fix my phone. They reloaded the software which meant I lost EVERYTHING. But I did not mind since I have a good back up for my phone storage and most documents are on my memory card. But then, the screen wasn’t working and I just changed the screen a couple of weeks ago in SLOT. I was so UPSET ehn, I wanted to even go back there but hubby was like no need. Slot is just so expensive and I don’t even know why sef. I will still go back there and fight sha. Lol. Rang the SLOT dude and he said to bring it Monday cos it was 5pm by then. The other guys in the place I went to said 10k to fix. I decided not to do anything until Monday abeg. My spirit wasn’t at peace.

So, while we were still there, everybody was hungry so I got corn for me and hubby. And cheeseballs and biscuit for the kids. Then I did some domestic shopping in the market close by, and a supermarket then we were home.

From then on was kitchen affair, cooking and cleaning while listening to Chris Caine’s message at BETHEL MUSIC WORSHIP SCHOOL conference last week. That message?

Hmmmmm. You think you have made progress, then CC comes and wrecks your life to pieces again. I was just weak. I must have listened 10times today.

I love when Preachers speak to Ministers or fellow Leaders. It is usually MEAT and not BABY STUFF. This was a conference for Music Ministers so it bled!!!

Chris drew blood!!! She demolished. In fact, at some point she was like she is so glad she is getting on a plane afterwards so she will have to let Jenn Johnson clean up the mess.

I recall when I wished I could sing and how I would be leading worship. THANK GOD I AM NOT A MUSIC MINISTER. Something Brooke said in that interview at Vous Churchwas that Music Ministers handle GLORY and so they must be careful NEVER to take any of it for themselves, which can be so easy to do.


Chris killed!!! You will just want to enter a dark cave and RE-REPENT ALL OVER AGAIN!!!

Anyways, hubby handled the kids while I handled the kitchen. Dinner was Poundo and Okro for him while the kids had a smoothie cos Lunch was VERY LATE though ElJohn ate a bit of Daddy’s food.

Giving KingDaveed a smoothie for dinner issa gamble cos of peeing so I can’t even afford to sleep anyhow and not wake for pee breaks. Luckily, he slept at about midnight, and he peed thrice before sleeping, including just before. That can carry till 2am at least. Phew. Speaking of which, I let him sleep as late as he wants this holiday so he can wake late too, which pays us all…

Ok then after we got done with all, I came to my work desk and did all I chronicled above.

So now I will publish this post and go sleep

We are doing second service tomorrow. I have sorted out their cloths and packed their bags so it makes mornings go by faster with 2 babies…

I am getting a ton of messages from this series and if I don’t respond to you personally, I will collate all and do a blog on it…

And yes, our light has been restored. HALLELUJAH!!!! And Bro ElJohn is awake and screaming.

Yawl please PRAY HE SLEEPS BETTER. It is just 1.15am. It really can be exhausting. I am almost justifying those who give sleeping drugs lol. KIDDING OOOO!!!

Good night yawl…

Day 9, in da bag!!!

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